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The Influence Of Communication On Decision-Making



Communication has always been and still is an important aspect of our daily living. Move than ever before, its importance is heightened by the fact that the whole world is more interrelated than in the past, due to the development of transportation and information Technology (IT). Not only this, the amount of industrial unrest that is evident today under sources this point. Besides, the term ‘generation gap’ signifies failure in communication between various age groups in the society.

Evidence all around us and our own personal experiences thus, suggest that successful communication is not easy even though very desirable.

Communication involves a personal a person or people trying to pass across a message to a people about a person, some people or things .Different categories of people practice the art of communication .The government t of a nation to its populace, the seller to the buyer, the husband to the wife, the Teacher to his students, the pastor to his church members e.t.c

However, not every communication is effective. To avoid creating a gap in communication, it is good to note that no matter how powerful or weight a message is, it must not be apt, i.e. free of interference and disturbance.

The attitude, appearance, compartment, gesticulation and dispositions must be apt. The message must have signification. If should have a purpose and is better prepared before head for expected results. It must be more than communicating for the sake of just communicating.

Communication is the process by which verbal and non-verbal symbols are exchanged between two or more persons, it has also been defined as the process by which sender and receivers of m

Messages interact in a given social context. Also defined as transferring of a thought or a message to another party so that it can be understood and acted upon, its also seen as the transfer of information.

From person to person, creature to creature, or point communication is also a process transactional because it involves sharing of ideas and meaning with another individual. It can also be defined as the ability to transmit a message from one person to another so that the meaning and intent are accurately interpreted and understood. It can be referred to as the process of transferring messages, information and ideas from a sender to a receiver with the information being understood as transmitted by the sender to receiver.

There is need for effective and efficient communication in school administration in order to attain organizational goals. Thus, where no communication takes place in an organization is an assembly of the dead. Communication therefore is the bed rock of an organization.

Decision-making is one of the most crucial activities of school organizational, making a decision implies that there are alternative choices to be considered and in such case we want not only to identify as many of these alternatives as possible but also to choose the one that best fit with or goals desires lifestyles, value and so on.

Decision making is the study of identifying and choosing alternatives based on the values and preferences of the decision maker. It is a process of sufficiently reducing uncertainty and doubt about alternatives to allow a reasonable chance to be made from among them.

Hence, decision making is an action process cycle by which decision are made and completed. However, communication and decision making work hand in hand for effectiveness and efficiently of school system.

Educational institutions are complete organization reflecting. For educational institutions to effectively their roles of social and economic development, including the development, including the development of the individual, the need for appropriate decisions at all time must be based on accurate and timely information. Thus, a complete and sensitized communications is vital in the governing of schools and other member so of the institutions, that is, the teaching and non-teaching staff member coupled with the students.


There is no gain saying that good communication system aid effective decision- making. There fore, there is need to consider in details people that are involved indecision making and communication system of school administration.

This study therefore, set out to investigate relationship between communicating system and decision- making in selected secondary schools in Ekiti L.G.A of Kwara state of Nigeria.

Importantly, the study addressed the following questionnaires;-

a  What is the relevance of communication in secondary school

b  What is the pattern of communication in the schools

c  Is the  information adequate in the secondary schools?

d  Is the decision making process effective in secondary schools

e  Is group decision more effective in secondary schools?


The main objective of the study is to ascertain the importance of good communication system in decision making within the secondary schools.


It is helped that the result would be able to enhance adequate and effective pattern of communication and decision making process with a view towards improvement.


It is obvious that in any endeavor requiring two or more people communication is pertinent for individual effort to be co-coordinated or group action.

Therefore, the importance of effective communication in school organization in relation to decision making can not be over emphasized.

It is the objective of this study to express other researchable areas in communicating system and decision making in secondary schools in Ekiti L.G.A of Kwara State.

The significance of this study lies in the fact that the results of this study will help to highlight some hindrance to effective communication a decision making in secondary schools.


In another way it is an opportunity to explore in suggesting how communication system and decision making can be improved as to the acquisition of new innovative equipment on communication and decision making and to cap it up with best ways to maintain in both.

The result of the study would also serve as a guide to help secondary schools in Kwara state to improve the communication system and decision making process as well as aiding authorities in other secondary school within the state.


The following questions have been formulated for the purpose of study in this research.

a There is no significant relationship between communication system and effective decision making in schools in Ekiti L.G.A of Kwara State.

bThere is no significant relationship between language of communication and decision making among secondary schools in Ekiti L.G.A of Kwara State.

c There is no significant relationship between participation in decision making effective decision making.


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