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Sale Promotion As An Effective Marketing Strategy For Selling Consumer Manufacturing Industry

Sale promotion as an effective marketing strategy for selling consumer manufacturing industry. (A case study of Nigeria Bags Manufacturing Company Ikeja Lagos).

Sale promotion is an effective strategy in an organization and is an important ingredient in most promotional program through which consumers are persuade and convinced to buy a product or services and commonly supported by sale promotion.

The research work will be divided into five chapters, each chapter contains the following:
Chapter one will have the background of the study, statement of research problem, aims & objectives, significant, scope and limitation of the study, definition of terms and concept and organisaiton of the study.

Chapter two will treat literature review, introduction, important of promotion, the need for promotion, promotion and communication process, the communication process, effective of marketing strategy, factor encouraging the use of sale promotion, objective of sales promotion and product adoption groups.

Chapter three will discuss data analysis techniques, sampling size and research design and research methodology.

While chapter four will contain data presentation and data analysis.
Finally, chapter five will discuss the summary, conclusion and recommendation. This chapters are all going to be discuss and breakdown in the research work.

Title page
Table of Contents

1.1 Background of the study
1.2 Statement of the research problem
1.3 Objectives of the study
1.4 Significance of the study
1.5 Scope and limitation of the study
1.6 Historical background of case study
1.7 Definition of terms

2.0 Literature review
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Important of promotion as a marketing mix
2.3 The need for promotion
2.3.1Distance between producer and consumer
2.3.2 Competition
2.3.3 During period of shortage
2.4Promotion and communication process
2.5The communication process
2.6 Determination of cost implication in promotion
2.7 Effective of marketing strategy
2.8 Factor encouraging the use of sales promotion
2.9 Selection of sales promotion method
2.10 Planning sales promotion programme
2.11The promotion strategy
2.12 Objective of sales promotion
2.13 Promotion objective
2.14 Product adoption groups
2.14.1 Innovators
2.14.2 Early adopters
2.14.3 Early majority
2.14.3 Late majority

3.0 Research methodology
3.1 Sample and sampling method
3.2 Method of data analysis

4.0 Introduction
4.1 Data presentation
4.2 Data analysis

5.0 Summary
5.1 Conclusion
5.2 Recommendation

The survival of any business organization depend on a very large scale of the patronage that it enjoy from those who consumer the product those, promotion mean to push forward, to advance in idea in such a way to gain acceptance and approval for it.

And also one of the crucial components in the setting of the consumer product is promotion which is used in pervasion and communication which could either be inform of advertisement. Personal selling, sales promotion, as a competitor in the market hope to influence as many consumers as a possible to choose their product over alternative product. Sales promotion is an effective strategy in an organization and is an important ingredient in most promotional program through which consumers are persuade and convinced to buy a product or services and commonly supported by sale promotion, this belief is strengthened by Porter (1996). Whose works have attempted to spell out experimental analysis of the theory of sales promotion in relation to consumption.

Also according to Ray Wild (year) promotion is concerned primarily with the persuasion gained largely at securing increasing the sales of the actual market prior to this study, the researcher was able to observe restriction in the use of sales promotion in consumer product effective in consumer production. This how ever shows that the effective promotion strategies will diminish market effort. While the presence of effective promotion strategies will improve customers satisfaction. Importance of sales promotion at profit and close monitoring of the action of the competitors . it is strongly believe that this research work will be readable and useful to all manufacturing company as a whole.

Many business organizations are facing serious problem in how to reach their predetermined goals and objectives, due to the competition merged with our distressed and inflationary conditions. The study is therefore to assist Nigerian manufacturing, particularly consumer manufacturing companies and manager or various organization to be acquainted with the secret to success in an uncertain and competitive environment.

This can be achieved by aiming at bringing to the limelight the effectiveness of sale promotion as opposed to ancient belief. Business organizations use sales promotion to stimulate and create awareness on the existence of its products and services through advertising, this is because it is viewed as a key decision variable in influencing consumption pattern of the consumer.

Specifically, this study will evaluate the effectiveness of sale promotion on consumption behaviour of consumers using the Nigeria Bags Manufacturing Company in Ikeja as a reference point. It shall also dwell on the relationship between sales promotion and consumption pattern of consumer.

Based on the series of beliefs that sales promotion does not correlate with increased relative consumption and that changes in consumer attitude towards a product or service is due to some factors like trial-usage idea rather than sales promotion. While others believe that sales promotion would lead consumer from the stage of awareness to the interest stage, hence the desire stage and finally to purchase which is the action.

The significance of the study is to identify and explain extent to which various sales promotions on consumer product can influence the consumption pattern and purchase in the part of the consumer.

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