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List of Nigerian Universities That Accept Awaiting Result Through JAMB

List of Nigerian Universities That Accept Awaiting Result Through JAMB. In about few weeks ago, there is a rumour that students with awaiting result cannot apply for 2017 UTME. So many applicants were worried as they are currently WAEC or NECO candidates and will also want to combine it with JAMB this year.

So we continue to receive questions such as, does Nigerian Universities accept awaiting result? Does JAMB accepts awaiting result, what are the list of Universities that accept awaiting result in Nigeria? And how to apply for admission into Nigerian institutions with awaiting result.

FACT: You can register for 2017 UTME/JAMB with Awaiting Result

Above are just few of the daily questions we do receive from applicants who are desperately in need of sincere response to their worries.

This article is just meant to provide answers to all your questions and give you the proper guide to have a successful application this year.

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What Is JAMB Awaiting Result?

Literately means your O'level results are not yet released but you want to apply for JAMB/UTME without it. We all know that, part of the requirement to gain admission into any Nigerian university is having five credit in five relevant subject.

Also, to apply for UTME, your O level result is required to be uploaded. We can simply say, JAMB form is out or about to be out, which you want to apply but your O'level result is yet to be available.

Why People Use Awaiting Result?

There are lot of reasons why people use awaiting result to apply for JAMB. The most common ones are:
  1. You just wrote NECO, WAEC, NAPTEB and the result is not yet released
  2. Your result are out but not yet complete (Having deficiency).
  3. The whole result is out but withheld by the examination body. Though there is hope of it been released.
  4. One single core subject is withheld
  5. What else? 
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Can I Use Awaiting Result To Apply For JAMB?

To register for UTME, JAMB requires you to upload your O'level results with grades in each subject. On the other hand, JAMB also made provision for students whose O'level result is not yet out.

If your O'level is with you, you can conveniently provide the result, the examination number, the year, the school and grades of each subject to be entered on JAMB website while registering your JAMB.

In case you want to use awaiting result, just tell the operator, an he will select awaiting result(A/R) for you as grades for all the subjects. That is as simple as that.

Meaning you can apply for jamb with awaiting result.

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Does Nigerian Universities Accept Awaiting Result From JAMB Applicants?

Most Nigerian Universities accepts O'level awaiting result. Though their academic program and schedule do determine how long they will continue to wait for you.

What they always do is to give a general notice on when and how to submit your result before the admission list would be released.

Therefore, before you applied for any Nigerian University with awaiting result, you must have known how fast is their academic program. So that you wont miss the whole activities at the end of the day.

Can I Use WAEC, NECO Or NAPTEB Awaiting Result?

When we talk of O'level in Nigeria, the three recognized institutions that issue it are WAEC, NECO and NAPTEB. Therefore, if you are to apply for admission with awaiting result using any of the three above, you just have to be calculative.

  1. Using WAEC As Awaiting Result: Using WAEC as awaiting result has always been my advise for many candidates because  it has never failed them. WAEC results would be released by mid August every year, the period which most admission activities is still on in all schools. So you can use WAEC as awaiting result confidently.
  2. Using NECO As Awaiting Result: NECO is good also and consistent but the period of the release of its result is always later after WAEC. Most times it would be September ending. At this time, most fast Nigerian Universities like University of Ilorin, KWASU, UNILAG might have demanded for uploading of your result. If you are not careful, you might not meet up. Though, its good for some Universities.
  3. NAPTEB For Awaiting Result: To use NAPTEB for awaiting result, you must use NOV/DEC. otherwise you would be disappointed big time. We all know that, NAPTEB don't write their MAY/JUNE exam until after NECO which is JUNE/JULY. So don't expect the result until later days.

List Of Universities That Accept Awaiting Result In Nigeria

Almost all Nigerian Universities accepts awaiting results, but they will expect you to upload the result before you are offered admission. Gone are those days when Universities offered admission without O'level result.

Now you just have to be calculative before you applied for admission into Nigerian Universities with awaiting result.

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  1. This year admission is unfair. FG would have allowed JAMB to continuing their normal way of admission process. Someone that score 192 in UTME and have five credit. In relevant subjects cannot still gain admission into university. Not even a related course. FG hurt 2016/2017 admission. The JAMB act must be amend or else, there will be war in the Educational System in Nigeria...

    1. Its as a result of policies upon policies. We hope for improvement this year. Sorry for that.

  2. Enter your comment...please what universities offer bio medical engineering

  3. Enter your comment...please which school accept awaiting result for degree direct entry admission....


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