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The Roles Of Leadership In Management Of An Organisation

There are many powerful and compelling reasons maintain an effective system of government at the grassroots level, which is responsible to the local populace. Without equivocation, there are no institutions in this country, which has, potentially more capable and important to bring about the accelerated all round development including physical infrastructure facilities than those of local government administration.

Local government are potentially better places than the state of federal government to provide to a large extent the necessary social services such as dispensaries, environmental sanitation and other basic health facilities, feed other roads, Basic education, water supply and other facilities on which the well being of the whole nation depends provided they deserves from the higher level of government.


Chapter One 

General Introduction and Background

1.1  Introduction

1.2  Statement of the Problem

1.3  Purpose/Objective of the Study

1.4  Significance of the Study

1.5  Scope and Limitation of the Study

1.6  Organization of the study

1.7  Definition of Terms or Operational Terms

1.8   Reference

Chapter Two Literature Review

2.1  Introduction

2.2  Theoretical Framework

2.3   Current Trends in Thinking

2.4   Summary of the Chapter

2.5   Reference

Chapter Three Methodology and  Research

3.1 Introduction

3.2 Sample and Population of the Study

3.3 Sources of Data/Data Collection Instrument

3.4 Method of Data Analysis

3.5 Research Problem

Chapter Four Data Analysis and Interpretation on Finding

4.1   Introduction

4.2   Brief History of the case Study

4.3   Presentation of Data

4.4  Testing of Hypotheses

4.5   Summary of the Chapter

4.6    Reference

Chapter Five Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation

5.1 Summary of Finding

5.2  Conclusion

5.3  Recommendation





This is because of their familiarity with local details and their intimate knowledge of the problem and aspiration of the people the grassroots.

Grassroot development for the use in this country should be the solid foundation in which a nation’s developmental process should be built.

Infact, it is the cornerstone of a development process of any country (nation).

An effective and efficient local government is better placed as a government at the grassroot level because the government that is far away from the day to day realities of the grassroot. Area in unlikely to be equipped with the task of grassroot development.


It is evident that most local government are not performing to expectation. The success of any local government can be  measure in terms of it’s responsiveness often and changing requirement of the local communities. This in turn depends on how well the local government is being managed.

Experience has shown that most local government are not performing up to expectations.

Services to the people are iniquity. These and other problems have motivated me to look at the extent to which our local government can serve as an agent of development at the grassroot.


The main aim of this research work is to critically examine the impact of local government on grassroot development.

It also looks at the problems that are affecting the Kosofe Local Government Council (as a case study).

They will be examined to actualize the aims  for which they were created having analysis the progress so far.

This research will also provide recommendation to solve the problem


The important of this research is multi-dimensional it serves as part of the requirement for the award of Ordinary National Diploma in Public Administration.

The research is also important, as it will provide further contribution of the existing literature especially in the area under study.

Furthermore, the general important of having an effective system of government at the grassroot level would be paramount in the mind of the government.


The areas that are intended to be covered in this research is a chosen case study of Kosofe Local Government  Area of Lagos State and its environment.

It also examines the function and reasons for its establishments (creation) of local government as well as how it is financed.

In carrying out this research, the researcher encountered some problems and limitation.

To start with the time frame given for the work to be conducted was not enough and the financial aspect of it is difficult since is no grant given to in carryout this research.


The opening chapter contains the introduction, which deals with the general background and overviews of the research topic. It covers a detuned area. It involves the statement of problems, the aims and objectives of the study.

Others are significance of the study, scope and limitation of the study, organization and some operational definition of some terms.

Chapter two considered some of the existing literatures in the filed.

Chapter three, deals with the historical background of the case study i.e. the historical background of Kosofe Local Government area council and its administrative structure. While chapter four deals with data presentation and analysis.

Lastly, chapter five contains the summary of finding, recommendation, conclusion and the bibliography.


Below are the some concepts used in this research work.


Local Government Administration can be described as government at local level exercised through representative council established by law to exercise specific powers within defined areas.

These powers should give the council substantial control over local affairs as well as the staff and institutional and financial powers to initiate and direct the provision of services and to determine and implement projects so as to  complement the activities of the state and federal government in their areas, and to ensure, through devolution of these function to these councils and through the active participation of the people and their traditional institution that local initiative and response to local needs and conditions are maximized.


Development generally means the improvement of people’s lifestyle through improved education, incomes, skills, development and employment.

Development also means that people should have decent housing, and that they should have security within those house. That people should be able to read and write, and in Africa this is a problem as most people still illiterate. In order to develop or have better lives, people must get a good education. Because illiterate people do not develop as much as educated people do. It is therefore important that people should get themselves a good education, or send their children to school to get that education.


Finance is the blood flowing through the vein of all organization. The lack or inadequacy of finance can make  an organization become moribund.

Budget is a financial; plan of action of an organization for a given period.

It can be described as document, which spell out the anticipated revenue and expenditure of an organization over a period of time usually one year.


Ordinary people in society or in an organization, rather than the leaders or people who make decision.


The lowest in a society


Local Government Administration As An Agent Of Development At The Grassroot
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