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The Effects Of Government Policies On Private Business


The basic problem to be identified in this study will be to determine global survive and prosper in spite of the operation codition. I will also examine how changes in reserves requirement affect commercial global. It subsequences amendments its subsequent amendment s constitute the relevant legislation in wide in terms of the regulatory power confers on the global and detergent industry in Nigeria. It also enables the global to go through periodic examinations of the books and affairs of the licensed global. Grants the power to query a global for not complying with the provisions of the global decree or for any floating of its directives. 

The decree also impose penalty for breaches. The actors in the formulation of management are: the federal ministry of global, the federal ministry of national planning which plays an indirect role. The aims and objectives of this study is to examine the effects of management of global on financial institution with particular emphasis on global soap and detergent industry and investment which is one of the most important sources of funds to the financial institutions. Both primary and secondary data collections techniques will be use in the collection of data in this study. The primary data will be obtained through the means of personal interview from experts in the field while secondary data will be through lecturer, papers, management of Global circulars, journals of other professional bodies and other relevant text books will also be used as secondary.


Title page                                                                                         




Table of content                                                                            




1.2The aims and objective of the study

1.3Definition of the related concepts

1.4Scope of the study

1.5Research methodology

1.6Source of data


Review of related literature

2.1 introduction

2.2 government policy

2.3 instruments of economic policy

2.4 effects of investment policy on private enterprises


3.0 Methodology

3.1 Reasons for establishment of global soap and detergent

3.2 Transportation department

3.3 Aims and objective of global soap and detergent

3.4 Productive department


Data analysis and presentation

4.0 Introduction

4.1 Provision of essential basic infrastructural facilities

4.2 Problems of global soap and detergent industry as a result of government policy

4.3 Problems of global detergent area.


Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation

5.1 Summary





There many theories or how and when government came into an existence the origin of government has over the year generated much controversy. Some people have argued that the constitution of the state or government originated from the will of God. (The fall of man in the Garden of Eden). The force theories where by the strong imposed their willupon the weak, the social contact (by which men consciously established government) the family (the pantriachal or matriarchal model, the class struggle the Marxist explanation and processes of evolution) the government having developed like a living organism etc.

The ideal government is for managing the affairs of the whole society. The society conpase of bourgeoisies, the artisan, the tecnocrats the peasants or the masses. All are in an effort of making the society worthy of living for it citizing.

The government has the power to make law and enforce them with all the mean of collusion it care to employ. This could be upon individuals, clubs or association, companies or industries within its area of jurisdiction.

The set of rules or regulation made by government to control all spheres of the society it governed could be found stated in its policy like government policy, foreign police, education policy and socal policy etc. the position of any government on any matter can easily be acquainted will through the study of its policies.

Generally speaking, government policies are means to set standard of operation procedure. A policy is designed to facilitate strategy implementation and how to counter act tendencies for part of the organization to resit or reject the chosen strategy.

At this juncture therefore this research work aims at bringing to limelight the effect of government policy on private enterprises with much emphasis on global soap and detergent industry Asa-dam area Ilorin Kwara state.


The aims and objective of the study are to give detailed information in respect of effect of governmet policy on Global Soap and Detergent Industry Asa Dam Road Ilorin. The study is also to analysis the effort of government policies on the industry and the people. The study is also aimed at bringing forward instrument of government economic policies and their uses.


The definition of concept in this section are important for through understanding of this study.

GOVERNMET: Is the agency through which the will of state is formulated expressed and realized. It included the study sum total of the legislature, executive and judiciary bodies in a state.

POLICY: Help to shape the character of the internal work climate are to translate the cooperate philosophy into how things are due how people are treated and what the cooperate achieves and attitude means terms of everyday activities. At knee is a local raw materials used for the production of good at global soap and detergent industry. They substance is source or got from the petroleum product or chemical. These relate policy concept can also be defined in the ways.

A.FISCAL POLICIES: is the used of government revenue and expenditure policy to influence the level of economic activities. Government revenue is the income that accures to the government while expenditure is the form in which the mony is spent. Hence, both the revenue and expenditure are opposite side of the balance sheet called government budget on much occasion government may deliberate through fiscal policies implement budget deficit or surplus in order to influence the level of economic (business) activities.

In a case where government inplement budget deficit it is usually done to reduce tax increase government spending and subsidies firms so that more employment demand and money in circulation will increase and this will effect business firm positively (all this is due to curb deflation) on the other hand when government implement budget surplus it is done to increase tax reduce government spending and increase subvention paid by firm so that demand will reduce, employment will reduce money supply in circulation will reduce and this will affect business firm negatively ( all these done to curb inflation)

  1. MONETARY POLICY: This is also a government policy that affect business venture. The government use to regulate money supply in the economic. This is done through central bank instrument which include: bank rate open market operation, spear directive, liquidity ratio selective controls etc. all these tools are properly defined and explained in chapter four (4).

C.PHYSICAL POLICY: This is the use of wages and salaries paid to worker to influence the level of economic activities. This is done by the government fixing minimum wages and salaries to be paid to workers and other individual and private company. This is also done to control the money supply in the economy. Government fixed a high minimum wages to increase money supply it equally increase demand and this effect business firm positively through increase fixed their minimum wages to reduce money in economy this negatively through decrease in money in circulation.


These studies focus attention on the effect of government policies on the Global Soap and Detergent Industry Asa Dam Road Ilorin Kwara State.

The work shall also gives details on the attempt made by the authority of Global Soap and Detergent Industry Ilorin to adjust and control the general effect of government policy on their marginal profit and the customers


Data collection in any project work or research of this nature is very important to the researcher as well reader.


To enable the researcher to collect adequate data needed for this studies and to obtain very reliable information the researcher conducted interview to some key officer of the company among such officer are managers operation manager production manager mechanical and manager personnel.



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