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The Impact Of Effective Communication On Organizational Growth, Lagos

Download material on The Impact Of Effective Communication On Organizational Growth, Lagos   from chapter on to five with reference


The research work is basically concerned with assessing the impact of effective communication on organizational growth. The research work shall cover both practical and theoretical application of the subject matter and give necessary recommendation where there are variations. This research will consist of five chapters

The first chapter will include the introduction of the study, significance of the study, background of the study, statement of the study, objective of the study, significance of the study, research question, scope and limitations of the study, historical background of the study and the definition of terms.

The second chapter which consist of the literature review, importance of communication, method of communication, non verbal communication, purpose of the communication, classification of communication, internal and external communication, communication channel, formal and informal channel, communication techniques, communication process in MTN plc and the communication process theory.

The third chapter makes up the research methodology, study of population, sampling techniques, sample size, source of data collection and the method of data analysis etc.


Communication ha s always been and still is an important aspect of daily living. More than ever before, its important is more interrelated than in the past, due to the development of transportation and information technology (IT). Not only this, industrial unrest that is evident today underscores this point. Besides, the term generation gap signifies failure in communication between various age groups in the society. Evidence all around us and our own personal experience have shown that successful communication is not easy even though very desirable.


Communication involves a person or people trying to pass across a message to a person or people about a person. Same people or thing different categories of people practice the act of communication. The government of a nation to its populace, the teacher to his students, the pastor to his church members, the sellers to the buyers etc. However, not every communication is effective. To avoid creating a gap in communication it is good to note that no matter how powerful or weighty a message is, it must not be presented in unclear terms


Communication is an essential tool for co-existence; we will find it difficult to come together as regarding the multiple tribes without communication. Communication is one of the tools that hold a societies together people begging to modify and end relationship by communication with one another. Communication is the channel of influencing, the mechanism of change, it effectiveness could mean the accomplishment of an organizations objective. One of the communication remarks often made is the lack of effective communication which is the major problem facing most  organizations if the cost of industrial unrest is taken into consideration value of communication can be seen in its fair perspective.


In the past, organizations have measured the effectiveness of their communication primarily, in terms of how well it was filling it story.

Currently however, there is an increasing recognition if the importance and value of communication in term of obtaining feed back from the employees. Communication is the only approach to the development of marginal understanding between the management and employees. Without marginal understanding, there is no communication.


The study aims at highlighting critically the impact of effective communication in the achievement of an organizational goal. There is need to know that clarity of good communication is essential to the fulfillment of all those who committed their working lives to it. The problem however, is that scanty research has been carried out in this area consequently, this research sought to answer the research question.


  1. To determine the impediment of ineffective communication and suggest ways of eliminating them.
  2. To compare and contrast the influence with other studies already made in Allies Company.
  3. To examine whether such influence can study the test of time and the performance of their workers in an organization



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