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Download Universities’ Admission Screening Interview Questions And Answer

Why do you choose our University? And why should we offer you admission into our school? What are you bring to the school? Why have you decided not to take a gap year? What is your academic confidence level and how do you measure that using any parameter?
Do you know that responds to these simple few questions can give you an automatic admission? Don’t be too happy, because if you answer any of them wrongly, just forget about your admission please. These are just few among hundreds of questions your interviewers has for you

The Srapping Of Post UTME and Subsequent Appearance of Oral and physical Interview

The fact is that, most UTME and Direct entry applicants into various Universities in Nigeria now know that and accept the fact that POST UTME has been scraped and no going back about it. Though, it replacement is now an oral interview which used to be more tough and unfavorable to many applicants. If you’ve ever attended any scholarship panel interview, you will know what I mean.
Many applicants fail this so easily, because there are millions one one way an interviewers can fail you if you are not sure of what you do.  Am not here to disturb you though.
Let me first of all say to you a big “Congratulations”
Do you know why its necessary? Because passing your UTME is a privilege, been selected for final screening is another opportunity. So don’t waste it. Next year JAMB is still uncertain weather you will pass it or not. And moreover, while would you want to waste one year?
I don’t write this book to scare you, but to get you prepared in order to be fit and found suitable for admission in your University’s of choice by the interviewers.

You are on the right path

Do you know that, you’ve taken the right decision? Yes…you taken the right decision by obtaining JAMB, participated in the exam and now you are preparing for the final screening which will determine your fate.

Weather you scored 180, 200 or 300 marks in your UTME, this screening is the determinant of all.
So for you to have bought this admission interview guide, I implore you to pay a good attention to every tips in it.
Everyone gets nervous at University’s admission screening interviews, but careful preparation can help you to break through that nervousness and present yourself calmly and confidently as a competitive candidate for any course you applied.

How Do I Download Nigerian University’s Interview Questions And Answers?

Don’t be worried, I have already done that for you. I have compiled several lists of University’s interview questions and answers for you. Your interviewers in no any way can go outside this to screening you. This will give you confidence towards attending an interview and gain admission.
If you have any students of Bingham university, ask them how useful they found this material. They have been using it for years because, their school only conduct interview not Post UTME. So many other private Universities’ Students in Nigeria will also give you gist.
I have also, compiled together, the list of do and don’t for  University applicants in any admission screening interview. Do you know, your voice alone can stop you from gaining admission into a University?
Depends on how you used it during interview. In this guide, I have highlighted and solved all questions that may likely be difficult for you to answer. I did not only highlighted them, but I also provided answer to all of them.
Pay the sum of N1000 into the account details below:
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Thereafter the payment, send your email address and payment details to 08030447894 and I will forward it to you immediately your payment is confirmed.
All the best.

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