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Effects Of Sales Promotion As A Tool For Winning Customers In Competitive Market

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This study examined marketing strategies for winning customer in telecommunication industry. It lightened the techniques on the strategies and effect of various marketing strategies in winning customer and stimulate repeat sales. It also goes further to look into identifying the brand Zain can use against other competitors like GLO, MTN. descriptive approach was employed as a means of data collection in proper investigation.

It appears that consumers product do not exist in isolation in the choice of brand and promotion. Therefore it should be made flexible in order to cater for changing situation.



1.0 Introduction of the Study

1.1 Statement of Problem

1.2 Aim and Objectives of the Study

1.3 Significance of Study

1.4 Scope of the Study

1.5 Limitation of the Study

1.6 Definition of Related Terms


2.0 Definition of Customer/ Consumers

2.1 Characteristics of the Consumer

2.2 The Meaning of Competitive market

2.3 Characteristic of the competitive market

2.4 The Meaning of sales Promotion

2.5 Types of sales Promotion

2.6 Impact of sales Promotion of an organization

2.7 Hypothesis Formulation


3.0 Research Methodology

3.1 Research Population

3.2 Research Population

3.3 Sources of Data Collection

3.4 Data Presentation & Analysis Techniques


4.0 Historical Background of the Study

4.1 Analysis of Data Presentation

4.2 Test of Hypothesis


5.0 Summary of Findings

5.1 Conclusion

5.2  Recommendation




The company’s effort at prevailing among the millions of competition is surrounded by number of strategies the major factors that brought competition is product.

A product is anything tangible that can be offered to a marketer for attention acquisition that can satisfy a want or need.

A product in a competitive market should always be attributed with certain factors for proper identification in that market by the consumers.

The strategies for winning customers include the discovery an exploitation of distinctive advantage over competition. It stands on the principle that a company or a brand should have its own brand or concept of its business and check to achieve superiority over others.

The competition in the market is one of the key environment tat affect company’s activities to give its target market. The rival or competitor may be directly or indirectly. For this reason, strategies to put in place of suppress this competitor can only effective if proper competitive situation can only effective if proper competitive situation analysis is conducted whether it be product quality method of distribution packaging and advertising skills.

As some one said “supreme excellence consist of breaking the enemy’s competitors resistance without fighting” this various strategies such as product differentiation which includes: pricing.


Supposed our economy is a monopolistic economy issue of competition would not have arrived in the marketing of goods and services but due to the various environmental factors include among producer, producing the same type of product.

It had turn a market to a competitive ground and some producer find it very difficult to survive in the competitive markets.


It’s therefore important for management to build an organization culture dedicated to the outstanding and meeting the needs of customers by order to identify companies competitors. The company must also recognize that “CONSUMER IS THE KING” company must involve themselves in marketing strategies that will allow them to be better off the other competitors in their target market.


This research work will be useful for practical purpose which shows the techniques or strategies for winning customer in a competitive market environment in Nigeria.

Other purpose of the study are listed below:

i.To investigate and find out the implication of competitors on the activities of the company (Zain Nigeria Plc).

ii.To know whether the intended strategy serve as the solution to the existing problem(s).

iii.To identify the brand Zain can used against other competitors like MTN, GLO.

iv.To carry-out investigate in affect of various marketing strategies in winning customers and simulate repeat.


Without doubt, this study concerns wide area as for the purpose of effectiveness. Thus, the scope of this study covers the following: in term of theory, this study covers the marketing strategies for winning customers in competitive market with emphasis on zain Nigeria plc. This study covers the communication industry due to the case study of zain plc. as one of the companies in communication industry geographically.

This study covers the whole Nigeria but with emphasis on Ilorin metropolis as the geographical scope. The time converage of this study shall be considered on the premises of (a) the period of writing the project and (b) time of data gathering. Therefore, time scope of the study shall be June of August of 20. branding. Packaging and effective promotional activities should always be put into consideration so as to surprise and depress the plans of competitors.

The marketing planning or strategy for wining competitors in the face of the consumers could be seen with the skillful plan that generally cover all the face of marketing. This marketing tactics to win consumers in the market includes the products strategy (price, taste, branding, colour, size, packaging product design) pricing strategy (pricing skimming, sales promotion, publicity), physical distribution strategy (direct to consumer, through dealers, wholesaler or retailer) and so on.


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