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Money Laundering And Financial Crime In Nigeria The War Of Economic And Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) And The Impact On Nigeria Financial System.

Money laundering and financial crime in Nigeria: The war of the economy and financial crime commission and the impact on the Nigeria has through service of reformation and damaged in the economy of Nigeria. The content of this review the effort or war fight by economic and financial crime commission in computing money laundering and financial system. 
The first chapter contain the introduction of the aspect of the study, which review the background and the objective of the study the statement, significant and scope of the study were above review which serve as the basic for the study.

The second chapter reviews the relevant literature relating to various reforms in the money laundering and the financial crime and the role play by EFCC and the cause effect and the operation of the EFCC.
The third chapter is the research methodology section which contain the various ways the research uses in collection data in this project.
Chapter four is the section which presents and analyses the data collection through the various and mean stated in the previous chapter the researcher used the decretive method of data analyzing the data percentage and frequency are used in measuring the percentage of the respondent to arrive at the stated finding at the end of these chapter.
The final chapter comprises of the summary of the conclusions and recommendation .At the end of this research work government and the society or public work would get more in sight on how money laundering and financial crime could be combated


Title page                                                                         
Table of content                                                                                                     

1.1 Background of the study                                            
1.2 Statement of problem                                               
1.3 Objective of the study                                              
1.4 Scope of the study                                                    
1.5Significance of the study                                           
1.6 Limitation of the study                                              
1.7 definition of the terms                                              


2.0  Literature review                                                      
2.1  Concept of money laundry and financial crime and 
definition of money laundry                                                
2.2   Relationships between money laundering and financial crime                                                            
2.3   Causes of money laundering and financial crime           
2.4   Need for eradication of money laundry and financial crime                                                      
2.5  Various attempt in Nigeria to combat money laundering and financial crime                                 
2.6Introduction of economy and financial crime commission                                                          
2.6 Mode of operations and financial crime commission    
2.7 The war of EFCC                                                          
2.8 The impact on Nigeria economy                                  


3.0   Research methodology                                             
3.1    The study area                                                        
3.2   Research population                                                   
3.3   Source of data collection                                           
3.4   Method of data analysis                                            

4.0 Presentation of data                                                  
4.1 analyses of data findings                                           

5.0 Summary, conclusion and recommendation                   
5.1  Summary                                                                  
5.2  Conclusion                                                                
5.3   Recommendation                                                       


One of the social economy challenges facing the world today is the increase of the money laundering and financial crime over the year, the limitation watched while money laundering  and financial crime, with gradual crew into organize with impetus money laundering and financial system santically become and international crime and finally evolved as professional crime, these development has not only resulted in insecurity of a sort in international financial and economy but it has assessed in the growth of other crime  like drug trafficking, tourisms, arm running and political interments.

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