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Fabrication Of Modern Metallic Bed Frame

Download the complete project materials on Fabrication Of Modern Metallic Bed Frame from chapter one to chapter five with references


The metallic bed frame is fabricated in a way and manner to serve as a solution to some of the problem in our country. Like the provision of space for mosquito is to combat malaria and also the processes involve which is welding serve as a solution to the problem of unemployment.



In the field of engineering, the importance of fabrication cannot be over emphasized. This is because, the construction of structures, building, bridges, plant equipments and many other component which are relevant to man’s use and in one way or the other serve as machines to speed up the production process in our society are all product of metals. Metals can be either ferrous (contains iron) and non ferrous (little or no iron) metal and each of these helps in fabrication of equipment for man’s use.

Fabrication process is the process of making metals into desired shape and this can be carried out  by welding, machining, forging, mechanical process and also other process are employ to make this shape.

Metallic bed frame is not an exception of what metal can be use to produce in the society. This is because of the comfort it will render to man and how long it will last for optimum use. Metallic bed is a type of bed that is fabricated with the use of metal, this type of bed is known as one of the oldest type of bed, but in our society today, metallic bed is not commonly used because of the way & manner it was fabricated was not comfortable for man`s pleasure.  Hence, in order to get maximum satisfaction, the fabrication procedure must be improved.


Metallic bed is done in a way that it will satisfy the desires of man’s comfort, and as a result of this, there are many factors which have been considered to bring out the best such as it importance to man i.e it’s significance to man and also it durability. If the proper metals are used in fabricating a bed, it will last longer than the wooden bed this is because there won’t be accommodation for insects to breed in, because of the outbreak of malaria in our country.


One of the limiting factor or problem that lead to the construction of metallic bed is it durability compare to other type of bed and substandard qualities in determining the efficiency over other bed frame.

i). To retard the outbreak of malaria by reducing the attack of mosquitoes to the minimum level in order to have a healthy society.

ii). To have more experience on welding practice by improving on the existed component.


The purposes of this project are as follows:-

  1. To have more knowledge in welding work: welding is one of the fabrication processes in metal construction and as students of mechanical engineering department we use this medium to acquire more knowledge in welding practice so as to enable us to be productive to ourselves and the society at large.
  2. Self employed; as the economy of our country is depreciating unemployment is one of the bottle neck that is killing the dreams of youths and graduates in the society and the government may not meet with the desire of uncountable number of graduates annually and this has bring to our notice as youths to acquires meaningful skills in order to be self employed and self reliant.
  1. To minimize the spread of malaria if properly utilize: mosquito is a vector carrier of malaria & if the activity of such insect is well controlled, then the safety of human from the attack of malaria is guaranteed.


One of the bottlenecks in our society today is to establish any form of enterprise is capital but in  the ease of welding,  the limitation surrounding the practice is selection of materials because the replica of original product are more available in the market than the qualified ones.


The modern metallic bed frame as a project has contribute to our knowledge about welding and also provide another solution to the spread of  malaria in our society by the addition of mosquito nets and also create an opportunity for us to be self employed after graduation is also a solution to the lingering problem of unemployment in our society.


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