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Importance of recapitalization of Nigerian Banks chapter 5

5.1 Introduction
This chapter summarizes the findings of this
research work, and likewise presents the recommendation and conclusions. It
also covers the limitations of the study and the suggested areas for further

5.2 Summary
      The issue of recapitalization in the
Nigerian banking sector must not be handled with levity, because its success or
failure has a greater impact on the banking industry which intones have a wider
effect on a nation or a countries economy. This study examines the effect of
recapitalization on the Nigerian banking sector. Data used for this study were
collected through the use of a well structured questionnaire. A hundred and
twenty questionnaire were administered, collected and analyzed using the simple
percentage and Z-test statistical method to test for the effect of
recapitalization on banks liquidity, profitability and employment. It was fund
that recapitalization has a significant effect on the variables mentioned, the
alternative hypotheses were accepted and conclusion drawn from the result
5.3 Conclusion
The study in an attempt to add to literature by
providing evidence on the effect of recapitalization on banks in Nigeria, has
achieve it aim. It as provide findings in support of the propositions that
despite the various improvement that have been implemented by the CBN-appointed
management since taking over, the problems attributed to the banks in Nigeria
have not been totally eradicated.
5.4 Recommendatio: Sequels from the above summary and conclusion, the
following are suggested to ensure a sound financial system through the use of
the recapitalization policy.
i. There is need to check
the issue of Management in the banking sector because for any policy at all to
be effective the people in charge of ensuring it success must be ready to key
into the aim and objective of such policy
ii. There is need to check
corruption and fraud in the system as this will go a long way in bringing to the
beeriest  minimum if not totally
eradicate the crisis faced in the banking sector
iii. To address the issue of
 employment and job losses in the banks
more branches should be encourage to create room for employment opportunity and
reduced the numbers of job losses

5.5 Limitations of the
all other empirical studies, this study also has its limitation such include
the methodology employed. The use of questionnaire to collect data has its own
limitations, since respondent could be bias because of the common method used
to collect all the data.

          Another limitation relates to the
sample size that might affect the generalization of the findings. Three banks
was used and a hundred and twenty respondent selected in Ilorin Kwara State out
of twenty five banks with over a thousand numbers of employees and shareholders
due to lack of resources and time factor to cover the whole bank . Thus
generalization cannot be made with respect to other banks that were not used.

          Another major limitation was the
refusal of some of the banks to fill the questionnaire on the bases of tight
schedule, even before the conduction of this study the researcher had to take a
survey to ensure that the selected banks will be accessible and one of the
banks formally selected had to be changed.

          Despite the above limitations, this
study has provided a useful result in paving the way for future researcher in
the areas suggested below.

5.6 Suggested areas for
Further Research  
 For further
study, areas such as
1.     Curbing
recapitalization challenges via corruption eradication in the banks
2.     An
indebt study on increase branch network as a means of curbing the effect of
recapitalization on employment in the banks
3.     Effective
management in banks to ensure an efficient recapitalization policy.

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