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Human Motivation As An Effective Tool For Organizational Development


This project work would discuss the motivation factor that led the researcher to the choosing of this topic in the introductory stage.

Therefore, based on the foregoing aims, this researcher has been able to carryout a successful project work on the subject matter (human motivation as an effective tools for an organizational development in the banking industry). The study would also stress the significant of the motivation to any service industry. The historical background of the industry as the socio-economical factors that brings effectiveness to the services of the industry (guaranteed Trust Bank) the rational and limitations of the study was also discussed and chapter one would be concluded with definition of necessary terms used in the project,

In chapter two, the contribution of various author on this subject matter which would also be acknowledged by reviewing the necessary literature.

Chapter three of this research work would emphasis the uses of observation method, direct interview and questionnaire would be distributed to the respondents.

Chapter four deal with data presentation, interpretation of data anlyasis, testing of hypothesis, summary of findings.

While the last chapter focuses on summarizing the findings of the study, conclusion would be drawn and necessary recommendations would be suggested for the organization to adopt.


Title page






1.0 Introduction

1.1 background of the study

1.2 statement of the problem

1.3 Objective of the Study

1.4 Significant of the Study

1.5 Scope of the Study

1.6 LIMITATION and constraint



2.1 concept of motivation

2.2 Thories of motivation

2.3 Content theories of motivation

2.4 Money as a motivational tools

2.5 Enhancing employee motivation


3.1 Research method used

3.2 Research instrument used for data collection

3.3.Research population and sample size

3.4 Statistical technique used in analyzing data


4.1 Data presentation

4.2 Data Analysis and interpretation

4.3 Test of hypothesis

4.4 Discussion of results


5.1 Summary of Findings

5.2 Conclusion

5.3 Recommendation




An organization can be defined, in terms of the machinery used, but rather it is the human beings in the organization that make up the organization. For an organization to achieve its objective, it has to entail the utilization of the available resource such as time, money and material resources such as machinery, raw materials and human resources.

The human resources of an organization are its most treasured reassured resources. This is because all other resources are of no importance without the involvement of the human resources (the Gordian 2004) the human resources coordinator, coordinates all other resources into whatever objective they are to achieve. Also, the survival, achievement of productivity and the importance of any organization rests on the human resources, because human resources can think, differentiate between good and bad, and have ability to know what is attainable.

An organization that wishes to achieve its object has to work beyond the survival and relevance of processes procedures, machine and indeed all technology but focus more on the human resources because all technology function as a result of the skill and willingness of the human resources, for the human to be highly motivated.

Motivation is the general term applying to the entire class of drives, desire, needs, whishes and similar force (Weltrich and Kootz 1993) to say an organization motivation employees means that is does those things which it hopes will safe those deserved and desired manner.

Human motivation therefore is that which triggers or propels human beings to act in a required way. It can also be said as that something and make them willing to work hard in other to do it. But before an employee can be effectively motivated to carryout a task, he has to have a motive.

These human motives are based on a need, they are either primary need such as their physical requirement for water, air, food, sex, sleep, shelter on secondary needs such as self esteem, status, affiliation with others, affection, accomplishment and self assertion (Weltrich and Koontz 1993) when these things are satisfied in a human being, he may feel highly motivated.

For an organization to effectively coordinate its employees’ because employees abilities are not fully productive without motivation. Motivation is a particular drive or desire in an individual and it moves them into performing an action that will enable them achieve a goal.

An organisaiton has to know that it cannot achieve its objective by just employing an individual based on their technical qualifications, experience, credential and all material but rather, it should look at the individual person motive as well (Kelner 2000) for an employers to have a long term success than in any given job will depend for more on the energy and emotional engagement he brings to the job than on the training or qualification the person has obtain over a long time, the energy tends to differentiate those who enjoy their work and makes it easier for individual to excel.


The purpose of an organization is to achieve its objectives and to achieve these, it has to have effectives and efficient employees. This, however not the case in most organization what we see are employees who are lazy, slow, relevant to act and unconcerned about their jobs. They are said to lack the zeal, the brightness and the motivation of hardworking, people and generally they dislike hearing anybody talk about efficiency, dedication, honesty, competence and productivity all which characterize achievement of people in an organization (the guardian 2004).

Moreover, most organization does not consider motivation technique as one of the ways in which they can improve their employees productivity. They are mostly profit driven and don’t think that by appropriate motivation of their employees, they will achieve their objectives.

These organization looks at the technical qualifications experience, credentials and the aims of the individual they employ such that these employees with right credentials, qualifications and experiences are not rightly motivated in their job or work condition, their performances tend to be below par.


The purpose of this study is to show that an organization can achieve its objectives motivating its employees. The study shows, to the organization, the ways to improve their goals. The study also shows the extent of motivation in the turnover of employees in an organization. The specific objective of the study are therefore to:

* Identity the importance of human resources in an organization and also shows the importance of motivating the human resources in an organizational development.

* It states clearly how the motivation of the human resources can help organization in achieving the objectives.

* It identifies the organizational context of effective motivation and performance.

* It states how the management of an organization can use rewards and goals to motivate its employees.


Significant to research :

The study focuses on the way motivational techniques are being used in organization using the Guaranty Trust Bank Plc (GTB) Ilorin branch as a case study. It also tries to find out if the organization as ever used any motivational techniques with its employees and to know how the employees responded to such act.

This study is, however, limited as a result of time and resources. Due to the limited time made available to the researcher for the completion and submission of study and also the limited time in getting response from the respondents. It was quite difficult to cover all aspect of the study, although they will be covered and quite acceptable.

Finances has also being a limitation to this research work, it would have been ideal to use several topics is being used by the organization, but this would amount to little financial input than is available.

However, even with the limitation encountered during the course of the research, the quality of information gathered was impressive, and it is hoped that the study will serve as a reference point for other researches.


The hypothesis to be tested in the study are highlighted thus:

Ho – Performance doesn’t increase it are recognized for doing a good job

Hi –  Incentives lead to improvement in employee’s performance.


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