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Design And Implementation Of An Online Food Orderinng And Table Reservation

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Aimed at developing Mr Biggs online ordering and table reservation system in restaurant; Provide online menu information for customer. The project is designed using PHP (Personal Home Page Tools Hypertext Pre- Processor) and HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) as programming language and MYSQL as database storage. The expected output from this project is a system that will be able to store customer’s information, waiter’s information, and menu’s information, store customer information of online ordering and reservation information. The enhance organization performance installation of software should be done using XAMPP as a server site. And it is recommended that further research should be done to increase the security of software.



Title Page





List of Figures


Table of Contents


1.1 Background of the Study

1.2 Statement of Problems

1.3 Aims and Objective of the Study

1.4  Motivation

1.5  Scope of the Study

1.6  Significance of the Study

1.7  Expected Contribution to the Knowledge

1.8  Definition of Terms


2.1 Preamble

2.2 Origin of Restaurant

2.3 Case Study 1: Internet Application for Restaurant Industry



3.1 Preamble

3.2 Research Methodology

3.3  System Modeling

3.4  Input Specifications

        3.5   Output Specification

3.6  Use case Diagram

3.6.1 Class Diagram

3.7  System Requirements

3.8    Choice of Programming Language


4.0 Preamble

4.1 Testing the New System

4.2 System Evaluation

4.3 System Implementation

4.4 The System Interfaces

4.4.1The Homepage

4.4.2 The Login Page

4.6.2 The Admin after login Page

4.6.1                              The order page

4.6 System Maintenance

5.1.1                           Introduction

5.2 Conclusion

5.3 Recommendations






1.1   Background Of The Study

Taking a glance into the world of computing, one can see that advent of the information technology has changed the way things are done today. such every aspect of the life is dancing to tune this system, the internet are the world wide web (WWW) as engine to the basic operation of the information system gave room for information gathering, information exchange and access control, with this problems solving tool, we look at corner to see where the introduction of such system plays a significant role and thus the idea of online table reservation came into begin in our immediate environment.

The online table reservation system is a system that allows customer to reserved tables space or food ordering online in advance. It is a system that makes it convenient for customers to enjoy the most comfortable and unfailing

booking of seat at the most important times of their choices without the need to move from restaurant to restaurant in search of food availability.

Before computerization of record keepings, end users suffer unconditional time wastage in processing a food ordering or table reservation and most unfortunately, miss such spaces even after bearing the burden. This is mostly due to failures in the manual system which range from losing of data, misrepresentation of information, or even a result of human nature.

With the advent of online system software, companies took the task of managing the reservations of restaurant into their hands by simply registering interested members online addresses of restaurants into their system. It was made possible for restaurateurs to attend to their customers online and on real time. Since its inception, many restaurant owners embrace the idea and completely returned control of their booking to these software owner through their local website. With this process, many companies started joining the train in providing similar service so much such that the online restaurant table reservation becomes competitive market.

Now restaurateurs have option of an online dinning reservation software solution that comes without the high cost of per seat transactions fees. This system allows restaurateurs to offer dining patrons the ability to book real-time dining reservations through the restaurant website without the worry of being charge the per seat transaction fees.

With the online technology, reservation data such as contact information and dining preferences is captured via the restaurants website, and then owned it and maintained by the restaurant at no charge as each reservation is saved into a proprietary database, thus making it possible for restaurant owners to efficiently and effectively manage its reservations on deck.

Nowadays it is no longer news to hear restaurant users talk about online reservations and thus in a system like our own where people are too busy to even maintain a daily requirement, many of the socio- economic problems of the environment are solved.

Mr Biggs restaurant was chosen as a case study, because it is one of the most patronized restaurants in Kaduna metropolis as it gives the best restaurant service.

Moreover, the daily demand for food has risen up and is expected to rise more tremendously in schools. Mr Biggs offers more than 1000 people their daily food requirement in all categories (breakfast, lunch and dinners) the system gives room for reservation and souvenirs at occasions.

