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5 Simple Reasons Why Over 60% Applicants Fail Post UTME Every Year In All All Universities

This is not funny and I think it needed an urgent attention. If a UTME candidate can sit down and read for over five months in preparation for UTME. He/she attends tutorials for months, read, studied, bought past questions, downloaded Jamb practice software and prayed so hard to pass JAMB. Went for the exam and scored as high as 180, 200, 240, 280 or more.
This is a big achievement because hundred of thousands of people could not meet up with the cut off mark. If it were to be in the previous old days…your jamb score is enough to guarantee you an automatic admission once you scored high. Those days, there was no other exam called POST UTME today.

Post UTME Is More Important Than JAMB And You Must Past It
Last year, one of the students I mentored wanted to study medicine and surgery in The University of Ilorin and he was determined to give Jamb want it takes to pass. He did all possible best, and he scored 286 in Jamb. Thereafter he felt relaxed and was waiting for Unilorin to roll out its post UTME so that he can apply.
Despite all my efforts to give  him the reason why post UTME score is important than Jamb, he never listen. He only claimed, if he could scored so high in UTME, he can easily pass unilorin post UTME which is just 50 questions.
Unfortunately for him, he sat for the exam.. and scored 32%. He wasted such a UTME score and that marks the end of his plan to study medicine, because this year, he sat for another jamb and scored 178. Imagine, he could not even meet up with the cut off mark of 180 this year.
I think he is discouraged already.
Do you know why he failed? Do you now know why others fail? Do you know some students read and prepare so hard for their post UTME abut yet they still failed? With this post, I will tell you those five reasons students fail post UTME in Nigeria.
5 Simple Reasons Why Over 60% Do Fail Post UTME Every Year In All Schools
  1. Poor Preparation: This is one is common and I won’t talk more on it. Students seems to look down on post UTME. Some students who actually have exam to write will not prepare until they heard the post UTME form is out. Forgetting that, the school will not give them more than one week once the form is on sale. The best thing to do, is to start preparing from now. Just like you did in Jamb.
  2. Overconfidence: Why won’t I pass post UTME when I got 300+ in Jamb? That is the usual arrogant question they do ask. This is because they are with the wrong assumption that, if they could pass Jamb, they will surely pass post UTME. I keep wondering who told them that.  Am sorry, you are risking your chances.
  3. Poor Time Management: Most students are now used to Jamb computer exam. Atleast you sat for your UTME with above 2hours in the hall. Do you know most post UTME don’t last more than 25 minutes? So many students are poor in time management during exam. They always run out of time and won’t be able to reach half of the questions.
  4. The Nature Of Post UTME: That you passed Jamb does not mean you will pass post UTME. The exam’s nature is completely different from what you know in your secondary school or Jamb. They do set their Post UTME questions in the University’s standard.Picking answer to the question you know could take you a long time to decide which one is the correct answer due to complete similarity between all the answers. It will waste your time, and at the end of the day, you may choose the wrong answer because you are already on pressure . That is how Universities set their objective questions. You must be good to pass.


  5. Lack Of Awareness: This is the worst that part, that is responsible for most students’ failure. Majority of students are not aware, and don’t even know what and what to be expecting in exam. Is it a cbt, writing, or what? What are the courses, time allowed, marking scheme and how many questions. These are few of the most important thing you need to know about the School.The simple way to get these information is to ask someone who is in the school, or you get the school’s post UTME past questions and answers. The past questions and answers will give you life past years questions, tells you numbers of questions with time allowed, pass mark and all info you need to pass. How do you want to pass the exam you don’t know its nature and you’ve never everlay your hand on the past question.

    Post UTME is one of the simplex exams to pass, only if you do the needful.

    I pray your Jamb and all your efforts will not be wasted and you shall be successful.

    i hope you’ve claimed it?

    Download Post UTME Past Questions & Answer

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Jamb Cut Off Mark Is Out And Post UTME Has Been Cancelled?
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