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How To Pass Nigerian Universities’ Admission Screening Interview With Past Questions & Answers

How To Pass Universities' Admission Screening Interview With The Common Past Questions & Answers

Why do you choose this University? And why should we offer you admission into our school? Why have you decided not to take a gap year? Do you know that responses to these simple three question can give you an automatic admission? Don’t be too happy, because if you answer any of them wrongly, just forget about your admission please. These are just few among hundreds of questions.

Its is more scaring to believe that only 400,000 applicants will gain admission into various Universities in Nigeria out of 1.7million applicants that participated in JAMB. What is the fate of others?The fact is that, most UTME and Direct entry applicants into various Universities in Nigeria now know that and accept the fact that POST UTME has been scraped and no going back about it.

Though, it replacement is now an oral interview which used to be more tough and unfavorable to many applicants. If you’ve ever attended any scholarship panel interview, you will understand me better.

So many applicants who read this blog on a daily basis, has called to ask weather I can share any tactics to pass admission interview in Nigerian University and gain admission. Some of their questions are: Please do you know how to pass admission interview? Can I pass admission Interview due to my shyness nature? How to impress my Interviewers and gain admission. These are just few, among many.Let take last year (2016) for instance.

Do you know these facts about that admission?

  1. Do you know that 1,503,931 candidates wrote 2016/2017 UTME?
  2. Are you aware that 1,048,315 passed their UTME?
  3. Do you know that only about 400,000 applicants actually admission?
  4. Do you know your catchments area plays a major role in your admission? Are you from catchments?
  5. I hope you are away that JAMB has cancelled admission posting?
  6. Point system is likely to be used for admission and are you aware?

    1,503,931 candidatesRead more at:

Let me ask you the last question… If only about 400,000 applicants gained admission into various institutions in Nigeria out of 1.5million applicants that participated in 2016/2017 UTME. What is the fate of others? And do you know your performance in the admission screening interview will go along way to determine your success in admission?

Same happens in this year.

Proper Preparation Prevent Poor Performance
Do you agreed with this? If yes…The best way to pass any interview is to deal with fear… The only way to overcome a fear of the interview is to have an idea of what you will be asked in the panel interview. It’s really important that you invest the time to prepare.

Let’s get started.

How to Get Nigerian University Interview Questions And Answers

I have compiled several lists of University’s interview questions and answers for you. Your interviewers in no any way can go outside this to screening you. This will give you a confidence towards attending an
interview and gain admission.It tells you all the necessary documents needed, how to sit, how to face panel and how to answer all questions.

I have also, compiled together, the list of do and don’t for University applicants in any admission screening interview. Do you know, your voice alone can stop you from gaining admission into a University?Depends on how you used it during interview.

Pay the sum of N1000 into the account details below:

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Admission Physical Interview VS Post UTME

1) Personal Likeness: In admission Interview, so many factors will determine your admission. If you were called into the panel and someone just like you and got interested in you, you will surely pass. Unlike the Post UTME where personal likeness has nothing to do with your performance.

2) Personal Hatred: Just like the scenes I narrated above about my final year screening. If someone in the panel just hate you for any reason, hmmmmmm….am sorry, that may be the end of your admission for that year. Though I recommended that, you pray well for good luck.

3) Your Composure and Confidence Level: Both Post UTME and Admission Interview require this, but it is more needed in an interview panel. Your interviewer is likely to interview thousands of applicants, so he/she will not have time to waste. They will like to rush you and get you confused, but your confidence level will make you withstand the pressure.

4) Your Dress: Unlike the Post UTME, where how you dress does not affect your performance. In an interview, it matters. If you dress anyhow, you get any how score. Should you wear a complete native dress? Jeans, Suit or what to attend an admission interview? I will tell you that in the E-Book ‘Complete Guide To Pass admission Screening Interview”

.5) The Arrangement of Your Credentials: This is simple, but unfortunately, so many people don’t even know how to arrange their documents and present to interviewers. If you do it right, that may be the only reason why they will even offer you admission.

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6) Your Performance In The Questions: They will ask you some couples of questions to know how good you are, failure to answer this correctly is an automatic disqualification. These are questions you need to answer within very short period of time because your interviewers have so many applicants to attend to.

It is advisable, you already get the usual University’s interview questions and and answers and practice them as much as possible withing a short period of time before your interview day. You can even ask someone in your house to ask you those questions, in form of practice to see how well you will perform.

Don’t wait till the screening date before you start asking.

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Let me start by telling you my brief experience with University’s interview

Though I gain admission into University Of Ilorin through Post UTME and was not subjected to any form of panel interview. Apart from various scholarship interviews I attended in my 200 and 300levels as an undergraduate, I never knew so many things could contribute to failure in an interview apart from personal fault until my final year.

Sometimes you will realize you failed an interview not because you did not do well, but either because your interviewer just don’t like you, your luck did not shine, something just went wrong and so many others.

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I experienced this in my final year screening at the University. The head of the panel ( a woman) was unfriendly to me, and she could not hide this. The only cause of my her hatred for me was because, as a direct entry student, I had my National Diploma from Federal Polytecnic Kaura Namoda, Zamfara State.

She asked why would I go that far for such unpopular school in the name of admission, while so many good polytechnics are around. I was to bring my diploma original certificate which was not yet out, and she promised that, she will never send any delegate to Zamfara to verify my result. Never would she do that.

She wrote NOT CLEAR on my file, and fling away my credentials.I packed my stuff  gently on from the floor, and most of my course-mates were asking what really happened. Do you believed this same woman cleared another candidate from a very far polytechnic than mine? Even without her original certificate also.

Another Experience:

I had once attended a scholarship interview, the chairman of the panel only asked me of my name and my State, and told me to leave. The same chairman who was completely unfriendly to most of the applicants. I got the scholarship without stress, while many failed.

My experiences above are both matters of personal hatred and likeness. That is why you need to prepare well for interview better than you would have prepared for Post UTME. Interview is more tough than Post UTME, because with little mistake you are out.


Pay the sum of N1000 into the account details below:
Account Name: Saheed Uthman
Account Number: 0022235647
Type of Account: Saving

Then the payment, send your email address and payment details to 08030447894 and I will forward it to you immediately your payment is confirmed.

All the best.

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