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Installation Of Solar Street Light System In Electrical/ Electronic Engineering Department

Download the complete project materials on  Installation Of Solar Street Light System In Electrical/ Electronic Engineering Department from chapter one to chapter five with references


A project like this is so beneficiary to the student in the field of technology because it exposes the student to the in –depth understanding of operational principle of solar electricity generation either for the use in our rural communities or to be use as back up or alternative source of power supply for our domestic use. this project work cover the design of solar electricity generation, the installation/ lay-out of the component parts, the assemblage/coupling of these parts to generate electric power capable of being use for various purpose.

The energy for the sun can be used to produce electricity though the arrangement of photovoltaic array, charge controller, deep-cycle storage battery and led. This system has proof to be very reliable, it provides uninterrupted power supply to the led street light and the system is almost maintenance free.


1.2  Aims and objective

1.3  Principle of operation of block diagram

1.4  Solar panel

1.5  Batteries

1.6  Charge controller

1.7  Led lamp

1.8  Day and night sensor

1.9  Scope of the project

Report outline


2.1 Introduction to literature review

2.2 Review of related literature

2.3 Present research work

2.4 Comparative analysis

2.5 Advantage

2.6 Area of application



3.1 Introduction

3.2 Construction

3.2.1Layout diagram

3.2.2 Constructional Procedures

3.3 Circuit Principle of Operation

3.4 Packaging

3.5 pictorial views

3.6 Conclusions


4.1  Introduction

4.2  Testing Procedure

4.3  Testing Equipment

4.4  Testing Result

4.5  Conclusion


5.1 Conclusion                                                                                                                               Recommendations




1.1 Background of The Report

Solar photo voltaic street lighting system is an outdoor lighting unit used for illumination a street or an open area. Recent advances in LED lighting have brought very promising application in street lighting system.

Combining LEDS law power, high illumination characteristics and with current solar PV technology. PV powered street light utilizing LED has become a normal in many place in today’s application, most of the common high intensity discharge lamps, are being replaced by low power consuming LED lamps.

1.2 Aim and Objective

The main aim of this project research work is to produce illumination in an open area with any dependence on the utility power supply, this employing the solar powered lighting technology.


The project is to install solar street light in the front of the department electrical/ electronic engineering for security purpose.

1.3 principle of operation

In any project there must be some certain procedures and component put together to achieve the aim. This project cannot be an exception .therefore, the necessary component are;

  • Solar panel or photovoltaic pv module
  • Solar Charge controller
  • Rechargeable deep cycle Battery
  • Day and night sensor
  • Led Lamp
  • Cabling

This are the connection as show in figure 1.1

1.4 solar panel

This consists of solar cells put together in the panel to produce electrical energy. It can be connected in such a way that it will give more output depending on the requirement. The efficiency of solar panel varies from 5% to 15%.

1.5 solar charge controller

A charge controller, charge regulator or battery regulator limits the rate at which electric current is added to or drawn from electric batteries. It prevents overcharging and may protect against overvoltage, which can reduce battery performance or lifespan, and may pose a safety risk.

1.6 Rechargeable deep cycle Battery

Electromechanical storage of electricity is affected in batteries. The batteries are charge by the solar panel during the day and supply to the load during the night or no-sun days. The battery is of many types but the one use for this project work is a 100A/H 12V.

1.7 day and night sensor

The DNS25 Day/Night Sensor can automatically turn on or off lights at dusk and dawn. It is not only convenient but also practical; it can control the lighting loads by working only at night. Examples of use are street lights, office lights, warehouse and factory lights, garden lights, etc.


An LED lamp is a light-emitting diode (LED) product which is assembled into a lamp (or light bulb) for use in lighting fixtures. Some LED lamps are made to be a directly compatible drop-in replacement for incandescent or fluorescent lamps.

1.9 Scope Of The Project

The scope of this project work is to have 12 hours electrification to illuminate the electrical/electronic department arena by means of installing solar street light which is powered by 12v / 100AH Dc solar source the battery is been charged using two solar panel of 85watt each, these are been rates of the components are so follows:

  1. 36w / 12v energy saver DC lamp
  2. Two 85watt solar panel

iii. 12v / 100A deep-cycle solar battery

  1. 12v / 20A charge controller


Chapter one present the background statement of the problem and purpose and scope methodology of the study. Chapter two reviewed other related work, present research work, comparative analysis, advantages and area of application of the study. Chapter four illustrate the construction and packaging of the project chapter five gives the testing and result of the study. Moreover, chapter six, provide the conclusion and recommendation of the study.


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