The unending waiting time of the system in Mr Biggs restaurant for the need to computerize the system. The online food reservation system has the ability to accept input data, guarantee response on time and fulfill all characteristics of real time processes. Also, as a sector of e- commerce, the system will capture rules and regulations governing online business. Thus this work will create and provide the entire environment with a comfortable and enabling condition for feeding and many other restaurant services.

1.2 Statement Of Problems

Food is one of main factors of daily life so we can see restaurants almost everywhere. Some restaurants are popular, many people want to eat at that restaurant but sometimes there are no enough tables or food for customers. Therefore, such restaurants need to have a system to manage these problems.

Online food ordering and table reservation system to manage the restaurant business. The main point of developing this system is to help restaurant administrator manage the restaurant business and help customer for online ordering and reserve table. Nowadays, many restaurants manage their business by manual method. Take for example, customer ordering today, a restaurant waiter takes the customer order by manual system with pen and paper.

This is a problem for restaurant waiter; there is the probability of losing and duplicating customer information. Additionally, it would affect to reputation restaurant in operate management of ordering. Hides, the restaurant waiter information also by manual system kept use papered this is difficult for restaurant administrator to find waiter information, probability missing the paper and difficult to arrange the schedule.

Sometime, waiter information and customer information is important to restaurant administrator for reference in the furthermore, restaurant side needs management in the section menu. This is important to restaurant waiter to manage the menu .beside this section is for customer viewer the menu that restaurant prepared and make their ordering. As a result, the current system (manual system) is not effective and efficient to use anymore because the current system cannot save, manage and monitor the restaurant customer information, menu, customer ordering and generate report well.

1.3 Aims and Objective of the Study

Based on the problem stated above, the aims and objective of the project are;

  • To develop user interface for Mr Biggs online restaurant management system
  • To provide online menu information for customer
  • To develop a database system that will store the information of Mr Biggs restaurant staff, customer, menu and even customer order and reservation.

1.4 Motivation

What really goads me in to this project ranges from the benefit of networking, webpage development to the concept of internet architecture. I have the optimisms that this will afford me an insight into website.

With the modern development and technology innovation sky-rocketing worldwide, the web augment the ability to communicate throughout the world. It further enhances an unprecedented access of information. It also provides better means of getting information, sharing resources just as it serves as a great research tool in institution of learning, this project basically considers improving on ordering system, reservation and retrieval of food.

1.5   Scope Of The Study

The scope of this project is to develop an online food ordering and table reservation sys6tem. Consist of three components which is target user, target area and project deliverables. The target user: the group of user that had been identified to use the system is customer and administrator.

Customer; this user will register to be a member to use the online system of this Mr Biggs online restaurant management system (MBORMS). After customer makes online ordering, customer will be confirm some minute before printing slip whether by email or for dine-in customer, a customer will have to reserve a table for dine-in and will be confirm some minute before printing slip whether by email or phone.

Administrator: is the person who will manage the entire system. The type of user will also do maintenance and control the application of this system.

1.6   Significance Of The Study

This system will be going to help customer and administrator in restaurant especially part of online ordering and reservation table. Most of restaurant has a problem of the ordering and reservation table. The result of online ordering and reservation table will give customer easy to make ordering reservation table online and hopefully can smoothly up the job of administrator and waiter. This system also produces a computerized system in defining the best solution in each ordering and reservation problem faces by customer and administrator.

        1.7   Expected Contribution To The Knowledge

  1. Store customer’s information of online ordering and reservation information
  2. Store waiter’s Information
  3. Customer’s suggestion
  4. Generate profitable business report

1.8  Definition Of Terms

Like many other computer application areas, the internet and the World Wide Web have many terms and acronyms. A few are however described below:

  • HTML (hypertext markup language): the computer code for designing web documents or pages.
  • PHP (personal home page tools hyper text pre- processor): PHP is a server side scripting language, designed for use with HTML and provides more flexibility than HTML. PHP has similar syntax with C, java and Perl.



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