Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Design And Installation Of Street Light System Within A University In Nigeria

Illumination is of great important to man and his immediate environment. Before breakthrough in electricity, bush and wood burning are a few of the local means employed by man in an attempt to illumination his surrounding in order to protect them from danger such as wild animals and potentials robbers.

Among lightening system used in those era were candle lighting, torch light, kerosene lamps, incandescent lamps which required a ‘lighter’ (lamp lighter)to tour the town at dusk, lightening each of lamps, this trend continued for a long time until, electricity  was finally invented and thus helped to overcome various challenges, one of the most challenging issue is security.

However since the street lighting had remained a very reliable tool for human security and environment.

The main aim of this project is to design and carryout installation of street lighting system within the Institute of Technology (I.O.T) Kwara State Polytechnic Ilorin. 


  • Ø To have deep knowledge on how to carryout and installation of street light.
  • Ø To know the usefulness and the working principle of all materials used.
  • Ø In order to make it possible for student to stand on their own.
  • Ø To understand the basic interaction between all the state involve and to above to recognize all materials used.
  • Ø To improve and boost the security within the Institute.
  • Ø To carried out a visible project that will be useful for electrification of the Institute premises.


  • Ø It brings out the uniqueness and beauty of a city especially at night.
  • Ø It prevents accidents and increase safety of lives and property.
  • Ø It reduces criminals hideout.
  • Ø It serves as a challenge for other student coming to improve on the existing system.
  • Ø Street light make it easier to see danger around us, whether from traffic, people or animals.   

Ø It relies solely on electricity, thus without electricity, it cannot be powered.
Ø If the standard for erecting the poles were not met, it may result into causing accident rather than preventing it.   

The project was about the design and installation of electric street lightening system within the institute of technology (I.O.T). the project work include the details history of street lightening system. It also gives details information on the type of cables, pipe and other component used for the installation work.

Also, the four stages involved in the installation work  were discussed. Those stages are: digging and casting of concrete base for the street lightning, poles, running of the armored cables, electrical wiring and installation of the light control switch.

1.6 MOTIVATION       
The importance of illumination to man and his immediate environment cannot be over-emphasized. This has become bedrock of modern day development, social economic, infrastructural, industrial e.t.c. illumination is essential in our various home, offices and even on the street to provide adequate security for lives and property and help reduce the high alarming crime rate among other factors. Realizing the importance of this phenomenon called illumination it is imperative for a paper well-design model to be put in place so as to provide an efficient and reliable means of illumination within Institute of Technology (I.O.T) and this serves as the basic motivation for our group by embanking on research topic of this nature.

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