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IJMB and JUPEB Which One is Better And The Differences

IJMB and JUPEB Which One is Better And The DifferencesIJMB and JUPEB Which One is Better And The Differences is a particular question  prospective applicants has been asking us. Most of them are applicants who could not gain admission through JAMB and want to look elsewhere to see if they can gain admission into Nigerian Universities without JAMB. In most cases, they continue to ask us the meaning of IJMB and JUPEB, how to apply for IJMB and JUPEB and many other related questions which I have answered in the following twins articles below:

  1. Meaning of IJMB, How To Apply, Best Centers and Result.
  2. Meaning of JUPEB and how to apply and gain admission into 200level.

After writing on the two above topics, many applicants still find it interested to know which one is better between IJMB and JUPEB and what are their similarities.

Do you want to gain admission into Nigerian universities without JAMB into 200level? Do you want to apply for JUPEB or IJMB  and you don’t know which one is better?

You are reading the right post, at the end of this post, you will conveniently make a choice as this post is intended to clarify most of the things you may want to know before you apply for any of the A’level programmes.

Comparison Of IJMB and JUPEB

For you to easily identify which one is best, you need to consider the following comparison.

Meaning of The Two Programmes

What Is The Meaning Of IJMB?

IJMB means Interim Joint Matriculation Board.   It an dvanced Level program supervised, run and moderated by Ahmadu Bello University,Zaria which allow successful students to get admissions into 200 Level in many Nigerian Universities.


What is The Meaning Of JUPEB?JUPEB is a National Examination body saddled with the responsibility of conducting examinations for students, who have undergone approved subject combinations and are seeking Direct Entry admissions into Nigerian and partnering foreign tertiary institutions.


Moderators of JUPEB & IJMB

    1. IJMB: The moderator of IJMB in Nigeria is Ahmadu Bello University Zaria (ABU). The exam, marking and result if from the higher institution of learning irrespective the center you register or write exam.
    2. JUPEB: JUPEB is been moderated by UNILAG. 

School Fees For IJMB and JUPEB

Another factor to also consider is the school fees of the two A’level programmes.

  1. IJMB School Fees: The application form for IJMB all over Nigeria depends on the center you want to enroll yourself with. Though, no matter how high, the application fee is always from N5000 to N8000. In rough, estimates to run an IJMB program will cost you between N90,000 to N150,000 depends on the center.
  2. JUPEB School Fees: The application form for JUPEB is a bit higher than that of IJMB. The form could be sold for an amount from N15,000 to N25000 depending on the center. Though, most of public schools running JUPEB make the school fees to be lesser compared to what we have in IJMB.  

Examination Period For IJMB and JUPEB

The exams are not the same time, JUPEB is usually conducted in May while IJMB is February. So if you want to apply for direct entry with your IJMB or JUPEB result, it is important you know the time of exam and when the result would be released.

Acceptability of IJMB and JUPEB Results In Nigerian Universities

It is wise to know the acceptability of any of the two programmes before applying for it. I’m happy to tell you that, both programmes are accepted by various universities in Nigeria. I’ve written an article on list of universities that accept IJMB result for direct entry in Nigeria, you can also check that of JUPEB here.

Benefits of IJMB and JUPEB

There are lot of reasons why students apply and run IJMB or JUPEB program, though the major reason is to use the result to seek admission into 200level in any university. Therefore, some of their benefits are:

  1. IJMB and JUPEB are both A’level programmes that can be used to seek admission into 200level in Nigerian universities.
  2. JUPEB and IJMB are approved by Nigerian education system
  3. The program are run within one year (One academic calendar)
  4. Its avoid another waste of time waiting for JAMB

Which One Is Better? IJMB or JUPEB?

The answer to which is best depends on:

  • Finance: What does it cost to register and pay school fees for IJMB so also for JUBEB. If after considering the cost in the nearest center to you, then you can decide based on this.
  • You need to find out whether the University you want to apply will accepts either of the result.

I hope you can make a choice now?

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