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How To Cope With The Frustration Of Not Getting Admission Into Universities

How To Cope With The Frustration Of Not Getting Admission Into Universities
As a Nigerian who have a great passion for education, you strive hard and scored well in your SSCE, UTME and passed your Post UTME. Highly hoping on getting admission notification into your school of choice based on your performance and merit. Then one day, out of nowhere, first batch, second, third and last batch admission list released without your name.


You were so sad, but took up another JAMB passed again and the admission is what you are currently waiting for. You started be scared of unknown. You don't have to be. Just read on

My Serious Warning

This post is targeted one and its only meant for Universities' applicants who applied for admission and are yet to be offered a provisional admission into their schools of choice. If you are presently at a point in time when your school has already released its first and second batch admission list and you are yet to be admitted, and you started been worried for unknown future ahead. You just need to sit back and read this post.

In case you are among the lucky ones who had already gain admission, you don't need to read this, you can read how to prepare for university's life as a fresher to enable you prepare for resumption. 

Why I Said So Painful and Fearful

If you are not a secondarian who just got his/her SSCE in 2016, it means you must have applied for admission in the past and could not make it. May be once or twice. It could be that you failed UTME, or failed Post UTME or passed all but could not still gain admission.

Ever since the last time you applied and could not gain admission, you spend hours every day thinking about your education in the University. You don't have to be fearful, I've been in this similar situation.

After my diploma program, I applied for University's admission several times and could not gain any. I'm now a graduate of my dreamed University in Nigeria (Better By Far). Read about my convacation in university of Ilorin Here.

Dealing with University admission rejection can be tough, especially when you tried all your best and could not get any. While you might feel depressed, there are ways to cope with rejection and come out stronger than before.

How To Cope With University Admission Rejection

1) Your Situation Is Not A Curse: Not gaining admission into your University's of choice does not mean you are cursed or whether God is no longer listening to your prayers. Don't always assume that your inability to get admission means you are not good enough.

The simple reality is that, University admission is always competitive which makes universities turn down a good applicant due to limitations. This shouldn’t make you feel bad about yourself or sin against your God.

2) Imagine Yourself As An Athlete: When I was searching for admission, then I got to know that, University admission search in Nigeria is a tough race. It is an highly competitive race that you need to prepare yourself for. Instead of you to be sad and lose hope completely in University education because you saw someone with lower point and was admitted, just tie your bet and prepare better than ever before.

3) Don't Put Your Eggs In One Basket: I finally found out that, what makes admission rejection more painful is the over reliance on only one school. When you applied for admission into only one University and you never tried to apply for other back up programs like pre-degree, IJMB, ND, NCE, if you are disappointed, it will be more painful.

There are lot of programs you can use as back up which will definitely put you on a saver side. For instance, applying for a State university as second choice and participate in their admission screening is a good back up plan.

4) Explore This Opportunity To Add Value To Yourself: Most times, I feel so bad when I see a University applicants, staying at home for three years without gaining admission and without learning any skills. 

Staying at home doing nothing 24/7 for a year makes you bored and get you desperate to go to school. It is advisable that, when you are searching and applying for admission, it is important you learn atleast one skills. Doing this will engage you, and will never get you desperate for admission.

5) There Are Better Other Universities Around: For God sake!!! Why would someone apply for University of Ilorin five times without trying another school? Does it makes any sense to you? What people failed to know is that, there are lot of good Universities around that will easily offer you admission with your JAMB score that has been rejected five times by a particular University.

Why not trying another universities within your catchment area when next you want to retry?


  1. good one boss...i always follow your are the best.

  2. Say what?! 😱 Uthman Saheed? The infamous Uthman on BMF Blog? πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ So happy to realise u are the Kris behind this Kardashian πŸ˜†πŸ˜‚ Yeah, the brain behind this magnificent blog! πŸ‘

    Now back to the post, This your write-up is exactly what I need at thr moment Cos I'm beginning to die of FRUSTRATION!

    Sat for JAMB last year and I "luckily" scored 242 😊. But Your number 3 point... I'm damb guilty of it! πŸ™‡ I put all my eggs, even the layer, πŸ˜‘ I put them all in one basket by choosing only UI as my most preffered Uni.

    I didn't bother to check out other schools. I was blindly in love with the premier university. Now, their list is out and my name is no where to be found there! 😒😒😒

    I was SO confident that I'd be admitted. That I'll study my dream course, that everything will sail smoothly, like a lubricated cucumber! πŸ˜†

    But revised is the case now. Uthman, I don't know what to do, really. Should I go for pre-degree, should I do IJMB or should I just sit for this year JAMB??? I'm thoughtless!

    Please, sincerely advice me... 😞

    1. Hmmmm after you snatched my crush (Bolatito) from me....Guess you are fine sir?

      Last year admission exercise was nothing but a FRUSTRATION to hundred of thousand of applicants. (You may not know, but I do because of the complains everywhere from readers). So you are not alone.

      You are not alone, and is not your fault. All you need to do is to try again and again but this time in a right direction.

      Take up another job, but now into a Less competitive Federal universities in nigeria and also be aware of your the universities in your catchment area. If you do this selection correctly and passed your UTME, you can easily gain admission.

      But if you are from Kwara or nearby State, remedial admission into UNILORIN is a sure way to 100level.

      I will be glad to help you more, if you can pick my number from the contact page, and let talk.


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