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Download Complete Marketing Project Topics and Materials

Are you a marketing final year undergraduate student ( ND, HND, serching for marketing project topics and materials? Do you want to submit  your project topics and don’t know on what topic to propose? We are pleased to inform you that various materials and topics on marketing has been compiled here, you can download any of the topics either in PDF or Ms.word. Just click on any of the project topics to download your marketing project topics and materials.

 Download Complete Marketing Project Topics and Materials

  1. The Importance Of Conducive Office Environment As A Criterium For Optimum Performance Of Workers In An Oraganizations In Nigeria

2. Effects Of Sales Promotion As A Tool For Winning Customers In Competitive Market

3. Evaluation Of The Use Of Advertising As A Promotional Tool In Manafacturing Industries In Nigeria

4.  Promotion: A Marketing Tools In A Competitive Marketing Environment In Nigeria

5.  Outdoor Advertising As A Marketing Strattegy For Product Sale In The Nigerian Telecommunication Industry

6.  Examine The Influence Of Culture Or People (philological condition) On Buying Behavior

7.  Consumer Reaction To Close-up Modification: It’s Effects

 8.  Optimum Promotional Mix As Effective Tool For Enhancing Sales In The Nigerian Soft Drink Industry

9.  Advertising: Its Role And Importance In The Marketing Of CON

10.  An Examination Of Impact Of Strategic Planning On Sales Promotion

11. Sales Force Motivation: A Means Of Improving Product Performance In The Market

12. Repackaging As An Effective Strategy For Added Value And Improved Performance in the Nigerian Soap Market

13. Product differentiation as a strategy for Marketing beverages in ilorin, kwara state

14. The Role Of Radio Advertising On The Marketing Of Goods And Services In Kwara

15. The Impact Of Marketing On Financial Institution

16. Packaging As An Effective Tools Of Product Differentiation In Soap And Detergent

17. Brand Management In Brewery Industry In Nigeria.

18. Accessing The Impact Of Advertising On Product Performance

      19. The Application Of Marketing Concept In The Nigeria Banking Industr

20. Roles Of Marketing In A Developing Economy

21. Prospect And Challenges Of Marketing Of Banking Services In Nigeria

22. Product Differentiation As A Strategy For Marketing Consumer Goods In Nigeria

23. Problems And Prospect Of New Product Development In A Competitive Market Environment

24. How Branding And Packaging As Tools For Product Differentiation In The Marketing Of
Consumer Product In Nigeria.

25. The Significance Of Advertising To Business Organizations In Nigeria

26. The Significance Of Motivation Of Enhancing The Employee Performance In A
Competitive Marketing Environment

27. An Examination Of The Impact Of Trade Fair On Business Growth.

28. The Determinant Of Choice Of Promotional Mix In The Marketing Of Financial Services

29. The Attributes Of Products In Relation To Branding And Packaging As An Added

30. The Signifiance Of Motivation Of Enhancing The Eomployee Peroformance In A
Competative Marketing Environment

31. Sales Promotion As An Effective Marketing Strategy For Selling Consumer Product

32. The Role Of Marketing Research In The Achievement Of Organizational Objectives

33. Role Of Marketing Mix In The Survival Of A Business Organization

34. Product Differentiation As A Strategy For Marketing Consumer Goods

35. Personal Selling As An Effective Promotional Tool In Marketing Of Industrial Goods

36. Marketing Planning As A Strategy For Efficient Business Performance In Nigeria

37. Impact Of Promotional Strategy In The Hotel Industry

38. Environmental Complexity As The Determinant Of Choice Of Promotional Tools In Marketing oriented Organization

39. Effect Of Fringe Benefit On Sales Force Productivity In An Organization

40. Effect Of Branding On The Sales Of Consumer Goods In Nigeria Market

41. The Effect Of Advertisment On Consumer Buying Behaviour

42. The Determinant Of Choice Of Promotional Mix In The Marketing Of Financial Services
In Nigeria (A Case Study Of Uba)

43. Deposits Mobilization Through Marketing Of Banking Services

44. Consumer Satisfaction As A Key To Industrial Growth And Development

45. Consumer Attitude Towards Okada Transport Service In Nigeria (a Case Study of Okada
Commuter In Kaduna Metropolis)

46. Assessing The Impact Of Advertisement On Product Marketing In Nigeria

47. Agricultural Marketing In Nigeria: Problems And Prospects

48. Asessing The Role Of Branding As An Effective Tool For Product Differentiation In The
Nigerian Soft Drinks Market

49. Information technology as an instrument for marketing financial services

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