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Smart Ways To Answer and Pass JAMB CBT Questions (With New Format)

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Smart Ways To Answer and Pass JAMB CBT Questions (With New Format)

2017 UTME starts tomorrow which is 13th of May 2017. More than 1.7million candidates are ready for the exam and the exam is expected to take place in batches. Most candidates has printed their exam slim while some are still on the process. For candidates who are really ready to pass their JAMB, they’ve started searching for how to smartly answer JAMB questions and pass. How to pass 2017 UTME without expo and how to gain admission into Nigerian universities in 2017.

The aim of this post is to give you some smart ways on how to pass JAMB CBT. Most times, passing exam is not by reading the whole syllabus, its about knowing how to answer questions when you come across what you read..

You must be aware that JAMB has just changed the exam format and now has it review to something like below:

2017 JAMB Questions = 180

Time Allowed = 2hrs

English = 60 Questions, Time = 40 mins
2nd Subject= 40 Questions, Time = 27 mins
3rd Subject= 40 Questions, Time = 27 mins
4th Subject= 40 Questions, Time = 26 mins

All making it to 120minutes (2HRS) time allowed.

Another important development you are to expect in this year JAMB is the introduction of the JAMB CBT 8-DIGIT KEY DEVICE.


This is a 8 keys device without mouse. Instead of answering your UTME with the traditional keyboard, this device has been provided and would be used in most centers.

The 8 keys can be used to make straight selection of your answers instead of using mouse to move about on the screen. Below are the key to use for the selection of your answers and how to use them.

1. A → Press A represents option “A” as answer for the question.
2. B → Press B represents option “B” as answer for the question.
3. C → Press C represents option “C” as answer for the question.
4. D → Press D represents option “D” as answer for the question.
5. P →  represents Previous (going back to the previous question)
6. N → represents Next (going forward to the next question)
7. S →  represents Submit (to submit the exam). After pressing this key, that’s the end of your exam.
8. R →  represents Reverse (to reverse an action or to return back)

After telling you the exam environment, let me quickly give you the HINTS to pass your 2017 UTME CBT without much stress.

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Smart Ways To Answer and Pass  JAMB CBT Questions

  1. Listen/Read Instruction: Make sure you listen to all instructions from the centers attendants who will first of all address you. Then follow the other instructions on the screen before you start your exam and also pay attention to every instruction when you just moved to another subject.
  2. Manage Your Time: You are to answer 180 questions in two hours. 60 English questions, you are not expected to spend more than 40sec on one question. And must not spend more than 30 second on each question on other subjects.The best way to do this is to avoid time wasting on a particlar question you don’t know. Don’t waste time. Kindly remember you have either 40 or 30secs to spend on each. Just pick one one and move on.
  3. Make Sure You Answer All Questions: Even though you don’t know the right answer to a particular question, make sure you pick the best option through guessing. Don’t leave any question unaswered.Read: Summary of JAMB INDEPENCE With 100 Questions and Answers


  4. Read The Question First in English Language Passage: For you to do well in English language, develop the habit of reading the question first. Don’t bury your head in the passage reading, read the questions so that you can easily identify the answer if seen.
  5. Never be Distracted: Many things will surely happen in the exam hall (Both funny and otherwise). Just remain focused to your screen. Once you are a bit distracted, you have to start reading the passage again. No time remember.
  6. Revisit Your Answers: Don’t rush to submit. Once you are done with a particular subject, don’t rush to the next subject if you still have time left for that subject. For instance, you are done answering your 60 questions in English but you still have five minutes left, question review the answers you’ve selected before you move to Mathematics.
  7. Don’t Indulge In Examination Malpractices: JAMB has go far to the extent of ensuring the installation of CCTV cameras in all centers. Try as much as possible to list to instructions and play with the rules. EFCC has been officially engaged by JAMB to fight malpractices.Pray: Prayer is key as a Muslim or Christian who believes in the existence of God.

All the best.


PASS 2018 UTME WITH 280+ .:- DOWNLOAD the JAMB CBT Software Used By SAMUEL Last Year to Score 298 in UTME HERE
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