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Rehabilitation of Central Air Condition Demonstration Unit

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This project was solely aimed at the trouble shooting and fixing of the central air condition and refrigeration demonstration plant. The plant/unit was faulty as a result of electrical power supply which damaged some components and other parts. Some components also called for replacement while some were wrong connection of wires. The damaged component has been replaced and all wrong connections has been properly re- connected. The plant /demonstration unit is now in a good condition. It was tested and commissioned, it is now reedy for students uses to conduct practical experiments.


1.0 Introduction

1.1 Background of Study

The central air conditioning system is used in large systems, like, production plant, air port and hotels. In central air conditioning system there is a plant room where large compressor, condenser, thermostatic expansion valve and evaporator are assembled to function as a single unit. They perform all the function as a typical refrigeration system.

All these parts are large in size and have higher capecity. The system is cooled by water through water circulation just like the automobile engine the evaporator and the condenser are of shell and tube type.

In the modern era of computerization a number of additional electronic utilities are added to the central air conditioning and refrigerating plant. (Khemani and Swagatam, 2009).

The central air condition practical demonstration unit is located in the heat engine laboratory with it model number “YL-ZK3-3”. This system is an assembly of refrigerating and air conditioning components to illustrate to students in terms of practical how the refrigerating cycle operates.

The refrigeration cycle demonstration unit is a refrigeration block of one compression state of a commercial unit. It is equipped with the industrial material generally used in refrigeration industry. This unit utilizes the refrigerant R134a, which is now the preferred refrigerant.

The system is also incorporated with a cooling tower to show the students how an industrial air condition cycle of operation works. It has a control panel where all wiring connection has been done including start/on and off botton. This panel has an outlet for computer connection for taking readings for temperature difference at certain time interval. The system has a compressor with a delay timer to trigger on the compressor for the circulation of refrigerant.

This system can also be reffered to as (HVAC) heating ventilation air conditioning (Dave. Feb. 17, 2009).

1.2 Statement of the Problem

The central air condition practical demonstrating unit has been abandoned for a while due to some faulty component which has to be put in place for proper functionability of the system. The identified faulty problems associated with this system are:-

  1. Insufficient Power Supply: – The system required a three phase power supply for the system to function, it was discovered that only a single phase power supply reaches the system. Therefore the need for phase balancing.
  2. The Compressor: After trouble shooting the system, it was discovered that the compressor cannot pump refrigerant to other component that means, the compressor is damaged due to the single phase supply placed on the system and this called for its replacement.

iii.The Delay Timer: This device has to do with the triggering on/off of the compressor it has to be advance so as to regulate the system properly.

1.3 Significance of the Study

  1. It is expected that at the end of the project, this plant will be returned to serviceable state/condition
  2. More so we would have learnt the practical workings of central air- conditioning system.

iii. The various components and their uses.

  1. Diagnosing and fixing of problems relating to the functionality of modern electronically controlled central refrigeration and any air conditioning system.

1.4  Aims and Objective

The aims and objective of this project is to:

  1. Identify the  faulty parts of the system
  2. Repair and replace the faulty parts

iii.Trouble shoot the system

  1. Commission the system after repair

1.5 Scope and Limitation

The scope involves

  1. Identifying the problem of the practical demonstrating unit.
  2. Fix all faulty part mention in the statement of problem above.

iii. Commission, produce lab manual for use.


PASS 2018 UTME WITH 280+ .:- DOWNLOAD the JAMB CBT Software Used By SAMUEL Last Year to Score 298 in UTME HERE
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