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Impact Of Labour Turnover On Organizational Productivity


This  study  was  carried  out  to  analysis  the  impact of labour turnover on  organizational  productivity  (N.N.P.C Ilorin) organization  the  questionnaire, direct  interview,  text  books, and journals were the  basic source  of  data collection, this was statistically treated using  the sample percentage one of the major caused of turnover in the organization productivity, on  this basic management should ensure that all  factors that  can caused  job  satisfaction are put in place to enhance optimum  productivity. For clarity of the research context, the study will be divided into five chapter. Chapter one of the study contain general introduction, problem of the study objective of the study, scope of the study significance of the study, definition  of terms.

Chapter two  will focus on related  literature chapter  three contain research methodology, historical  background of N.N.P.C Ilorin, population  of the study,  sample size and  sampling  method,  administration of instrument method of data analysis, validity and  reliability  of the research instrument,  limitation  of the study. Chapter four focuses on data presentation, data  analysis, Findings.

Chapter five entails summary, conclusion and recommendation, references.


It has  become  more  generally acceptable   that structural arrangement  of resources  in an  organization  is composed of the  human and  materials  resource, this shows that the  management  of an organization is  not complete  without  any one  of the  two form effective  management  however, human resources  that are  under  study, will be  discussed in the  area of labour  turnover in an organization, this is  because  the constant exist of labour  in an organization may jeopardize , his  operation  and  productivity, in the  light  of this  human resources  management  therefore  needed in an  organization.


The rate  at which  workers  are living  industries is  became  rampant, the management  also does not bother  to suspend  or  terminate  employee  due to  workers  attitude to work these  indifference  are usually, being  caused by the poor  human resource  management  because of existence  of had  management  and management  relationship.


The major  objective  of the  study  is to  analyzed the  effect of the  labour  turnover on organization al  productivity  other objective  of this  study  are as  follows:

To identify  the causes and  effect of labour  turnover in an  organization, it is  pertinent  that every workers  that leaves the  organization has no in  other  reasons why they left and this  will actively have  effect on the whole  organization.

To analyzed  the consequence  of labour  turnover on the  organizational  productivity  human  resources  is indispensable  in an  organization, they are  the one  that  will  put  material  resources  together  for desired output.


This study  is aimed at focusing  on the  effect  of labour  turnover on organizational  productivity  as a  result , the  study will be  important to  production  industries  particularly  (N.N.P.C) Ilorin it  will be  of great  importance  to production industries  particularly those who want to know  to minimize labour  turnover in heir  organization, the  research work will be  useful to other  organization on how to  achieve  best  organizational productivity  and manage  human  resources  manger on how  to be  effective  in his  or her administration,  it will also  save as references to  industrial organization wishing  to improve the labour  productivity and reduce  their labour  turnover  so that the improved productivity of labour will serve as sign of development for the  organizational, also not to lose  serv9ices of  their  valuable  and productive  workers the study could be  useful to all management  students to  these  issues  would  be great benefit.


This study  is specially design to  critically  examine the effect  of labour  turnover, in organizational  productivity , however attempt  to cover all  organization  would  be  hectic in this  research and  unrealistic, hence, the research is  confined which  is Nigeria national  petroleum corporation Ilorin. The research  will basically shown that problems  facing  and  organization on labour  turnover  to the  organizational  productivity in production section to carryout  this research, the  key staff  of Nigeria questionnaire  that will be retrieved and analyzed for the  purpose of this  research work.


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