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Design and Develop a Management Information System for the Kaduna International Transferred

Download complete project materials on Design and Develop a Management Information System for the Kaduna International Transferred from chapter one to five with references and appendix

Design and Develop a Management Information System for the Kaduna International Transferred Project Topics and materials




In every modern society, trading plays an important role in the economics of the country. A Trade fair (trade show, trade exhibition of expo) is an exhibition organized so that companies in a specific industry can show case and demonstrate their latest product; sources study activities of rivals and examine recent marvel trends and opportunities. In constant to consumer fairs only some while when can only be attended by representatives.


The accurate may to organize or trade fair marketing is the only medium which bring potential customer to you allow you to show your product; answering your queries conquer objections and meet your market personally the new book will create the right presentation for you

I.Trade fair are a high- impact method to disclose new product services and trends. Everywhere in the world trade fair is a great stage for head to head business- to- business communication for exhibition and visitor from any branch of the industry.

II.Trade fair are model for achieving all type of marketing objective particularly at the pre-sales stage any company take part in the exhibition, this include promoting awareness of the company and it product.

The Kaduna trade fair which started as a cherished meeting point for international exhibition has failed into a local market patronised by even fewer and fewer home traders. Not anymore. The fair has shrunk to an afterthought, patrons dumilling faster when watcher can keep track of even local exhibition seem to have other things on their minds than the 35 –year old fair. For several years, the fair was held at the murtala square in the heart of the city. In time the complex became smaller and smaller as more countries and firms participate. This created the need to move to another sites.

Trade fair management is known for empowering industries and business through providing a common stage to promote business. It offers the exhibitor international standard exhibitor area and nothing less than perfection that will ensure conveniences to the exhibitors.

In general, people having less privilege to visit other countries market for business-need will find It so easier when it so close to their vicinity as well as their country. Kaduna international Trade-fair serve as one of the local trading market across the country where people from different geographical places visit for business transaction purposes across Nigeria as a country.

Different companies registered their companies on timely bases, so as to have the allocation of the shop or trading ground for their trading, these gives them the opportunity for advertisings their new product that was enhance for the year, general guidelines and rules of the trading is issued to the traders that will govern the activities of the marketing transaction and proper arrangement is carried out by the Kaduna international Trade-fair management as well as storing all the related information of the activities of the trade.

The problems encounters using manual operation in Kaduna international trade-fair management information system are; Misplacement of records, difficulties in allocating shops/ground to the companies, errors in capturing the registration information of the companies, lack of dynamic update of record to avoid duplication, time consuming in registration processes.


The benefit of every research is bring out a clear justification in the field of study, your motivation should be how you instead to solve the following computer-based information system covers every aspect especially in the matters of human endeavour, the use of traditional printed application in request for business centres and location for the trading in the trade-fair is one of the common medium of application but possesses some limitation in some areas especially using document and papers that have that tendency of missing and spoiling when travelling a long distance.

Therefore, provide the means of automation together with high speed process of information pertaining all the activities of the trade-fair is a great motivation.


The main purpose of this project work is to design and develop a management information system for the Kaduna international transferred. Software that will capture the details registration of all the company participated in Kaduna international trade fair, other purpose of the strong are as follows. The amount generated by the trade fair management the sections contained in the trade fair etc. however, the software should handle the following:

  1. To analysis the existing system
  2. To design a system that will register and keep record of company participating in the exhibition as well as properly allocate shops and to them
  3. To develop to develop that will keep of all shops available at the tradefair ground with the following feature:
  1. To create database that will keep record of company registered generated by the government throughout the program.
  2. Generate report that will help management to forecast, plan and make an amendment in the subsequent exhibitions.

    3. Computer income generated by the government at the end of the exhibition to determine loss or gain.

  1. Allocate stores and grounds to the interested companies
  2. Register companies based on criteria, conditions and terms.


This research will first conduct system analysis whereby data on the existing system are gathered, analysed, and a new system will be designed based on the contemporary needs of the new system and lapses found on the old system.

However, the new system is using Object Oriented Programming techniques.

In this research all the necessary attributes of the various entities (such as sellers, shops), their information were collected, structured, processed and stored using Microsoft Access.

The system will also compute the income generated by the Management during the exhibition by designing a separate account DataBase.

The system’s functions ( Update, AddRecord, Refresh, Delete, Save ) were modified in form of event driven commands on a Graphical User Interface (FORM) using Visual Basic 6.0 programming language.

However, all the DataBase systems were linked with the corresponding Visual Basic Graphical User Interface.


This research work is limited to the operating programming language

  1. Study the manual system of trade-fair management information system.
  2. Computerize medium for capturing company’s details.
  3. Automated way for storing and computing the total income generated.
  4. Computerized way of trade-fair management information retrieval.


Every research has predefined objectives toward contribution of knowledge that it is intended to achieve. In view of this fact, the primary contribution of this research is to design and implement a computer based Trade-fair system, which will enable the Trade-fair Management to manage their traders information details and document processing more effectively, flexible and fast.

The knowledge that is expected to derive from this project work is:

  1. It will provide automated way for managing trade-fair management system.
  2. It will provide efficiency in record identification and retrieval when needed.
  3. It will provide higher security and privacy of trade-fair information.
  4. It will drastically reduce errors encounter in registering the companies that are participating in the trade-fair.
  5. It will serve as reference material for any state that will embark on automating their trade-fair management system.


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