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The Impact of Human Resources Development in Enhancing Employees Productivity

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Every organization seeks to meet its goals and objectives which should be derived from a strategic plan. Usually, these pertain to its survival, growth, levels of services or production and profit. The development of human resource in an organization in collaboration with other resources makes business effective and enhances maximum productivity. Neglecting human resources is tantamount to experiencing failure in an organization. Human resources when adequately developed assist an organization to achieve its stated goals and objectives.

More so human resources are the key element and vital assets that an organization activities hinge upon. In view of this, the central concern of every organization should be centered on the satisfaction of human. Human resources has been an indispensable tool in accomplishing organizational goals over time. The negligence of man or the absence of the development of human resources even when other factors of production are functioning can bring an end to an organization.

The formal long life of an organization depends on how its human resource is been developed or developing. Therefore, it has become very pertinent to develop human resources for better, effective organization and to facilitate continuous productivity in an organization.

Human resources activities are designed to influence the effectiveness of employees in organization. The activities therefore include recruitment, selection. Placement, training and development, motivation of workers and workers commitment. The relevance of human resources in an organization in relation to productivity can be over emphasized as it is the livewire of every organization. Human resources hold the key to the survival of an organization.


The pertinent question that might agitate the mind of those concerns is what is “The impact of Human Resources Development in Enhancing Employees Productivity” perhaps on a broader aspect the objectivities of the study is to:

  1. Asses the level of Shortage of Manpower in an Organization.
  2. Assess the problem performance gap which has led to the collapse of many organizations and to be solved through training and development.
  3. Examine the issues of inconsistency and inefficiency in management style.
  4. Assess the level of dissatisfaction with present employment condition.


This essay would be of great significance to every organization   involved in production and services because the essay aims at helping organizations, firms and industries towards building an effective, healthy and efficient organization through proper training, development and utilization of its human resource.

It will also in kicking out mismanagement by building a competent and disciplined human factor in relations to producing qualitative and quantitative goods and services which will in turn lead to an increase in productivity in an organization,

Also, the significance in coming up with positive plans that will enhance the productivity of organizations in Nigeria.

Finally, it will serve as a reference point to students that intend to carryout further essay on the subject matter.


The scope of this study is limited to some organization and mainly for academic pursuit or purpose the scope covers discussion on. “The Impact of Human Resource Development in Enhancing Employees Productivity”.

For the purpose of this study, attention will be given to training and development in order to test if really training and variable of variable of Human Resources Management can be used to minimized if not eradicating mis-management, boosting the quality and quantity of the product produced in the organization, and finally to see how human resource can be effectively and efficiently utilized and development towards achieving stated aims and objectives.


Problems are often encountered in all human endeavors. The essay encountered a number of problems that he considered as limitation to his work or hindrance. This limitation therefore as follows:

  1. Inadequate Data: Scanty of relevant text on the subject matter for thorough literature review is a limiting factor to this work. However great efforts have been made by the researcher in getting relevant text books and materials needed to review the past and current literature on the subject matter.
  1. Finance/Constrain: Finance being bedrock of all human activities can not be left out. The problem is really special where materials like printing papers needed are very   expensive, cost of browsing is high etc. due to the present economic meltdown that is affecting the world and Nigeria is not an exception
  1. Time Constrain: Finally time is another limiting factor, as the essay work is combined with other academic activities which are not easy for one to carry out at the same time considering their importance to the essay.


Development: Attempt to use new knowledge in the production of useful product.

Resources: It can be human, material, money, equipments and information.

Management: It is the process of planning, organizing, directing and controlling the activities of an enterprise so as to achieve a given objective.

Training: It is the acquisition of skills, concepts, rules, or altitude in order to improve present and future performances.

Employee: These are people working in an organizing for wages or salary.

Productivity: They are unit of output per work, machine hour or total output per total input.

Job: An organization unit of work. It is made up of duties responsibility and tasks.

Leadership: It is the art or process of influencing people so that they strive willingly towards the accomplishment of organizational group goals.

Appraisal: Evaluation of employee’s performance on the job.

Selection: A process of choosing the best candidates for a job.

Planning: Selection missions objectives, strategies, programs and procedures for achieving them, it requires decision making that is choosing future courses of action from among alternatives.

Recruitment: It is the process of attracting pool of qualified applicant’s it can be internet or external.

Controlling: It is a managerial function of measuring and correcting any deviation from the standard performance of activities of subordinates to ensure that objectives and plans of an enterprise are accomplished


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