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The Importance Of Housing In Distribution Of Goods

This research is meant to dealt with the importance of warehousing in the distribution of goods global soap and detergent industry Ilorin, kwara state in choosen as a case study. The project work is divided into five (5) chapters.

The first chapter has to do with introduction aims and objective of the study: statement of the problem.

Limitation of the study and defination of the terms used. The second chapter consists of the defination of warehousing function of warehousing. Identification of store in the warehouse and the importance of ware house in the distribution of goods.

The third chapter is meant to give a brief history of the case study material handling of equipment the problem and prospect of warehouse and the relationship between the warehouse and other departments.

The pen–ultimate chapter contains research methodology. Data collection. Method used in the data collection and the sampling techniques. The final chapter comprises of the summary conclusion and recommendation

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Table of contants

1.0 Introduction

1.1 statement of the problem

1.2 aims & objective of the study

1.3 limitation of the study

1.4 definition of the key terms and concepts

2.0 Literature review

2.1 Definition of warehousing

2.2 Function of warehousing

2.3 Identification of store in the warehouse

2.4   Importance of warehouse in distribution of goods

3.0 Research methodology

3.1 Brief history of the case study

3.2 Material handling equipment

3.3 The problems and rospect of warehouse

3.4 Warehouse and relatioship with other department

4.0 Presentation of data and analysis

4.1 Data collection

4.2 Method use in data collection

4.3 Sample techniques.

5.0 Summary of findings

5.1 Recommendations

5.2   Conclusion



Warehousing is one of the important services in terms of distribution of goods and out of an organization which can not just be over looked In this regard, by definition warehousing embraces storage plus a wide range of functions such as assembling, dividing, and breaking of bulk and preparing product for cp – shipping in the prodcutction system. The warehousing is so important that it forms a separate branch of a company.

This enable the manufacturer concentrate on making the goods and storing them in large bulk before selling them to the wholesales or retailers.

It is therefore very important if one looks at the product and conclusion pattrns of some commodities like seasonal card. In example of this are sallah greeting cards.

Beside production of some commodities might be greater than demand data over certain period of time.

Therfore under such conditions werehousing play. A very important role for effective distribution of goods to the customer the company must determine the number of warehouseing location. The location must detrmine the num ber of warehousing location. The location must select where there is high demand for the production of goods of the company.

Some companies keep some of their stocks near the plant and allocate the rest to their major warehousing elsewhere the storage warehousing should be designed adequately to store goods for a long period of time companies also use warehouse as a distribution center which receive good from many companys plant then assembled tham before moving them to the consumers. It is difficult to adopt a specific method in settling of warehousing and its construction due to the variation in circustance in different organizations. A large central store houses in required the choice depend on the individed taste in many cases ther is alternative then to use the existing bulding as store houses and tey to make good use of them.

The situation of build a new one could be tied by the land available or finacial capability of the company.

If properly sited therefore ware houses will serve asa market at which trades may inspect of goods which the company is offering for sales.


Ware houses are also designed to store for moderation for a long period of time.

Companies also use distribution warehouse (some times called distribution center) which receive goods from many company’s plant on a daily basis, assemble them and move them out to customer as soon as possible.

Coming to conclusion, the term”warp housing should not be confused with other marketing teems.


As “warp housing embraces for many, but in its simplest definition it comprises of a broad cange of function such as assembling, dividing and bulk packaging e.t.c.


The main objectives fore carrying out thisproject are as follows.

  1. To define the term “ware housing and its importance to the producers and the middlement in terms of distribution of goods to customers or customers.
  2. To find out how the function of the warp house canb be linked in relation to the other department of the company.
  3. To find out the nature and varipous types of materials handling equipment employed by ware house and relative effect on work efficiency.


The major limitaion of this study is time available in making research. There is limted for worthing and collection of information about the projevt.


The academic work load of other subject reduces the time available for making enough research on the topic.

Finally, these is also finacial constriants, we all know cost (price) of things are going high and high everyday. The high cost of the typing.and prinking of the project gives some finacial problems in developing the project.



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