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An Evaluation Of Financial Management In Relation To Decision Making In A Manufacturing Organization

A company may be incorporated in a state and carrying out its operation within the ambit of the law CAMD 1990 such organization is free to sell their shares to the public. It has many of their right to own property, borrow money sue and just like the private company some organization own the largest number of individuals. Doyin Group of companies is incorporated in Ilorin and operates in other states of the country. This company is hereby expected to meet the requirement set forth by the state. When you decide you want to do business as a corporation, you must apply to a state government for permission to be a corporation.



1.1  General introduction

1.2   Aim and objective of the study

1.3  Statement of research problem

1.4  Scope and limitation of the study

1.5  Significance of the study

1.6   Organization and plan of the study

1.7   Definition of terms


2.0  Literature review

2.1  Definition of financial management

2.2  Component of financial management

2.3  Roles of financial manager

2.4  Financial planning and forecasting

2.5  Techniques of performance evaluation


3.0  Research methodology

3.1  Histortical background of Doyin Group of companies L.t.d

3.2  Organisation strutures of Doyin Group of companies L.t.d

3.3  Method of data collected

3.4  Data analysis techniques

3.5  Sources of data

3.6  Problem uncounted


4.0 Data presentation and analysis

4.1 Company’s policy

4.2 Statement of financial information

4.3 Financial data analysis

4.4 Production capacity untilization

4.5 Stock valuation and cost of sales

4.6 Contribution of Doyin Group of companies to the development of Kwara State Economy.


5.0  Summary of findings

5.1   conclusion and recommendations


GENERAL INTRODUCTION Having briefly discussed on the corporation, I will like to shed light on the financial management, through it was as branch of economics till 1890, as separate activity or discipline. It is of recent origin; still it has no unique body of knowledge of its own and draws heavily on economics for its theoretical concepts even today.

The subject financial management is of immense inertest to both academicians and practicing mangers. It is of great interest to academicians because the subject is still developing and there are still certain areas where controversies exist fore which no unanimous solutions have been reached as yet. Practicing managers are more intererst5ing in this subject because the most crucial decision of the firm are those which relates to finance and an understanding of the theory of financial management provide them with conceptual and analyze insights.

It wouldn’t be a surprise to everybody when the financials manager takes decision based on the subject under research. However, when a manager makes a decision, he or she needs to consider the quantitative and the qualitative factors involved in the decision.

Quantitative factors are those that can be measured with some reasonable degree of precision in naira as it applies in Doyin Group of Companies. The fact that dropping product line will eliminate a supervisor’s salary of say #18,500 is a quantities factor.

Quantitative factors are those that cannot be expressed with a reasonable degree of precision in naira, yet may still have a significant influence on a manager’s decision. For instance, if a company is considering moving its manufacturing facilities form Ilorin to Lagos, quantitative factor may be the effect on morale of the employee who is forced to move and so on. It is not that quantitative factors have no effect on a decision; it is just that the financial effect cannot be measured.

Obviously, moving employee forcefully from his convenient working station may make him to become disgruntled, and then operating profits will be lower than they would otherwise. If no one knows for sure the low morale can hunt the profit, then there is no objective way in which the manager can integrate these factors into naira.

1.2AIM AND OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY The major aim of the dissertation is to focus attention and critically examine the financial management in a manufacturing industry and how performances are appraised for decision making. Using Dying Group of companies as a case study.

  • OBJECTIVES: The project is put forth to:

A.Assess the financial performance techniques of the company, which is geared towards the actualization of the company’s aim and objective and how effective and reliable the techniques are.

  1. To determine the efficient and effective production capacity
  2. To study and ascertain the method of stock valuation

The inefficiency in financial management has called on the management of the company’s re-examination of the various sources of finance and evaluation business performance in order to arrive it a dependence and realistic value of the company.

It is often accompanied with the problems of insolvency, low profitability which may have adverse effect on the company.

As a result of these problems, there is need for the adoption of suitable financial management techniques that will facilitate timely performance appraisal.

This will go a long way in achieving organization goal objective


The scope and limitation of this project is a critical study of financial management and performance evaluation in a manufacturing company. It does not see the financial manager as an economy reconstruction but goes onto loving out what roles and responsibilities a financial manager renders to the resources owners.

It studies also the accountants actually manage account for these resources. A case study of Doyin Group of companies Ilorin


The finding from the study will enable the potential owners of the company both private company and public company to have the knowledge about the management of company’s finance.

The study will also enlighten the financial manager on how he can be seriously committed to his primary assignment in the company.

Significance is that investment in working capital of which stock is large components, can be very sizeable and ought to receive the same carefully considerations and investment in fixed assets. It is also important that planning in advance for fund requirement is always important for the financial manager.


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