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What Are The Lists Of Available Courses For Research In Various Faculties In University of Ibadan?

What are the Lists of available courses for research in various courses and faculties in University of Ibadan.
Almost all time, applicants want to know what are the research program available and the admission requirements into University of Ibadan (UI). Getting the appropriate information before application is the key for  a successful admission in UI. Meaning, any mistake or wrong choice of courses may deprive one the possibility of getting the admission.

Therefore, we try to bring to your notice that post graduates courses are available for the
following Faculties and disciplines in University of Ibadan: 

1) Art: Here are the courses you can choose from: 
  • Islamic Studies; Arabic Language and Literature; Archaeology; Anthropology;
    Classics; English (Literature & Language); History; Communication &
    Language Arts; Linguistics & African Languages; Nigeria Languages (Yoruba);
    French Studies, Translation, Comparative Literature, Cultural Studies,
    European Studies; Philosophy, Religious Studies; and Theatre Arts.
2) Science: UI offers research degree programs for the following courses in Science.
  • Archaeology; Anthropology; Botany; Microbiology; Chemistry;
    Industrial Chemistry; Computer Science; Geography (Physical);
    Geology; Mathematics; Physics; Statistics; and Zoology.
3)    Medicine: University Of Ibadan offers the following research programs in medicine which are:
  1.  Basic Medical Sciences:
    Anatomy; Biochemistry; Chemical Pathology; Haematology;           Pharmacology &
    Therapeutics; Physiology; and Virology.   
      2.  Clinical Sciences:
Anaesthesia; Nursing; Psychiatry; Paediatrics; Physiotherapy; and                          Surgery.Community Health, Occupational Health, Obstetrics and Gynaecology.                                   Opthalmology, Radiotherapy, Biomedical Education.
      3. Dentisry:

      4. Public Health: Biostatistics; Epidemiology and Medical Statistics; Epidemiology; Field                     Epidemiology; Field Epidemiology Practice; Environmental Health; Human
Nutrition; Medical           Demography; Health Promotion and Education; Population
and Reproductive Health                           Education, Reproductive and Family Health, Health
Policy and Management, Health Services            Administration, Institute of Child
      5. Pharmacy: Pharmaceutics and Industrial Pharmacy; Pharmaceutical Microbiology; Clinical               Pharmacy; Pharmaceutical Chemistry; Pharmacognosy.
4)      Agriculture and Forestry: University Of Ibadan (UI) offers the following courses for research          program in agriculture and forestry: Crop Protection and Environmental Biology; Agricultural            Economics;
Agricultural Extension and Rural Development; Agricultural Extension; Rural                  Sociology; Rural Communication; Home Economics; Agronomy; Animal
Science; Forest                    Resources Management; Wildlife Management and Fisheries
Management; Agricultural                      Biochemistry and Nutrition.
5)     Social Sciences: The following courses are available for research program in UI in social                    sciences: Economics; Geography (Human); Political Science; Sociology; Psychology;
Urban              and Regional Planning.
6)     Education: Here are the courses available for research program in University of Ibadan(UI) in            education: Adult Education; Literacy Training and Development; Educational Management;                Guidance and Counseling; Counseling Psychology; Special Education; Library,
Archival &                Information Studies; Human Kinetics & Health Education; Teacher
Education; School Media:            Media Resource Management.
7)     Africa Regional Centre for Information Science (ARCIS): Here are the course available for           research program in UI for this categories: Development and Evaluation of Information                       Systems; Information Technologies;
Development Information Systems; Information Policy and         Ethics; Information
Resources Management; Information Products and Services; Informetrics;             Information Economy and Society; Scholarly Communication in Science and
Technology;                   Education for Information Science.
8)     Centre for Educational Media Resource Studies: See the courses available for this categories          below: Master of School Media (MSM) (Academic)
                     Master of Media Resource Management (MMRM) (Professional).
9)     Institute of Education: Here are the courses available for for research program in                                UI:  Educational Evaluation (Construction and Validation of Measurement Instrument;                        Evaluation of Educational Achievement; Public Examinations, Programme
Evaluation;                        Curriculum Evaluation and Psychological Testing) In-Service M.Ed
Programmes in Curriculum          Development and Educational Evaluation (The M.Ed
in-service Programme presently runs in               Ibadan, Port-Harcourt and Lagos). The
programmes is for four semesters.
10)    Veterinary Medicine: Veterinary Anatomy; Veterinary Medicine; Tropical Veterinary                         Medicine;
*Veterinary Microbiology; Veterinary Parasitology; Veterinary Pathology;                          Veterinary Physiology; Veterinary Pharmacology; Veterinary Surgery, Veterinary                                Reproduction; Veterinary Public Health & Preventive Medicine (Master of
Veterinary Public              Health, Master of Preventive Veterinary Medicine, and M.Sc.
Epizootiology). MVSc.                          Veterinary Medicine Option in Avian Medicine
Companion Animal Medicine, Fish and                       Aquatic Medicine and Food Animal
Medicine. * The M.Sc. Veterinary Microbiology runs for             two sessions.
11)     Technology: Read this instruction pls:  
  1.  Agricultural and Environmental Engineering; Wood Products Engineering;
    Food Technology; Soil and Water Conservation
  2. Industrial & Production Engineering; Petroleum Engineering; Civil
  3. Mechanical Engineering; Electrical/Electronic Engineering.
  4. Those whose first degrees are NOT in Agricultural Engineering will
    be required to spend an additional two semesters on the programme.
  5. Those whose first engineering degrees are NOT in Industrial
    Engineering will be required to spend an additional semester on the
  6. Candidates whose first degrees are NOT in Petroleum Engineering
    will be required to spend an additional two semesters on the
  7.  M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering is a three semesters full-time or six
    semesters part-time programme.  
12)    Law: University of Ibadan (UI) offers research program for: Master of Law (LL.M) and                       the LL.M Degree Programme is conducted on an interdepartmental
Admission Requirements:
 Admission is open to any holder of Bachelor’s Degree in Law of University of
Ibadan or of other approved Universities recognized by the Senate. In addition to
the above requirements, applicants must satisfy the ‘O’ Level first degree
matriculation requirements of the University of Ibadan i.e. ‘O’ Level Credit passes
in five subjects at ONE sitting or 6 ‘O’ level credits at TWO sittings including merit or
credit in English Literature. You will be required also to produce your Call to Bar
and Law School Certificates.

I hope this helps?

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