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The Impact Of Effect Material Management Co-Operate Organization


Our Project topic “ The Impact of Effective Material Management on Co-operate Organization, with a case study of Nigeria Bottling Company Ilorin Plant.

The aim of this project is to write on the effectiveness of materials management in a manufacturing industry, because for every industry to achieve it stated objectives, it must be effectively manage the material so as to avoid wastage, spoilage and to ensure that cash are met loudly tied down in the name of holding stock. Many organization have collapsed such on organization. Therefore, this project focuses more n the identification and examination of effective of material management in a co-operate organization which is regarded as the engine of any organization.

          In abide to structure thus research this project has been categorized into five different chapters.

  • Chapter one will indicate or include literature review
  • Chapter Three will include research methodology
  • Chapter four will include or tell us about the presentation and analysis of the data in process
  • Chapter Five will entails conclusion and Summarize of the major finding of the research work and also include in the chapter is recommendation and biography and reference.


Title page





Table of Contents

Chapter One Introduction

1.1General Background of the case study

1.2Aims and objectives of the study

1.3Research problem

1.4Limitation and scope of the study

1.5Significance of study

1.6Definition of related firms

1.7Plan of the study

Chapter Two

2.1Literature Review Material management Organization Chart

2.2Function of material management

2.3Material management concept

2.4The future of material management concept

Chapter Three

3.1Research Methodology

3.2Determination of population size

3.3Sample size

3.4Research instrument

3.5Method data analysis

Chapter Four  Data Presentation and Analysis


4.2Date Analysis

Chapter Five  summary, conclusion & Recommendation








This research titled effectiveness material management and co-operate survival. A case study of Nigeria Bottling Company plc Ilorin Plant/ the most serious problem facing the world is scarcity and growing trends towards higher cost of material and services. But it is amazing that purchasing which can be so vital to an organization survival is still little understanding. It may look upon it little and apparently and as not more than a clerical or routine activity.

          The material management concept is an organized techniques were by all the related subject in respects of acquisition of material is group under due umbrella. The material management include purchasing store, material production, planning and control, transportation & inventory control in an organization.

          The following benefits are gained from material management organization and  these benefit are briefly summarized below.

  1. Elimination of Buck passing:That is there is control place to look upon wherever any problem is identified, the necessary correction and immediately be corrected.
  2. There is better inter: department cooperation which exist between the worker in an organization

3.There is always a lower price for the material and equipment used for production process in an organization.

4.There is faster inventory turnover, the yearly turnover in profit oriented organization is great

5.There is a better information and record in process in an organization  the keeping of file and latest information to increase it production process.


The objectives or goal is also aimed al increasing better quality control to develop a reliable alternative source of supply control to develop a reliable material for better performance and organization is effectiveness and efficient.


This is a process of reasoning in the scientific method

1.What is the scientific methods?

2.Step to the scientific method?

3.Definition of the scientific method

There are different Research designs description of different type of scientific Research are:

1.Qualitative Research

2.Quantitative Research

3.True experiment design

Using this method will help in solving our problem or using the scientific steps help in getting or solving our research problem. Mostly the qualitative step.


This research work cancer on effective material management concept in a co-operate organization in focus mainly on effective and efficient executing of materials activities in an organization which include material, the lowest operation cost of wastage, dealer writing e.t.c to the barest minimum with effective production planning and control.


The result obtained from this research study can possibly influence the company to implement decision that will help them improve on their operational management activities the study likely to expand the frontier of knowledge on the subject of material management in an organization. Is enables them determine the standard performance in the production process.


The purpose of this research study shall be briefly and concisely examine the following relevant technical term as applicable to the research. There terms will be clearly define in sequence

A. MATERIAL MANAGEMENT: material management concept is the aspect of management activity entrusted in dealing with planning for purchasing receiving, handling storing and releasing of raw material for organization use with effective control measure. 
PURCHASING CROSS OBJECTIVE: The classical definite of purchasing is to purchase material and services of the right quality in the right source and the right time, and also coupled with three gross objective which make it to be material effectiveness in an organization in the purchasing departmen
C. PRODUCTIOM CONTROL: It is the management function which plan directed and control the material supply and processing activities of an enterprise.     

D. SPECIFICATION: This is a document that provide a complete description of an item it dimension analysis, performance or other relevant characteristics  insufficient detail to ensure that it will be suitable in all respect for the purpose for which its intended.

E. STANDARDIZATION: This is the process of reducing the number of varieties stocked good to a controlled workable minimum, or simply the means of reducing the number of every item held in stock holding of the organization.

F. QUALITY AND QUANTITY CONTROL: These are the processes whereby goods & series are examined to ensure that they conforms with the predetermined standard. It is also a system of programming and co-ordinating the effort of various personnel in an organization to maintain or improve quality of an economical level which allows for customer satisfaction.


It is the function of management concerned with planning the physical means to be used or sued by an enterprises to produce the good services that it provides.

The company has legal adviser who is partially part of the organization. By nature of his profession, he advises the company on anything that has to do with law and law related matters.

The following benefits gained from material management organization. Abundance evidence support the claim that material management in an organization improves co-ordination and control of the activities that contribute to total material cost, the need for such co-ordination has been previously emphasized in proceeding.


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