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5 Simple Steps To Pass 2018 JAMB CBT EXAM With Score Above 250

When is 2018 UTME  coming up? How do I pass 2018 JAMB Nigeria with one sitting with an acceptable cut off mark? How to pass Mathematics, English, Physics, Chemistry and others in the forthcoming JAMB successfully without cheating. How many percent do I need to make up with JAMB requirement, and where can I get JAMB CBT past questions and answers for my exam preparation?
5 Simple Steps To Pass 2017 JAMB CBT EXAM With Score Above 250

Above are few of the questions serious students who have started preparing for 2018 UTME continue to ask us. They want to write 2018 JAMB and pass it with fly colour, therefore they continue to make findings on how to make that possible.

With this post, I will teach you five simple steps to pass your 2018 UTME and gain admission into your Universities of choice in Nigeria.


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This post will not only teach you how to pass your CBT JAMB, but will rather give you the simplex method to pass. I will also recommend some useful materials with which you can prepare for your exam. Materials like, Past Jamb questions, Most Frequently asked 1000 JAMB questions and answer with many others.

So Let Start…

UTME Is Now A Computer Base Test (CBT)

Gone are those days of Jamb paper test. I’m sure you are not hearing this for the first time, all JAMB applicants are now aware that they have to take their UTME exam using computer and internet. The only problem is how to pass it.

With JAMB CBT, you have to face the reality yourself. The exam is a one student, one computer things. Nobody to talk to  and nobody to disturb you unnecessarily. At that moment, your destiny is assume to be at your computer mouse.

Its more difficult than the paper JAMB, its always strictly adhere to time. To pass such kind of exam, you do not only need to prepare, but you also have to be smart and know the tactics. Below are how to pass your 2017 UTME.


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5 Simple Steps To Pass 2018 JAMB CBT EXAM With Score Above 250

1) Know Your Course JAMB Required Cut Off Marks: We all know that some courses are more competitive than another. Therefore, cut off marks are more higher than the other. If you want to apply for medicine, Law, Accounting, Engineering and other and other professional courses, you just have to sit tight and prepare.

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You need to determine what is the cut off marks for the course you want to apply. This will not only encourage you to read harder, it will also put your mind at rest. You already know what you need to scale through.

Try as much as possible to have a targeted score for each subject. e.g English 80, Mathematics 70, Physics 80, and chemistry 60. This will give you a total score of 270 in JAMB to meet up with.

You must also know what are the JAMB subject combination for the course you want to apply. Knowing this will prevent you from registering the subjects that are not necessary for the course you applied.

2) Start Preparing For Your JAMB Now: I always tell my students, that “the time is now”. Whatever you want to do to start preparing for your exam, just start now. You do not need to wait till you obtain JAMB form before your commence preparation.

What failed most students in JAMB is their inability to prepare for exam on time. Most of them will only start preparing, some weeks or days to their exam. This is unacceptable, and hardly can you score high in JAMB with this “wait and get approach”.

Your part of preparation should be, getting the exam syllabus, getting exam focus textbooks, materials and past questions and answers. You must also get a study plan and attend an extra mural  lesson as much as you can.


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3) Learn Time Management Skills With JAMB CBT Software & Past Question: Honestly, passing JAMB is not all about reading, you have to be smart and fast. The only way to be fast while writing JAMB, is to have prepared enough with relevant materials and tools.

Get some recently JAMB past questions and answers, attempt them severally within a specific time. Give yourself an hour or two to attend to a year’s question, mark yourself and measure your performance. Continue to do this, till you can conviniently answer many questions within a specific time with good score.

One of those things you can use to prepare for your CBT JAMB is JAMB CBT Software for desktop and android.

4) Read Exam Focus Textbooks To Prepare For Your UTME: Most times, what fail students is not their inability to read, but the reading of non exam focus textbooks.

If you want to write JAMB in English, you must two or three relevant textbooks to prepare for English. Don’t just take up anyhow English textbooks and read, it is very important you read and prepare with textbooks that are prepared in line with JAMB syllabus. Also, make sure your read all recommended textbooks by JAMB.

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Getting textbooks like A1 in English, A-Z English or exam focus will not only help you improve your understanding in English, but will also enhance your performance in JAMB.

Most of our students today, don’t read text books for UTME, they only go around the internet for cheap hint on how to pass. You just have to read and prepared hard.


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5) Get JAMB Past Questions And Answers: After the whole reading and preparation, you need to text your ability. You need to measure how far you have gone. To study effectively, you need to know the patterns used by JAMB to set

Get CBT past questions and answers for your subjects combination and attempt them as much as possible. At a start, you may not score high, but continue to try and make yourself.

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The reality is that, JAMB will not go to heaven to set your exam questions, its always a repetition of past questions. If you can seat down and study 20 years previous JAMB questions and master them, nothing will stop you from scoring above 300 in JAMB.

If you cannot study past 20years questions and answers, then you can get 100 most frequently asked questions in each JAMB subject. It is a material prepared and collated to make preparation simple for you.

All the best.

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