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Design of a Working and Functional Computerized Distribution System

Download complete project materials on Design of a Working and Functional Computerized Distribution System from chapter one to five with references and appendix




Distribution management system is a web-based application, which can be used for maintaining and analyzing the distribution of the product. Here all communications held through internet and its database has all the updated information of the distribution details. Depending on the access rights given the users can process different modules. The modules are as follows

  1. Administrative department
  2.    Manager departmen
    3.Distribution department

Each module controls the lower modules with their given rights.

The main objective of the project is to analyze the distribution of the products by a manager through the details supplied by the distributors. It is very useful for the distributors to know about the distribution of the products done by them and by others in particular branch

This system gives complete analysis about the moving of the product in the market and the person responsible for selling the product in that area. It is computerized to improve the efficiency of the organization by reducing the cost of maintaining data and minimizing the time involved in handling the data.

Administrative department is the department which has veto rights in this project. This department has the right to remove/add any persons from/to the system or can change any product details from the database.

Managers department is the department made to assist and to reduce the work load to the administrative department. This department has no rights to change product details or add/remove persons to/from the system.

Distributors department has distributors as its members. Each distributor has to submit their sales daily via, a sales form.


The aim of this study is to design and implement a working and functional computerized distribution system of Habib yoghurt in order to offer quality distribution services.


The project is designed to help in the management of distribution of product of Habib yoghurt. This distribution management system will have the following objectives:

  1. Design and automate distribution of product.
  2. Design and manage every distribution details

iii. Design and manage system access and roles on the system

  1. Design and manage all branches of the system


Data not withstanding of its size cannot be too large to process. However, a guided approach is adopted to stay within limits for easy comprehension.

To end this, the study will focus on the distribution of product and keeping tracks of distributed products only, and it also exposes the researcher to the core about the difficulties of database programming for the web, an all-round technology but because of the following constraints, the study may not be completed. They include;

  • Time constraints and finance
  • The company does not have enough necessary software and extended network of computers.
  • It lacked the projected operational hardware
  • Unavailability of power supply to test and implement the developed work.


The motivation for this project comes as the result of the need to provide more efficient ways that will alleviate the difficulties in the distribution of product process that is done manually. Therefore, the project will go a long way in solving a lot of problems that is associate with the existing system and make it easier as far as the record processing and storage are concern.      


The methodology to be followed includes studying past project related to this one, books will be consulted, internet and other relevant resources for the system. The step by step methodology followed includes:

  1. Requirement Assessment: The requirements of the new system were clearly defined by carrying out a thorough investigation and assessment of the existing system. The strengths and Weakness of the existing system was identified and the new sets of requirements to address these weaknesses were formed.
  2. Work Flow Design: A system work flow was designed based on the system requirements definition to

Serve as a guide to developing the new system.

  1. Coding: The work flow of the new system was converted into code and properly debugged.
  2. Testing and Deployment the developed application was property tested and deployed ready for use.
  3. Tools Used

The technologies to be used to develop the system in additional to CSS and HTML includes PHP/MYSQL.

Other tools to be Used included:

i.MYSQL Workbench: This will be used to construct an entity relation(ER) Diagram for the database of the system.

  1. Notepad++: This is the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to be used in writing the codes.

iii.WAMMP: An all in one package for windows (Windows, Apache, Mysql, PHP) to be used as server and also to run PHP/MYSQL codes.


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