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Evaluation Of Retailing Activities In A Business Organization

This project is aimed at enlightening the general public on the EVALUATION OF RETAILING ACTIVITIES IN A BUSINESS ORGANIZATION. The research focused on evaluating the retailing activities and its impact on business organization in ilorin metropolis. The aim of the researcher is to identify the nature and various type of merchandize carried out by different retailers.

The research study is of significance to the researcher and the company chosen as case study in the sense that it will enable them to know how retailing activities is necessary and the role it plays to an organization. The research employed the questionnaire method of collecting data relevant to the study, 135 respondents were sampled out from the total population in which the questionnaire were been administered to. Based on the report and analysis, it was concluded that Retailing activities plays a vital role in business organization.


Title page





Table of Contents


CHAPTER ONE: Introduction


1.2Statement of problems of the study

1.3Aim and objectives of the study

1.4Significance of the study

1.5Scope of the study

1.6Limitations and constraints to the study

CHAPTER TWO: Literature Review

2.1The concept of retailing

2.2Types of retail outlets

2.3Retail pricing

2.4Challenges of retailing activities

2.5Design and layout in retail store

CHAPTER THREE: Research methodology

3.1 Research Design

3.2 Data Presentation and analysis techniques

3.3 Sampling procedures

3.4 Definition of population

CHAPTER FOUR: Data Presentation and analysis

summary conclusion and recommendation

4.1 Brief history of case study

4.2 Data presentation and analysis

4.3 Summary

4.4 Conclusion

4.5 Recommendation




Retailing activities involved in the sales of goods or services to ultimate consumer for personal or personal use. Anyone selling to ultimate consumer is performing the function of a retailer regardless of what he/she calls himself / herself.

Retailing is not a new concept in Nigeria. It is common business among the people in Nigeria from time immemorial. Retailing activities are common in open market and surroundings, e.g. Ipata Market (Ilorin) and Alaba Market (Lagos) and Dugbe Market (Ibadan).

Charles (1987) defines retailing as all activities undertaken by intermediaries whose primarily function is to sell good and service to ultimate consumers.

Kotler (1980) define retailing as all the activities involved in selling goods and services directly to final consumer of their personal and non-personal use.

The two definitions explain more saying that take place in our market and will designed stores.

Retailing also covers service rendered by lawyers, drivers, doctors and lecturers. Anyone who market to the ultimate consumer by what ever name, is in the business of retailing e.g. vendors, food seller, Barbers, cigarette seller and hawkers cobber.

Hospital is retailers to patient as college are retailers to education.

We also have types of retailing organisation and they maybe categorize based on the following factors.


A.Independent majority of shops of any kind are owned by individual in Nigeria e.g. JMK Supermarket. They buy in large quantity either from wholesale or, producers and sell in unit to final consumers. Some specialize while some sell variety of items. In Nigeria today the individual shapes are increasing in the food canteen and raw food.

This type of retail covers all sorts of goods and services ranging from barbing saloon, hair style saloon  shoe and bag etc.

  1. Co-operating society: A co-operative society is defined as a co-operative retailing organisation trading on cooperative principle afflicted to the national cooperative through co-operative union.
  1. ii) Range of Merchandise: Same retail organisation offer a wide range of goods e.g. variety stores, super market and departmental stores which JMK supermarket.

iii)Size: The average size of the organisation numbers and branches it have made them differs form other firms.

iv)Pricing Policy: Same firms may deliberately focus on low price, low margin and high turnover operation e.g. discount store.

v)Location: Due to the continued increase in cost of location in town etive and traffic conjunctions, many firms prefer the out skirts of the town, while same still prefer to stay on in the centre of towns.


The success o retail outlets depends greatly on the stability of its location. Location is referred to here as the actual place in which the store or supermarket is sited.

The rent of cost of building represents a major cost to the retail. Even if the other tenants of retailing are observed and retail out fit is poorly sited, this may cause failure, for instance, a store located at sited which will be more of inconvenience than comfort to consumer, is going to lack patronage. A good location enables the retailer to make use of all the merchandizing plans as draw up, provision of sample parking, space and sufficient merchandise supply with competitive prices and alternative display enhance the success of the store.

Display is also of paramount importance to get exposure for all the items of merchandise because most consumers tend to just move on perimeter of the store and if all the goods are not well exposed he might not business.

Research has also shown that majority of the purchases made by consumers are done on impulse  and so all items should be properly displayed so that customers will be allowed proper view of all displays as unseen goods are usually unsold. Another area of problem is, if retailer is the service rendered by stores and supermarket service as a source of income, a builder, or reputation of the firms and a long term attraction and maintenance of customer relation.


The aims and objective of this project work include the following.

It is the aims of this project work to find out how the retailers carryout their activities and the function they render to both whole sales and consumers.

It also the aims of this term research to identify the nature and various types of merchandising carried out by different retailer, so also the aim of this project is to examine the different types of retailers and how each type perform the marketing function. Furthermore, this research is aimed at finding out how effective retailers are in the distribution of essential commodity in Nigeria.


This research attempts to examine and provide answers to the question on understanding of the concept of location, servicing, pricing, display of good and services by supermarket and store operator and the application of the concept to their advantages. It also attempts to find out what roles that retails play in the marking of goods and service, to the consumer especially operator of stores and supermarket.

Also, to attempts to find out the felling of consumer about the activities of the retails.


This research work is carried out within the Business Organisation and super market in Ilorin metropolis.

Therefore, this research work is focuses principally on the evaluation of retailing activities in Business Organisation the evaluation of retailing activities in Business Organisation in Ilorin and prospective area to limit my work in getting necessary data need for this project is the manager of supermarket. It would be very difficult to get every body contracted as regards to data need in carrying out the research.


Various forms of disturbance were encountered during the course of this research work, data collection which almost frustrates the effort of the research.

First of such constraints was financial which greatly affected the researcher in the course of carry out  the research work and the high cost of research materials made it difficult. As a student managing the little amount gathers from parent and relatives to arrive at a conclusion stage was not easy.

Another constraints is time which was not enough for the to carryout the work as student who stays in school from Monday to Friday receiving lectures and can only spend Saturday together within the relevant information and analysis, in meaningful and written material present to the supervisor for examine firm and approval.

Also it is believed that lack of relevant research work of this nature of study is not available because special recognition is not given to this nature of study. Lastly was the non-response and like warm, non-chalet attitude of same of the respondents in the society.


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