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5 Steps To Graduate With The Best Grade In The University/College


5 Steps To Graduate With The Best Grade In The University/College

Having solid grades from the university are important to your academic success and can help land you opportunities like internship and good jobs after graduation. If you live in a country like Nigeria where your degree grade in academic qualification plays a major role in the kind of job you get, types of the industry you work and amount of salary to earn.


I bet, you will not only take every single opportunity to get a good grade in the university but also work hard to earn it.

Being a graduate, is completely different from graduating with a good grade. Though, most undergraduate don’t pay much attention to this at the early years of their program until it becomes too late.

Unfortunately, it might already be too late, because the best time to make a university grade is during your 100level.

With this post, I will show you five simple steps to making the best grades in the university/colleges. So let move on..

1) Resume To School At The Appropriate Time: One of the main sources of  failure for most students is their inability to resume school at the appropriate time. Its very sadden to see students, only trying to resume school two months after his/her colleagues had resumed with active lecture on.

Though I don’t encourage and an extremely too early school resumption for students, but it is appropriate for students to resume when necessary. This will prevent you from missing the fundamental background of all courses you are to offer in that semester. Just imagine you resumed while every professor had covered more than half of the academic syllabus. Its bad.

2) Attend Classes: You will agree with me that there is no point in resuming to school without attending classes. In fact, the main essence of resumption is to attend classes. Contrary to this, it is very common to see students in hostel and other off campus without going to classes.

It is very important you attend classes, always go to classes with notebooks and other writing materials. Good notes are vital for studying for tests and writing papers. Also make sure you come to class prepared. If you’re not prepared for class, a lot of what’s discussed will be lost on you. Do all the required reading before entering your classroom.

3) Study Your Book Everyday: This used to be my style in the university. Right from my first day of attending lecture, I read and prepare for exam almost every day. Over time, I got to know that, if you want to understand something, cramming at the last minute will not help. Every day after your classes, review your notes and study a little. If you work on studying a small amount every day, this will help you retain the information long term.

You don’t need to pile up your entire notes to when exam is near or when test is announced. The earlier the better.

4) Know Where To Improve Yourself: As a student, we may not be perfect and good in every course. All it requires us is to find out the area where we need improvement. You are an engineering students and not really good in Mathematics, you just have to get a way of improving on that. You cant just graduate with a good grade in engineering without mathematics.

If there’s something you do not understand, focus on improving in that area. Identify where you need to improve in each class and direct your focus accordingly. You can reach out to people for assistance. Have a schedule with your academic counselor or reach out to the best students in those courses to put you through.

5) Do Your Assessment: University’s continuous assessment is constitutes a significant part of your grade. Your home work, your class presentation, practical classes, test and exam determine what your graduating grade would be.

Don’t miss any of them and try as much as possible to prepare for all tests and exam.

All the best.

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