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Introduction Of Modernisation Into Door Design

Download complete project materials on Introduction Of Modernisation Into Door Design from chapter one to five with reference



In the olden days, doors are made from wood and grass as means of security for life’s and properties but it does not meet the ultimate need for the people of today’s life.

Doors made from grass and wood always have a short life-Spain, which often get damage easily and they cannot with stand high degree of strain, hence not durable.

Wooden doors are very risky to put at open places, as a result of its component which is not friendly with water if we also view the rate of thieves in our society today, it can be seen that ineffective door types are also one of it causes simply because wooden doors can easily be broken through.

Based on the improved man’s comfort, we as technologist in training, design alternative means of making door to meet up with the present demand which gives rise to metal door of different patterns with longer life – Spain and maximum security. The door is made up of an oscillating body which can be opened and closed; the unit is made up of flat sheet metal bend or twisted into v-shape or Zigzag. It has been joined to the frame at one end with the help of three inches hinges for adequate move ability and been locked to the frame at the other and with the help of jam lock and bolt which was fixed for security purpose.

The unit must be constructed in such a way that there must  transition fix between it and the frame unit to permit easy opening and closing

A door is a moveable structure used to open and close off an entrance, typically consisting of a panel that swings or hinge or that slides or spin inside a space (Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia,2012)


The metal doors are of various designs which are as following:

  1. Hinged door

ii.Folding door

iii.Sliding door

iv.Rotating door

  1. Up and over door


Some of the aims and objectives of the project are listed below:

1.To introduce modernization into door design

2.To provide doors with longer life-span

3.To equip students with the practical aspect of the study field.

4.To provide security for human life’s and properties.

5.To produce strong and well design type of door.

The design was practically viewed and developed in to fabrication of a metal panel door with new design.

Though some have met the want of people but this new design look more beautiful and gives the maximum security and decent in looking.


The need for panel door in our modern generation is listed as a follows:

  1. It last longer than wooden doors.
  2. It is strong, durable and presentable
  3. It provides almost an impossible entrance for buglers and thieves
  4. For security of life properties.


Architectural doors have numerous general and specialized uses. Doors are generally used to separate interior space (rooms, closets, e.t.c) for privacy, convenience, security, and safety reasons. Doors are also used to secure passages in to a building from it exterior for reasons of safety and climate control.

Doors also applied in more specialized cases:

  • A trap door is a door that is oriented horizontally in a floor or ceiling, often accessed via a ladder
  •   Blast – proofs doors are constructed to allow access to a structure but also to provide protection from the force of explosions
  •  A garden door is any door that opens to a garden or backyard.  It is often  used specifically for double French doors in place of a sliding glass door (also known as patio doors).  In such a configuration, it has the advantage of a very large opening for moving larger objects in and out.
  • A jib door is a concealed door, whose surface reflect the moldings and finishes of the wall.  These were used in historic English houses. Mainly as servant’s doors.
  • A pet door (also known as a dog door or cat flap) is an opening in a door to allow pets to enter and exit without the main door being opened.  It may be simply covered by a rubber flap or it may be an actual door hinged on the top that the pet can push through.

    Pet doors may be mounted in a sliding glass door as a new (permanent or temporary) panel.  Pet door may be unidirectional, only allowing pets to exit. Pet doors may be electronic, only allowing pets with a special electronic tag to enter.


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