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Role Advertising In A Manufacturing Organization

The role of advertisment in a manufacturing organisation. (a case study of Nigeria bottling company ilorin) this project work will examine the role of advertisment in manufacturing company. Using Nigeria bottling company ilorin as a case study. Advertisment of product as help to promote and enhance the production in manufacturing company, it has brought about growth am of any company that is to make profit.

This project will be divided in to five chapters as follows chapter one :- this chapter will contain general introduction, objective of the study, and the limitation and constaints of the study history background of nigeria bottling company, definition of advertisment terms and important of advertisment in manufacturing company. Chapter two this chapter will be focussed or literature renew. Chapter three:- in this  chapter will contain research methodology, source of data collection, data techniques, administration of research analysis. Chapter four will focus on presentation and analysis of data chapter five will contain summary, recommendation, and conclusion.


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Table of content

           CHAPTER ONE
1.2Statement of problem
1.3Objective of of studyimportance of the study
1.4Importance of the study
1.5Scope and limmitation of the study.

2.1Definition of advertising
2.2Objective of advertising
2.3Economics justification of advertising
2.4Forms of advertising
2.5Critism of advertising

3.1Source of data and information
3.2Research population and sample data
3.3Statistical techniques
3.4Research problems
            CHAPTER FOUR
4.1Presentation and analysis of data
4.2Summary findings,

5.1 Conclusion on finding
5.2 Recommendations

Advertising consists of all activities involved in presenting to a group, a non-personal, oral or visual, sponsor message regarding a product, services or idea, this message called on advertising in disseminated through one or more media and paid for the identified sponsor.

Essentially, advertising is a means of spreading information however; it will be useful to read a project as to distinguish it from other form of communication.
Advertising is further distinguished by this fact; it is employed for promotion to large audience. It is often referred to as mass selling, through the medium of television, for instance, a further important characteristic of advertising that can be maintained over the promotional effort advertising have great influence on a product.

Advertising suffer from the inability of many organization so as to get qualified and experience median through which advertising can be carried out due to financial constraints. This depth survey is desired on the slakes performance of coca-cola and beverage industries limited Lagos.

Most importantly advertising as one of the promotional tools, that as been applied in virtually and organization as most organizations are aware of crucial role played by advertising  in boosting their sales volume and profitability, but the fact cannot be defined that some organization are still ignorant of the actual practice of advertising.

The study will membrane the concept of promotion of general different techniques of advertisement, used in promoting coca-cola and suggest. If necessary at the end of the study, the possibility of improving the present advertising programs me to make it more effective. The study will emphasized whether advertising is necessary or not during the period of research. That is, when the seller market prevails, the study will bring development on the technology of coca-cola company and make sure that the consumers enjoyed maximum satisfaction, through advertising in coca-cola company and it may be external or internal the aim and objectives of advertising in coca-cola company is to make assess and effort of the company work efficiency.


The importance of the study is to know if the company is making use of the promotional mix such as advertismsnet, personal selling, sales promotion and publicity. Because for many company to prosperd,it is very necessary for their company to carryout effective promotion which is one of the controlling way of marketing management, and this is done to create the awareness of the product to the public that a particular company and its product is existing with fair price at the right time.

Fundamentally, the only purpose of advertising is to sell a product a service or an idea, sated another way that real goal of advertising is to be effective in communicating, that is the vitimater effect of advertising should modify the attitudes of the receiver of the message. These broad of goal of advertising arte better reached by setting specific objective that can be incorporated into individual advertising companies, the researcher therefore effect that management is the most especially in Nigeria blotting company plc, Lagos derive meaningful and useful information from this research work in their effort to make efficient use to advertising it boast brand new plant in various part of federation. Qualify is the key word which determined the success of the whole operating only  

The best ingredients are used for making out soft drink and sophisticated washing and filling equipment have being installed at all plants. Extremely high, standard engine are used to maintain, to ensure that top quality product reach their consumers. The manufacturing process of coca-cola is based on measuring carefully. I.e combinations of sugar, water are concentrate the same standard is throughout the world.

The scope of this work is to assess the effort and effect of advertising on the sales of coca-cola bottling company the study of the study is limited to the rate of advertising on the sales of coca-cola with a particular reference to Nigeria bottling company plc, Ilorin the study of designed is to examined like, product of N.B.C e.g. coca-cola, sprite, fanta e.t.c the researcher desired to provide as much as materials fact as possible with respects of the topic under the number of limitation prevented him for doing so, among this limitation are as follow fiancé and time.


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