Tuesday, 21 March 2017

THe Problem and Effect of Family Planning In Northern Nigeria

Giving birth is something to which mankind and animal are equal but rearing the young for many years is something which is unique gift and responsibility of man (President Julius Nyere of Tanzania, 1960). Family planning is the planning of when to have children, and the use of birth control and other techniques to implement such plans. Other techniques commonly used include sexuality education, prevention and management of sexually transmitted infection, pre-conception counseling and management and infertility management.

Family planning plays an integral role in efforts to reduce mortality and morbidity and to improve women health. WHO (World Health Organization) defined family planning as a way of thinking and living that is adopted voluntarily upon the basis of knowledge attitude and responsible decision by individuals and couples in order to promote health and welfare of the family group and this contribute effectively to the social development of the country.

Also family planning is a means of which individual couples space the process of conception and child birth at intervals mutually determined by both partners in order to have the desired number of children that it can conveniently maintain.

In 1991, Dr. Aletter Jacob in Holland began the first systematic work in contraception she and her medical colleagues gave professional assistance to birth control education in other countries. Family planning is sometimes used as synonym birth control, however, family planning often include a wide variety of methods and practice that are not birth control it is most usually applied to female-male couple who wish to limit the number of children they have and or to control the timing of pregnancy.

Family planning services are defined as “Educational Comprehensive medical or social activities which enable individuals including muners, top determine freely the number and spacing of their children and to select the means by which this may be achieved family planning benefits the health and well being of women and families throughout the world to avoid unwanted pregnancies and space births protect against STDs, including HIV/AIDs and provide other health benefits.

Family planning as presently practiced cut across virtually every ethnic group in the world and various believe systems. Family planning is practiced worldwide; the practice is been associated with negative consequences as infertility enumerated may not be far from the truth if not properly handled. Lack of awareness on the part of couple who engage in the practice may also result in series of health problems.

Thus study would be limited to the positive contributions of family planning such as child spacing that enable women to regain their strength and fertility, and give children qualitative health. This study would give reliable data on an impact of family planning in our society. 

1. To find possible solution to nay problem that may likely arise as a result of the practice of family planning.
2. To compare and contrast positive and negative effects obtainable by couples due to practice of family planning.
3. To understand modern and traditional methods of family planning in our society.
4. To educate people on ways of manufacturing and improving their family welfare through family planning.
5. To enable the couple maintain unwanted pregnancy free life.

1. What is family planning?
2. What are the effects of family planning on the society?
3. What are the importances of family planning?

1. It is capable of reducing the risks of illegal abortion.
2. Reduction in infants morbidity and mortality rate.
3. It will enable the couple to assess the positive and negative    effect of family planning.
4. To provide good health to mothers and children.

The study is limited to Zaria Local Government  comprises of many twon such as Tudun Wada, Zaria city, dan magaji, Wusasa, Kano and Rimi Tsuwa etc Hausa is the main language spoken in the local government.

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