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Is It Possible To Obtain Two Direct Entry Form And The Penalty If Cought By Jamb

it is possible to obtain two direct entry form, can i obtain two direct entry form, Is It Possible To Obtain Two Direct Entry Form And The Penalty If Cought By Jamb

Many students want to know the length they can go to pursue admission in Nigerian Universities through direct entry. The 2018/2019 direct entry form is not yet out. The form will be on sale by April and applicants who want to obtain the form keep asking if it is possible to obtain two direct entry form in a yea. A lady called me yesterday and after greeting, what she said was “Can I obtain two direct entry form”?

Why Do People Think of Obtaining Two Direct Entry Form?

I will say situation of admission in this country is terrible and its worrisome. Its always painful to know that even after you might have gotten a good grade from your HND/ND/NCE, passed the university’s post UTME, your admission is not still guaranteed.

No assurance as to weather you will secure admission with it or not. Its on this not that people will want to obtain two direct entry form.

1. Admission Is Not Sure:
Since they don’t know what is their chances of getting admission, they always want to increase their opportunity by choosing more schools. Atleast with two direct entry form, you can choose four schools. First choice and second choice all together.

2. Passing Admission Screening Is Not Guranteed: No body can be bold to say I will definitely pass that post UTME. So base on this, people always want to make provision for the eventuality of failure so that they can pursue the other form.

3. To Have Various Option: In 2011, I got two admission through direct entry. To University of Ilorin and UDUS in Sokoto. So after proper consideration and consultation, I later choose Unilorin which I see as the best decision because I completed my program one year ahead of my friend that held on to UDUS admission because he has no second option.Its good to have options to choose from most times.

Can I Obtain Two Direct Entry Form?

Now this is the question. Someone wants to know if it is possible to obtain two direct entry forms. In whatever way you look at it, you will observe that it is possible but its ILLEGAL.


Its is illegal to obtain two direct entry form in one year as it is clearly stated on the direct entry registration portal. You can do it and escape but if caught, Jamb will automatically disqualify the both form. This means that you cannot secure admission with any of the two again.

What Makes It Difficult To Obtain Two Direct Entry Form?

If this is what you want to know, let me list out the two obstacles for you.

1. Direct entry Bio-metric Capturing: With the new Jamb Direct entry bio-metric capturing during registration, it will be very difficult to obtain two direct entry forms. You need to undergo this, before you complete your direct entry registration.

2. The Use Of Jamb Number: Do you know you are now to use the jamb number you used to secure admission through your ND/NCE to complete your direct entry application process? if you are to use the Jamb number, then you must know that only one jamb number cannot be used twice in the same year.

So sorry.


What To Do Instead
You don’t need to risk your chances of getting admission with your direct entry form. Since its illegal, all you need to do is to obtain one and study hard to pass the admission screening, do admission follow up, pray and you will get admission.

Insah Allah.


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