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Effective Communication As A Major Determinant Of Organisation Development

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This project has been carried out as a partial requirement for the Award of National Diploma in Business Studies Management.

The topic “Effective communication is a major determinant of organizational development” has been carried out using the Nigeria Bottling Company Plc, Ilorin as the case study.

The project contained the chapters of which are enumerated below:

Chapter one, this work contains the various definitions in connection with the subject matter, the objective, scope and the general problem of this project work are in this chapter note on the limitation background of the  case study are also visited in the chapter two.

Consideration of the research, they are being contained in chapter two of this project work it gives the full review of literature, various definition were also considered in this chapter, chapter three of this work gives the details of how data were collected. The various sources of data and analysis, methods used.

The detail presentation and analysis of data collected were contained in chapter four of this work. Data were  being analysed as collected from the sources and were considered respectively, after the data were being analysed in relation to the topic of this project work collection conclusions were made summaries of the whole content of this project and various recommendation were given in chapter five of this project.

References and bibliography were given too.


Title page






1.0 Introduction

1.1  Objectives of the study

1.2  Scope of the study

1.3  Statement of General Problem

1.4  Rationale for the study

1.5  Limitation and constraints

1.6  Historical background of the organisation


2.1Literature Review

2.2Concept of communication

2.3Organizational development studies and method of communication

2.4Importance of communication

2.5Barriers of communication Characteristics of small scale business

2.6Remedies for poor communication

2.7The purpose of communication

2.8Communication terminology

2.9Communication flow in organisation.


3.1Research methodology

3.2Method of used for data collection

3.3Sources of data

3.4Procedures for data collection


4.1Data analysis and presentation


5.0 Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation

5.1 Summary,

5.2 Conclusion

5.3 Recommendation




Effective communication is a major determinant of organisation development which as been a great concern for the cooperation as well as the national over the decade and not recently.

The need for effective communication in an organizational development makes the military historical to think of army line of communication in military organizational the teacher towards his students, the superior towards his teacher towards his students, the superior towards his subordinates advice verse.

Also, we must allow the possibility that communication can take place not only between individuals but in firms institutions and government and various business organizations.

Working towards organizational development, it s necessary to obtain and maintain a tight and effective communication gap within the various function in an organisation.

There should be a good relationship between one department and the other and more importantly, between the organisation and its various environmental components.

Communication is an organisation is mainly concerned with how to fund and interprets feelings and as well as ideas and information.

Thus, the word communication can be referred to as an act of imparting or transmitting information.

Communication in an organisation also involves in two ways i.e. the sender and the receiver, an effective communication is of great important in and out of any organisation in relation to this set goals and objectives i.e.  if organizational objective are to be achieved.

There must be sound level in their relationship and this could be attained through the deifiers of its communication.

In diviraels ward, there are some communication skills, which an organisation must develop upon i.e. the writing and reading skill written an organisation must develop upon i.e. the writing and reading skill written an organisation. The speaking and listening skill and the proper usage of meeting in an organisation.

The relevance of communication towards organizational development cannot be achieved without the following element or functions.

  1. Sender

ii.Message – information


iv.Feedback – reply.

Effective communication can be viewed in terms of dynamics in an organisation as it occurs in interrelationship between the management and staff.

However, sound ideas and well reasoned decision becomes effective only if it is being transmitted to other and relieved the resumed action or reaction in such an organisation.

The given of an understandable the message by the subordinate to the point that he is able to respond through appropriate action in which effective communication can also be said to be the purposeful and resistful exchange which realist actions and reaction are beings organized in an organisation.

For a purposely communication to be effective towards an organisation development in any organisation. The following must be noticed.

1) The message send must be specific and unambiguous.

2) The message within the outside organisation must be simple

3) The timing of various institutions must be strictly adhere to.

4) The ruler must be one word, one subject.

5) The receiver must understand the expected action.


Communication is essential for internal functioning of any organisation because it intergrades the managerial function especially communication is needed in organisation to effect changes, to influence action towards the welfare of the organisation.

The forms of this study is to ascertain the effectiveness of communication as a major determined or organizational development.

It is to established and disseminate goals of organisation to develop plans for their achievement, to organize human and other resources in the most effective and effect way.

It is also to select development and appraises member of an organisation to lead direct, motivate and create a climate in which its people wants to contribute and more to, to control performance for effective organizational development.

It is also relate the enterprises to its external environment. It is through information exchange that a manager become aware of the suppliers, the claims of stockholder, it is through communication that really organisation income an open system interacting with is environment, a fact whose important is emphased throughout this project.


Important of effective communication in an organisation in the scope range of this project. It is to determine how an organisation plan and execute its communication process in order to achieve the aim and objectives of such an organisation.

This project will also analyse the various way in which effective communication has been a major determination of an organisation development.

With the help of the case study, it will also determines how the Nigeria Bottling Company (A case study) manages its communication system internally and externally with this sole aim of acquiring and apprehended end.


This has been in term of the following:

1) The size and complexity of an organisation of the determines the rates of its communication of an efficiency in its organizational development.

2) Timing is very important in a situation where there is pension around the receive of the message could be in effective.

3) Personally and ego conflict has been a major set back towards effective communication. Perties may be seeking their personal different instead of the message this posing a problem against effective communication.

4)Irrelevancy in communication and it’s channels furthermore the meaning of the message and conflicting signals takes place.

5)Noise has been a feedback to, its an understandable or undaunted part which has contributed a problem to the effective of communication.


This study has been partial fulfillment of the requirement for the Award of National Diploma. The study has been known and understand the organizational development which is being redetermined by its effectiveness in its communication.

This study will enable us understand how effective of communication in an organisation determine the development in relation to the case study chosen for this project.


This project will be limited to the communication system of an organisation (A case study of the Nigeria Bottling Company Plc, Ilorin), with emphasis on effectiveness of communication in an organizational development and the various forms of communication used by the organisation based on the information supplied by the key officials of the Nigeria Bottling Company Plc, Ilorin, its constraints will be on the official of the company is irresponsness and the difficultly of getting a reliable information needed for this project work.


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