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The Influence Of Behavioural Concept On Consumer Buying Habit



The importance of making in any economy cannot be disputed. It is a very important factor needed by any developed or developing economy or nation.

The American marketing Association (AMA 1903) Defines marketing as “the performance of business activities that directs the flow goods and services from producer to the consumer or usuries”

Marketing is a concept that permeates the entire spectrum of human activities. It however comprises all the stage between creation of products and this after services.

However, an understanding of the marketing of individual needs and wants is a cornerstone of the marketing concepts and marker study behavioral sciences to seek knowledge about the consumer behavioral concept and how it relates to their buying habit and also to suggest new marketing opportunities.

Behavioral concept is the buying patterns on the way consumers buy products or services. It may be general public or in service, they are the person that devices the satisfactions or benefit from a particular products.

Basically, the need to study behavioral concept was triggered off by expansion and increase in population, rapid industrial development. And emergence of modern network of roads and railways and more sophisticate communication system. As a result, the largest population of people was made to know the way. They buy by a means of studying behavioral concept in order to produce the most appropriate needs to consumers.

Moreover, research and experience have shown that behavioral concept is a way to determine the buying habit consumer. The situation variables of consumer behavioral concept such as advertising also plays a vital role improving the sales volume of a given product as well as influencing consumers buying decision there by making it necessary for potential consumers to be selective in their buying habit. In Nigeria today behavioral concept has become the order of the day among which the manufactures considered before the production of the product.


The significance of this study contributes more lively and dynamic approaches to behavioral concept by discovery the buying habit and predisposition of various classes of consumer. Thus, a lot of benefits can be derived from this study, especially how the strategies employed by studying behavioral concept in producing a product can result in the evaluation of new concepts and ideas in the manufacturing industry in general and soft drinks manufacturing companies in particular.

Moreover, the study may be exploited to improve marketing strategies in Nigeria consequently, a well established marketing system will lead to the growth and development of many companies which will in turn result in the creation of gainful employment and income generation in the production of consumer goods of various categories, all this which will improve the standard of living of Nigeria. The relevance of this study is not limited only to Nigeria Bottling company plc only but also to other manufacturing companies of consumable products.


The objectives of this project work are many, the primary objective, however, is to evaluate the influence of behavioral concept on coca-cola soft drink of Nigerian Bottling company in a particular period of time.

* To give the manufactures of coca-cola drink the relative advantage in designing their responses to the market, it will enable the producer of coca-cola soft drink to produce that best suit the taste of their consumer.

* To enable manufacturers/marketers to meet the legal requirement and consumer perception of what the law says regarding product safety.

*To make some useful recommendations base on the research finding on how the behavioral concept of consumer can be considered production.


It will help the markets to gain better understanding of consumer behavior through the understanding of marketing concepts, consumer orientation customer satisfaction and integrated marketing.

It will allow marketers to know and feel consumers need better.

It will also afford marketers to turn consumer need into effective product appeals.

On the part of consumer, needs and purchase motive one made cleaner.

Consumer’s status is also uplifted and they become better and wisher users and spend.

Meanwhile, the outcome of his research study will be of importance to different companies and own consumers of consumable products.


The evaluation of the impact of behavioral concept on purchasing habit of consume has posed some problems cling he period of carrying out the research. The problem of gathering data to be used for carrying out the research; and also inadequate information from the respondents. There is also poor rate of participation by the customers of soft drinks produced by Nigerian Bottling Company.


The study looked into the influenced of behavioral concept over the consumer market of coca-cola and some other incorporated soft drinks for this period. To accomplish this, some research question have been drafted and reference made to Nigeria Bottling company plc. For necessary information regarding the sales of coca-cola.

Moreover, this study covered Ilorin Township only, where (as 0065pected) all the respondents are drawn; hopefully, the result of this study will yield general application to their consumers beyond the territory of Ilorin.


The research work is limited to only areas in Ilorin metropolis and hose areas include Taiwo, oja-oba, sawmill, Basin and hope where the respondents were drawn to represent Ilorin. The time constraint, cost and lack age cooperation from the respondents were .


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