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How To Submit Your Transcripts To Universivity Of Ibadan As A Direct Entry Students

If you are a direct entry student who applied to University of Ibadan for admission into 200/300 level for admission. The process to complete your admission application is what I want to tell you including how to submit your transcript and monitor it to the point of delivery.

The steps to gain direct entry admission into UI are simple and straight forward if you follow this guide below:

  1. Obtain Direct Entry Scratch Card from Jamb: Choose UI in your registration and submit your documents to JAMB. I have written a complete article on how to do that with the admission requirements. Check HERE
  2. Submit Your Academic Transcript To University of Ibadan’s Undergraduate Admission Office. The simple way to do this is to go to your school (where you graduated, Diploma or NCE on whatever). Go to the academic unit to apply for transcript in respect of UI.Give them the address of UI’s undergraduate admission office. They will tell you how long it will take to deliver it to Ibadan. Make sure you get number of someone around that can continue to feed you as it goes, till your transcript is sent to UI form your school’s academic Unit.

    If UI is your catchment area, you have 80% of gaining admission…Check HERE

    If sent, make sure you go to UI to confirm receipt of  your transcript from your school. If someone can do it for you, good. But make sure the transcript is submitted.

  3. Participate UI Direct Entry Online Application: Always check this blog or UI website for update when the registration will commence. Though its always around August. When its out, register and upload necessary documents. Then you are done.

  4. Wait for admission


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