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An Evaluation Of Cost Accounting As A Tool For Managerial Decision Making

Complete Project Material on ” An Evaluation Of Cost Accounting As A Tool For Managerial Decision Making”

The accounting system is a major qualitative information acquired in almost every organization for and it therefore provides information for the three broad purpose namely as internal reporting to managers for use, in planning and control routine operation and non-routine operation, formulation or major plan and polices and lastly the external reporting to stock-holders, government, debenture holder and other outside parties.  Therefore the managers depends largely upon quality and quantity of data received. Thus, information flows in the management information system too by influence the effectiveness of decision making.

Table of content

Title page


Dedication                                                                                                                            acknowledgement

Chapter one


1.1background of the study

1.2statement of the research problem

1.3Objective of the study

1.4significance of the study data specification

1.6 research question

1.7 scope limitation of the study

1.8 plan of the study

1.9 definition of the key terms

Chapter two

Literature review

2.1 decision-making in management

2.2 limitation of the model

2.3 decision under certainty, uncertainty and rise

2.4 role of decision models

Chapter three

Research methodoly

3.1 history of nigerian bottling company plc

3.2 method of data collection

3.3 population and sample size
3.4 sample and sampling technique

3.5 method of data analysis

Chapter four

Data presentation and analysis

4.1 discusion of the analysis

4.2 discusion of finding

Summary, conclusion and recommendation

5.1  summary of finding

5.2  recommendation

5.3  conclusion






According to Hornaren (1977) the question of what accounting system to buy, must focus on how decision and consequent benefit are going to be affected. One must also ask what decision will result from accounting data and what outcome will ensure from decision making. Accounting report, which are financial model or company operations, model are useful because they provide conceptual representation or realities, enabling the decision makers to anticipate and measure the effect of alternative actions.

Decision-making is choosing among alternatives it occurs as managers perform their planning and controlling function. A decision model is one, which affect the performance of management planning and controlling functions, but only to extent that management delegate when the model was constructed and implemented the functions. In every organization, the accountants is the quantitative expert, and to retain and improve his status, and also the accountant should be aware of how the mathematical models may improve planning and evaluating the quantitative sources of decision recommendation, as the accountant is usually a member of the top management team in every organization.


According to Thranf (1978) general stated that a model is defined as a representative of an actual object of situation. A formal decision model measures predicted effects of alternative action. However it is pertinent to note that accounting to the  report of the committees on management decision model may indicate a choice which is rejected by management because of more dominant legal, sociological, psychological, political and other considerations not included in the specific mode is only one input into a more complicated decision model, which include quantitative as well as quantitative dimension.


Budgeting is an important tool in business organization some of these organization have budgeting departments which is saddled with the responsibility of preparing budget statement for each unit, department and branches of the organization the department also monitors the execution of the budget estimates with the purpose of ensuring that the budget target is achieved in terms of revenue and that the expenditure does not exceed the estimates, this is the aspect of budgetary control. Not much problem is encountered during during budgeting process; major problems lies in the area of budgeting control, the following problem are usually encountered in the budgeting control.


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