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2018 Direct Entry (DE) Form, Procedures, Price & Closing Date

2017 Direct Entry (DE) Form, Procedures, Price & Closing Date

2018 Direct Entry (DE) Form, Procedures, Price & Closing Date is what this article is intended to be detailed on. On several occasions, direct entry applicants has contacted us to know when is 2018/2019 direct entry form coming out on sale, how to apply for 2018 Direct entry (DE), the price and when is the closing date for direct entry 2018.

This article is intended to answer the following questions:

  1. What is the meaning of direct entry and who can apply?
  2. What is JAMB regularisation for direct entry?
  3. When is 2018 Direct entry (DE) form coming out?
  4. How to apply for 2018 Direct entry and procedures?
  5. What is the price of 2018 Direct entry(DE) form?
  6. When is the closing date for 2018 direct entry form


Above are few of the questions you will get reply on at the end of this article.

Then let start.

What is the meaning of direct entry (DE)?

Many people dont’t even know what DE means and who is qualified to apply. On several occasion, I have seen O’level holders who are in desperate need of admission asking for whether they can apply for direct entry o not.

In case you don’t know anything about direct entry admission and who is qualified to apply, it is better to start by reading this comprehensive article I wrote on What is Direct Entry (DE) Who can Apply and What Are the Requirements?

What is Direct Entry JAMB regularisation?

This is another poblem to manay direct entry applicants. It always serves as a great threat to smooth application process. Many students don’t even know whether they are to regularize or not. Failure to do the right thing usually cost them their admission.

So are you to do JAMB regularisation before yoyu apply for direct entry or not? In case you don’t know or you are not sure of what to do. It is important you read this article titled What is JAMB Regularisation and Who and How To Do It.


When is 2018 Direct Entry (DE) Form Coming Out?

Many Nigerians just want to know this in order not to miss the opportunity to apply. According to JAMB, direct entry form into all Nigerian Universities has been OUT since 6th December 2018.

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How To Apply For 2018 Direct Entry (DE) and What Are the Procedures?

Below are the procedures to apply for 2018 Direct Entry (DE)

  1. Craete a JAMB Profile for yourself in any cafe. Tell them to visit for that and it will only cost you N300 to N500.
  2. Print the JAMB profile slip
  3. Take Your Profile slip to any bank e.g Zenith, Union Bank, Fist Bank and others to buy direct entry PIN for N5500.
  4. Take the Direct Entry PIN to the accredited registration centers in your State. to register for N700
  5. Submit your credentials with the DE slip to nearest JAMB offfice in you State.
  6. That’s all.

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What Is The Price For  Direct Entry (DE) Form 2018?

Many students just want to know what it will cost them to obtain 2018 direct entry form. The expected cost to register DE is around N6500 only. Though plus logistic and transporting yourself, just prepare for N7000 only.

Closing Date For 2018 Direct Entry (DE)

The closing date for 2018 direct entry (DE) form is 6th February 2018. It is based on this that we encouraged all interested candidates to try as much as possible to apply as soon as possible. For those of us facing regularisation problem, we hope JAMB is also aware of this problem and will take you guys into consideration and delay the deadline a bit.

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Any question?

If Yes, Kindly use the comment box to ask.

2018/2019 Direct Entry Form, Closing Date, Submission Of Transcripts & Post UTME
Are You Facing JAMB Direct Entry Regularisation Problem? Here is the Solutions
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