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Impact Of New Product Development In A Co-Operate Profitability


The research study amongst other things aimed at studying and evaluating how impact of new product enterprise and individual or group establishment will bring about efficiency and economic development in Nigeria with particular reference to (a case study of 7up Bottling Company, Ijora, Lagos) The analysis of response will enabled us to know the research findings that impact of new product development in a co-operate profitability is a critical factor for the economic growth and development and also that impact of new product development in a co-operate profitability can lead to effective working performance of any employee.

Chapter one discuss the introduction, the statement of problem the purpose of study significant of the study, scope of study limitation of study, the plan of study and lastly the definition of the terms used.

Chapter two deal with literature reviews the concept of impact of new product development in a co-operate profitability the benefit of impact of new product development.

Chapter three deals with structural composition analyse that firstly the introduction the impact of new product development in profitability. In Nigeria the impact of new product development in a co-operate profitability contribution on the state infrastructure, the product development in a co-operate profitability in Nigeria. The impact of new product development in a co-operate profitability relation to capital market, employment expectation and competition the argument for and against impact of new product development in a – co-operate profitability, the contribution of impact of new product development of telecommunication in Nigeria.

The impact of new product development in a co-operate profitability biding for (a case study of 7up bottling company, Ijora, Lagos). The economic implication of the impact of new product development in a co-operate profitability (a case study of 7up bottling company, Ijora, Lagos).

Chapter four discusses on data analysis and interpretation the research design also is the method of data collection the questionnaire administration and the hypothesis test.

Chapter five contains the summary of area study the conclusion and finally the recommendation.


Title page





Table of contents

Chapter one

1.0 General background of the study

1.1 Objectives of the study

1.2 Significance of the study

1.3 Research question

1.4 Research hypothesis

1.5 Scope of the study

1.6 Limitations of the study

1.7 Historical of background of the case study

1.8 Plan of the study

1.9 Definition of terms

Chapter Two: Literature review

2.0 Introduction

2.1 New product management

2.2 The answer to the successful new product introduction

2.3 Theory of innovation diffusion and adoption

2.4 Stage of product life cycle

2.5 Marketing strategies in the introduction stage

2.6 Meaning of profitability

2.7 Types of profitability

CHAPTER THREE: Research Methodology

3.0 Introduction

3.1 Instrument used in data collection

3.2 Population of the study

3.3 Sample and sampling procedure

3.4 Data collection instrument


4.0 Data Presentation analysis and interpretation

4.1 Introduction

4.2 Data presentation

4.3 Data analysis and interpretation

Chapter five

5.0 Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation

5.1 Summary of findings

5.2 Conclusion

5.3 Recommendation






The cause if the failure of many companies today is because they do not recognize that tomorrow may not be like today. They fail to replace their old existing products with new ones in lines with the taste and fashion of the consumers. Like human being products also pass through different stages in their life cycle. We have the introductory, growth, maturity and the decline stage.

It is the declining stage that brings about the

Need. For new  product development. Therefore, it is the function of product department to ensure that the life of the companys product is prolonged in the market.

As a topic, impact of new product development on co-operate profitability is one of the tools at the disposal of a product to increases the profit of organization, and comprises of features. Such as branding and packaging.

Since every business organization existence depends on the success of its product. Therefore the positive effect of new product development cannot be over emphasized. This is because new product development helps the company to meet the need of the consumer at a profit. Innovation of new ideas also aids remarketing strategies to a great extent.

Product development strategies may however be either proactive (lending) or reactive (following). The success of new production development will depend on having an effective sources of new ideas and innovations which can be incorporated as a unique selling purpose.

This unique selling proposition must be relevant to the characteristics of market segment on which product is targeted and most effectively differentiate the product from that of others so as to give it purchasing approach.


The objective of the study is to focus attention on the new product development in a co-operate profitability using 7up Bottling Company of Nigeria Plc, Ijora, as the case study to know from the company’s experience whether the development of new product work out solely to achieve the company’s aim and objectives.

Therefore at the end of this work, we should be able to arrive at the following conclusion. Understanding what new production development comprise i.e. meaning of new product development.

Sources of new production development idea. Strategies new production development

Process of new production development

Effect of new product development in a co-operate profitability.

Advantages of new product development

Obstacles and suggested solution of new product development.


The importance of this research is to find out relative benefits consumers and company (7up) will benefit from newly introduced product such as 50cl popularly called “OROBO”.

Also this study will broaden our knowledge about the need for new product development in a co-operate profitability.


  1. i)Does obsolescence of any product bring negative effect on the company?

ii)What are the effects of the new product development on sales?

iii)What method should be adopted in pursuit of internal new product development operation?

The following are the hypothesis to tested in the course of this research work. Null hypothesis (Ho) and alternative hypothesis (Hi).

 Null hypothesis there is no significant difference in new product development and high sales turnover. This means the product will be effective in the market.

 Alternative hypothesis. There is a significant difference between the new product development and high sales turn over which means that the product will not be effective in the market.


This project covers the important points of the impact of new product development in co-operate profitability of manufacturing company.

To know the consumer attitude towards a new comprises and what are the features it also helps to explain how product development helps in increasing the firm profit with appropriate market and marketing tools implementation. If all the stage are properly planned and developed, the product will. Succeed, but if otherwise it will fail.

Basically, reference will be made to 7up 7up Bottling Company of Nigeria Plc, Ijora, Lagos. Effort will be made to understand the objectives the company and the management effort has also been made to find out the obstacles or problem the new product suggested solutions.

Since no human effort directed towards achieving a goal goes without strains difficulties or obstacles many problems were encounted in the course of writing this project which has served as a limitations factors for the  completion of the work such as:

(a) Time constraint

(b) Financial constraint


Time project was given a limited period under which its be approved completed and submitted. As a result of that the project could no be written into its maximum level.


For a comprehensive and a detailed research work, there is need for reliable source of finance for running around in seeking information. Lack of financial source of this project work. Posed a lot of problems especially high cost of stationery and printing materials and transportation fare of fetching information from far instance.





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