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When Will 2016/2017 University Of Ilorin (UNILORIN) Second Batch Admission List Be Out?

Now its November and Unilorin second batch admission list is not yet out. Hmmmmmm… this is one of the most anxious moment we are all waiting for. UNILORIN admission list, UNILORIN names on the list, UNILORIN’s test messages and the rest. Now UNILORIN admission list is out, few got while many did.

Nothing is as painful as not getting what you want, especially when you have such a high hope on it. Its really so painful. Now that University of Ilorin’s first batch admission list is out and your name is not out what next? And when is UNILORIN second (2nd) batch admission coming out.As an alumni of the school, and base on my experience, I will tell you when you are to be expecting the next batches and how to know weather you’ve been given admission.

Is University Of Ilorin 2016/2017 Admission List Out?

So many are still in doubt as to whether the list is out or not because it is not on the University’s official home page yet. The answer is YES… 2016/2017 University of Ilorin admission list is out and there are three ways in which you can check Unilorin admission list.
  1. Check Your Phone Test Message: In case you received a test message in form of notification of admission from UNILORIN, then you have been admitted. If you don’t get any test message, don’t worry… my younger brother also did not get a message but already admitted.
  2. Check your email: During your admission screening registration, you were meant to provide a valid email. Kindly login into your email and check weather you received any admission notification message. One of my sister was sent a mail instead. If you received non, then:
  3. Login to your portal: You all have admission screening portal and you can access it with your JAMB number and surname. Kindly log in and click on ”Check Admission Status”. This is the most reliable source of checking University of Ilorin admission list. It will clearly state weather you have been admitted or you are to check back later. Check HERE.

When Is UNILORIN Second Batch Admission List Coming Out?

Am sure it will interest you to know when precisely should you be expecting the second batch of the admission. As usual, there is no specific time as to when Unilorin do release the second batch of the admission list. What always determine how soon they will do it are:
  1. Clearance of the admitted students: All the admitted students will now go through an online screening. It depends on how fast applicants paid acceptance fee, and uploaded their documents for screening. If that could be done on time and majority are cleared within a short period of time, second batch admission list would be released immediately.
  2. UNILORIN Matriculation Date: Its depends on when UNILORIN decided to hold its matric for 2016/2017 academic session. If the matric is to hold anytime soon, then Unilorin 2nd, 3rd and supplimentry list will soon come out too. I can remember, we had our matric in December when I gained admission. 
  3. JAMB Admission Deadline: I once told you here that, there is an admission deadline set by JAMB for all universities to release all their list.

What Is My Chances Of Gaining Admission?

Many applicants still continue to ask me whether they have any chance of gaining admission this year, most time what I tell them is yes. In as much as you have all the qualification to gain admission. so all you need to do is to keep praying for best of luck and don’t allow people to exploit you because of your desperation to gain admission into the better by far university.Read: List Of Applicants To All Departments Of University Of Ilorin.

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