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5 Reasons Why You Should Never Stay Off – Campus As A New University Student

You may want to query me for this article, because I’m personally going again what most students considered as normal norms. In order not to deceive you, I stayed off campus throughout my Polytechnic and University’s education.
I must say, staying off campus is a wonderful thing. It is a great sign of freedom. It free you from been bounded by all the universities hotel’s rules and regulations, it gives you opportunity to select who your roommates should be, you tends to have enough facilities in your apartments as much as you wishes without complaining of stealing.

When it comes to staying of campus in the University, it is really a wonderful fun you may not want to miss. Despite all these promising benefits, one thing you may not want to risk is your security of life.

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Few benefits of Staying off Campus Are Below:

1.Freedom: This is one of the reasons why every student want to stay off campus in the University. After been under close monitoring of their parents for years, they now want to stay free of any regulatory system that will tell them how to live their lives.

2. Privacy: We all know that full privacy cannot be enjoyed in the school hostel because of the numbers of students in a particular hostel. So most students preferred to stay off campus to enjoy what we called real privacy.

3.Ability To Choose Their Roommates: If you stay in school’s hostel the University management will determine who your roommate will be. Whereas if you stay off campus, you can stay with your friends or siblings that you already know for long.

Despite the enormous benefits of staying in off campus, these are five reasons why you should never stay in off campus as a first year University’s student.  

1. Off Campus Is Expensive: As a first year University’s student who have a lot of bill to settle such as school fees, acceptance fees, text books, computers, food stuff and so many things required. You may not have enough cash to go and rent an apartment outside campus where you will need money for rent, painting, bed, carpet, curtain, tables, and many other things.


It is always better to stay in school’s hostel where almost everything would have been provided by the school authority. In case you want to help your parents in this financial hardship, kindly stay in the school’s hostel.

2.Off Campus Is Not Secured Compared To Hostel: Off campus is a home for many tough students who you are not in the same level with them. It is more or less like a lawless society of students and your security is your own responsibility.During my ND1 in Federal Polytechnic, I really suffered a lot, because of exploitation I experienced. Most times, when you rent house together with trouble makers, you may not sleep overnight when they started their trouble, and you can’t control or caution them in anyway.

2.Transport Problem: My first year in Kaura Namoda Polytechnic could be described as nothing but a stressful year. In order to meet up with my 8am lecture, I had to wake up as early as 5.30am, prepared for lecture and get to the park as early as 6am to join que. Most times, I do stay on que for about an hour before I getting a bus.


When I got to University of Ilorin (Better By Far), the transport system was really organized and nice, but in most cases when students close at the same time from lecture, we still have to que at the park. Going through this stress as a new student can be avoided if you stay in the University’s hostel. Staying off campus can be expensive in this regards because you will incure a daily transport expenses.

3. Access To Basic Amenities In School Hostel: Everyone knows that there are lot of benefits in staying in a well coordinated school hostel. There are lot of facilities you will enjoy when you stay in the school hostel. The University usually provide necessary facilities such as light, water, bed, wardrobe.

I’ve seen students living in off campus in such a dirty environment. If you stay in school’s hostel, it will be very easy for you to enter library at any time of the day to read and study. Unlike when you are in off campus where noise is the ultimate goal.

4. Concentration & Performance: The ultimate reason why you are been sent to school is to learn and perform well in your academics. You and I know one cannot perform well in an environment full of distractions and disturbance due to lack of coordination.

For instance, all University of Ilorin first year students are always required to meet up with a particular points to qualify for promotion into 200level. failure to do so could lead to withdrawal of such student at the end of the session.If your school is not strict like mine, I still believe you will want to perform well and better.

What do you think about this?

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