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SEMINAL Computerization Of Personnel Information System (Download)

Download complete project materials on SEMINAL Computerization Of Personnel Information System (Download) from chapter one to chapter five with references


Personnel information system can be view as a database program that can beuse to give summary report pertaining to personnel information report, which can also be used for creating, editing, storing and retrieving records of personnel with high degree of ease. The administration of personnel systems involves considerable data capture, verification, storage and processing. The bureaucratic functions of personnel work are evident. We need to be aware of the data we are using, how we capture it and for what purposes, we must ensure its integrity, accuracy and manage the what security of how it is stored, we have to control who will access it and who it will not be disclosed to.

Computerized systems enable more data to be kept and accessed. The technology transcends company and community boundaries.

This increases the need for accuracy, security and confidentiality.

Generally personnel records are of a permanent but dynamic nature whether kept in a file or by database-oriented personnel records, multi-user software package. When a new employee joins the firm (or even when an applications is received), a new record is created. More and more data is then added to the employee record related record as the employee’s length of service increase. The record is updated from time to time.

Organizations implement efficient systems for maintaining and using individual personnel records so that effective decisions can be made for the benefit of the personnel. However, the proliferation of new reporting requirement and dramatic changes in technology has had a profound effect on the need for personnel data to manage personnel records. Purchase of more powerful computer hardware and software and the reconfiguration of information system have become essential components in efforts to meet the needs of all personnel.

There is probably no single best information system solution that can meet the needs of all organizations. However are certain steps that help all organization to determine the best solution for their particular situation.

This project will among other things examine the process of making the best and most cost-effective decision about information system devoted to individual personnel record and to design a database information system for Peugeot Automobile Nigeria Limited Kaduna, as the case study.


The most prominent problem associated with any information-based system is the record keeping and data manipulating operations of that system. It is not in doubt that the existing system of record keeping and information management of the organization system has related problems, nonetheless, the organization is still faced with problems that are peculiar to any manual based data processing, such problems as:-

  • i.  Misplacement/Loss of personnel files (records): Which hinders or sets back personnel promotion.
  • ii. Duplication of Data Files: Which if not updated leads to inconsistency of files and wastage of office stationeries.
  • iii. Prone to human error:  The manual system in use leads to data errors as recording data is a lengthy process; it makes the whole exercise monotonous, boring and hectic.
  • iv. Time factor: Due to large number of document involved in the system, it takes more time to process any piece of work (information) and his brings about delay in getting necessary information on demand.
  • v. Security factor: Security of files is not guaranteed in the current system, there is possibility of unauthorized persons having access to personnel information.
  • vi. Furthermore, reports generated by this system are not made available on demand, this is because it is not easy retrieving a file of a particular employee on demand since the process would involve going through voluminous files.

The changing times and problems enumerated above called for new system of personnel record keeping; thus, the traditional/manual has to give way to modern method.



One of the major significance of this project research work is to create an efficient and dynamic database that will serve the management aswell as the personnel of the organization with quick and efficient source of information about personnel information of PAN.


Personnel information can be define as those that employers use, have used, or intend to use to determine an employee’s qualification for employment, promotion, transfer, additional compensation, disciplinary action, or discharge. However, employers may not gather or keep records of employees’ non-employment activities, sure as an employee’s association, political activities, or publications unless:-

  • 1. The activities occur on the employer’s premises or during the employee’s working hours and interfere with the performance of job the employees.
  • 2. The activities constitute criminal conduct.
  • 3. The activities may reasonably be expected to harm the employee’s properly, operations, or business, or
  • 4.  The activities could cause the employer financial liability.

Personnel record can also be define as a record that consist of all required and necessary personnel documents. These document are normally maintained in several related, topical files which, together, are considered the complete employer personnel record. The recommended file structure includes: General employee file, Medical file and confidential file.

Personnel record can also be define as a record that consists of all required and necessary personnel documents. These document are normally maintained in several related, topical files which, together, are consider the complete employee personnel record. The recommended file structure includes: General employee file, Medical file and confident file

Personnel records are create in a variety of forms, usually a paper file and computerized record but may also include e-mail, electronic documents, photographs, plans, film, sound recording, and publication, other textual, audio – visual or computerized digital information.

Staff record are primarily stored within the Human Resources Unit but may be duplicated if necessary (eg work plans and reviews) by supervisor or manager in the work area. The original of any document must be forwarded to the Human Resource Unit to be placed on the staff member’s file. Only copies of documents may be held in the workplace.

Other unit of faculties may hold records that pertain to staff where the business of that unit requires them to do so and may include:

  1. Financial Service Unit records relating to individual staff members’ financial transactions and pay
  2. Work place record relating to hours worked
  3. Equity and Diversity Unit files relating to grievance for many companies, payroll and personnel represent the largest single items of expense; computer are important tools for monitoring expense or the spending of money. Modern computer information processing started with payroll processing, mistakes in expenses accounting tend to be the biggest single area of loss experienced by most companies. Since the numbers of transactions involve in expense accounting generally, and payroll particularly, can become extremely large, payroll and other expense related application tend to be critical responsibilities of computer information system departments.

The payroll application often is used in combination with other personnel processing applications. For example, a personnel system might be used to track the career progress of individuals, to locate employees with special skills for open work assignments and, in general, to maintain work profile for company employees. These systems paths for employees and track of the education and training necessary for employee’s advancement.



Software engineering has some structured models for software development. Software engineering is the practice of using of using selected process techniques to improve the quality of software development effort. James (2005) defines software mythology as a documented collection of policies, processes and procedures used by a development term or organization to practice software engineering is called its software development methodology (SDM) or system development life cycle (SDLC).


In summary, complete personnel records may be a single file, or it can be made up of several separate records, each with specific content or uses and each stored and maintained in a different way. Automated systems using available computer technology offer tremendous advantages over traditional paper systems and yield many benefits. However, most computerized systems still rely on paper records at various stages within the system.

However, this research work gives a step-by step guide for implementation for gathering information on how best they could implement a cost-effective automated personnel record system. Finally, an integrated database system is design to keep personnel information using Microsoft Visual Basic bounded with

Microsoft Access to generate personnel information, which include:

  1. i) Personnel master list
  2. ii) Personnel list by department

iii) Personnel list by designation

  1. iv) Personnel list by state


With proper planning and management, a personnel record system can be a valuable resource to many people, ranging from staff and organization and policy-makers. While many of the decisions concerning design and implementation are made only once, it is important to note that some aspects of planning and management are recurring and must be reviewed regularly to ensure long-term effectiveness.

  • Whenever data are entered into the system, care must be taken to promote data integrity.
  • · Similarly, procedures for security and providing access must be continuously updated and monitored to ensure the confidentially of personnel records.

The needs of users will change over time. Thus, there is need for review on a periodic basis to be sure that the system is meeting the needs of the users.


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