Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Development of an Improved Online System Aeplane Scheduling and Billing System

Transportation is the process where people or goods are moved from one location to another.
Transportation takes people and their goods where they need and want to go. Transportation facilities trading of which without, towns and cities would not be developed. There are three main media of transportation (1) land (2) water and (3) air. Land transport depends mainly on wheeled vehicles, especially automobiles, trains and trucks. Ships and boats are the chief water vehicle. Air transportation depends almost entirely on air planes. In Nigeria the most used transport media is the land transport involving the use of buses, truck, and auto mobiles.

Two passengers transport types are available in Nigeria as well as other parts of the world. In this study the interest is in the operation of the scheduling and billing systems of Arik airline transportation. In Nigeria, most transportation companies carry out scheduling and billing process in slow and unorganized manner to get the total ticks sold for the day and the money realized. Such processes are also implemented at the end of the year while calculating the annual revenue for that year. This underscores the fact that local transport companies need an effective computerized system to handle this area their operations.

This study is done with Arik airline transport company, the company which still uses unorganized and not to updated scheduling and billing methods in its operations.

The problem inherent in the existing system is the time consuming disconnected De^; top-based Computer processes, long queue when trying to obtain a ticket and billing delays. The systems were lowering staffs productivity, slowing transport scheduling and response time which was affecting the billing and cash flow, making it difficult to book ticket even when it is an emergency there will be delay sometimes one will end up not getting the ticket which is a serious problem because a customer should be able to obtain his/her ticket even at home.

The aim of this project is to develop an online system that will improve and upgrade the scheduling and billing system of (Arik Airline)Transport Company.
The objectives of this project are:
· To provide a platform for reservations for passengers and daily schedules report (routes, reservations, over booking).
·    To develop a system that will notify passengers of their travelling details by sending bulk messaging (sms) to confirm their reservations.
·   To upgrade the transport system's daily schedules and billing report.

As a result of the problems faced by the! unorganized, slow and Offline system approach of scheduling and billing for Arik Airline Transport, the introduction of an online system and more advanced approach and the need for its implementation is deemed necessary.
The online system will reduce to a minimum problems faced by the company and on the long run improve the services to prospective and existing customers, giving them a better insurance position in case of emergencies. This system will also serve as a prototype for transport companies still working unorganised, slow, manually.

This research work will basically centre on design of an internet based automated transportation system with respect to scheduling and billing.

This work is to improve scheduling and billing processes with respect to Arik transport Airline. It is only limited to Arik Transportation Airline within Nigeria, 'which has about 100 to 400 seats.

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