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How To Pass Your Post UTME And Gain Admission Into Your University

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How To Pass Your Post UTME And Gain Admission Into Your University

Gone are those days when after reading hard to pass UTME, candidates don’t need to bother themselves with another set of extended exam called post UTME. All you just needed to do then, was to start preparing for school because to a greater extent, your admission is certain. But over time, things changed and due to lost of trust on the credibility in Jamb, almost all schools in Nigeria decided to conduct another set of exam for whosoever that chooses their institutions irrespective of their scores in Jamb.

Ever since then, the process of seeking admission in Nigerian University and Polytechnics has become so rigorous and expensive. Most applicants now have to spend a lot to meet up with all these. Applicants would have to read for Post UTME which usually take place in the school premises under the supervision of the school authority.

What this means is that, students will still have to spend money traveling down to their schools of choice, get an apartment (hotel), feeding and other unnecessary expenses. It is in the light of all these undue stress that applicants will not want to go back home without passing their post UTME.

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That’s why today, it becomes common to see students asking you tips on how to pass post UTME exam, needed a post UTME past question and answer  and some seeking for undue favour to pass the exam.

Let Me Ask You A Question…

What Is Post UTME And Why Its Need?
If you will agree with me, post UTME is now one of the most populous phrase among students in circulation today. University applicants are busy searching for one tips or the other surrounding post UTME.

So what does it means?

From the word ‘Post’…it means an extension of something. There we can say, POST UTME is an extension of UTME itself. It also an exam conducted to verify your eligibility for admission into your institution of choice after you might have passed the prescribed UTME.


Everyone keep asking this, who introduced post utme and why? The reason is simple and its known to almost everyone. Jamb has loose its credibility in the sight of most Higher institutions in Nigeria. They no longer trust whatsoever result you are presenting from Jamb, even though its 350. The idea is that, you still need to come down to prove your worth in the school.
That’s bad anyway…
That’s why most of the Universities and Polytechnics set their Post UTME questions around your Jamb. Always very similar.
How To Pass Post UTME And Gain Admission
The most painful thing to know is, after all the stress in passing your Jamb which is more complex and difficult than post UTME, you now failed the simplex exam in the name of post Jamb.

Imagine the stress of traveling down to the school. The money spent, the efforts and prayer. All you have in return is the hope of no admission chances at all because the failed the Post UTME. Honestly, it doesn’t worth it. That’s why am preparing this post to teach you how to pass your post UTME exam with ease. Without bribing any one. Just do the right thing.

Steps on How To Pass Your Post UTME
1) Know The Nature Of  The Post UTME: The greatest mistake you can make is going for any exam without knowing what it entails. You don’t know what to expect. This is more dangerous, it is more or less like jumping into a deep river without knowing the depth or flowing direction.

It is therefore a must for you to know what the exam will be made up of. You must be sure weather the post UTME is going to be CBT or writing. Don’t be surprised, despite the fact that so many schools has adopted the CBT stuff as a means of testing applicants, schools like Usman Danfodio University and others still test students using writing.

The two ways to know the nature of your exam is by asking people who have writing the exam in the past, or you buy the school post UTME past questions and answer. They will tell you the subject combination and its nature.

2) Participate In Extramural Classes: This is common in most schools now in Nigeria. You just have to take part in it.  Schools like Obafemi Awolowo University, Lautech, Unilag and other prominent universities does that.

You can participate in most of these tutorial classes for post UTME as they will expose you to so many secrets on how to pass your exam. They will actually coach you, and give you necessary materials. Help you register your post UTME and help you out in most of the likely problems you might face

3) Get Post UTME Past Question: This is good in case you can’t participate in the extramural classes. You might be far from your school that your parent won’t allow you to travel for such and for so long.

All you need to do while reading and preparing alone is to get the necessary materials and past questions to help you out. You can download post UTME past Questions of Your School here.

4) Read Very Well: Don’t just attend extramural classes or buy past questions and answers. You must read. Just assume that your success is in your hand as at this time. So all the materials you accumulated must be read. Don’t just buy and keep them at home while you continue to ping and facebook throughout the day.

5) Don’t Entertain Fear: One of the causes of failure in post UTME is not the inability of students to pass the exam, but due to fear. Fear of unknown. Fear of what the exam will look like. Fear of the cut off marks. And fear of the admission process. The moment you allowed fear, then you might not pass the exam. You don’t need to fear for no reason, for you to have passed Jamb, you can pass post UTME. More simpler than Jamb.

6) Be Prayerful: After doing all your best in this regard, another and the most important thing to do is to pray hard for success. Pray pray and pray and you will pass your exam and gain admission without stress.

PASS 2018 UTME WITH 280+ .:- DOWNLOAD the JAMB CBT Software Used By SAMUEL Last Year to Score 298 in UTME HERE
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