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Five Common Campus Crimes Freshers Must Not Commit To Avoid Expulsion

Five Common Campus Crimes Freshers Must Not Commit To Avoid Expulsion
As you are preparing to resume school for the fist time as a fresher, there some things you needed to know. When it comes to Universities, Polytechnics or Colleges of education either in Nigeria or abroad, they are all sets of independent bodies with their own set or rules and regulations for both students and staff. Since school campus is like home for people of different culture, religion and character, then the need for an established rules and regulations to guide the affair of such environment becomes


Just like other co-operate society, the school system do establish their rules which every one must abide, though these set of rules varies from institutions to institutions. Meaning, the rules in Universities of Ilorin may not be as exactly as that of UNIBEN. Therefore, what a student might do and remain unpunished in UNIBEN, could send him packing in UNILORIN.Read: Five Reasons Why You Must Never Stay In Off Campus As A New Student

Despite these differences in rules and norms from schools to schools, there are lot common one, that no student can go unpunished if found guilty in any school in Nigeria. This means all institution frown at it, either Nigeria or abroad.
With this post, I will list out the common offenses/crimes you dare not commit in any higher institution system. Most of these attract the punishment of expulsion. In order not to run into any of these, kindly read:

Five Common Campus Crimes Freshers Must Not Commit To Avoid Expulsion

1) Examination Malpractices: The reason why I listed this first was because I’ve seen students been expelled for the crime time without number. When I was In Zamfara, a guy cheated on our final paper to graduation, and he was withdrew.Malpractices does not mean cheating in exam hall as most students may wrongly assumed, two students were withdrew in the school system for cheating during test. So you must be mindful that, all rules that guided the conduct of an exam, also applies to test.

The one and only punishment for exam malpractices is expulsion. Don’t near it.

2) Cultism: You all know this to be a serious offense. Even cultism is against the constitution of the country. Despite the fact that, everyone have freedom of association, but you dare not associate yourself with bad groups.

Do as much as possible to avoid any group that could be incriminating. Many fresh students unknowingly do got themselves into the company of bad guys who finally got them into the groups. The punishment for cultism in the school is expulsion and also attract additional punishment under Nigerian law So beware.

3) Raping: This is also an act known to be a punishable offense in any part of the world. Though raping as an offense is commonly committed by male students against their female counterpart. The punishment for raping is expulsion in the school, and under Nigeria law, it also attracts a serious punishment.

4) Fighting: Do you know that, no matter how much someone offended or insulted you, you must not slap him/her in the campus? Doing this is a serious offense that can’t go without punishment. The school environment is a civilized community where orderliness is the practice. Anything that will cause havoc or tension should be generally avoided.Read: Your Jamb Result Now Valid For Three Years

Even if someone slap you in the school premises, its better to rub it and report to the security unit rather than revenging the slap. If you slap back, that will result to “two fighting”, and the punishment for “two fighting” in a campus system is nothing but expulsion.
5) Indecent Dressing: Though, this is an act of offense in Nigeria campuses which attract different punishments from schools to schools. Like in Federal Polytechnic Kaura Namoda where I finished my diploma, and also university of Ilorin where I had my first degree, indecent dressing is a serious offense.

I had many female friend who were withdrew due to this. So in case you want to obey fashion, please don’t forget your school rules concerning dress code. Always dress decently, and appear as nice as you can as a student.All the best.

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