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Evaluation Of The Impact Of Inventory Management On Working Capital Management In Manufacturing Companies In Nigeria




The project brings to light the meaning and essentials of inventory management and how they may be used to improve the working capital of a business. Many business decisions can be taken only in respect of knowing the cost involved.

Decision under the management of a company finance are basically those involving capital investment decisions on the one hand and short term decision on the other hand. While short-term decision incorporate within its framework, the concept of working capital long-term capital and cash flow generated from such capital investment are undoubtedly essential for maintaining the liquidity of the firm. Inventory management can assist in improving the working capital of a business by providing the data necessary to arrived at the best decisions. Obviously, there are many definitions as many authors will view it, these authors may view it from different perspective in attempt to justify their satisfactory among the various definitions are the following:

Inventory is the totality of those items of tangible property, which are held for sale in the ordinary course of business or held in the process of production, for such sales of currently been available for sale inventory is a general term describing goods which are normally held in house and store gang, the bulk of these goods are usually intend for use in connection” with production or operation activities.

But the term inventories cover finished products awaiting dispatch to customers, scrap and package and purvey return to suppliers.

Inventories are caution to absorb planning errors and fluctuation in supply and demand to facilitate smooth production and marketing operation. It may be classified as raw materials, work-in-progress and finished goods.

: Among the various definitions are; Management is a social progress entailing a body of knowledge, about managing and managing  is the process of planning, organizing, directing, coordinating men, machines, and achievement of objectives”

“Herold” describe it as “the process of getting things done through people and with people”

E.I.F Breach” in his own opinion defined “management as social process entailing responsibilities for the effective and economics planning and regulation of the operations of their enterprise in fulfillment of s given purpose or task. With this we know that management is the body of knowledge about managing.

Therefore inventory management can be defined as the functions which include the development and administration of policies, system and procedure which will minimize total cost relating to inventory decision and related functions, such as purchasing, production, marketing service requirement etc.

Inventory management is almost the same in many organizations although, techniques adopted may differ according to business conditions. The top must carry out the basic functions management such as planning, organizing, staffing, controlling and directing which helps in policy making and establishment limits for keeping inventory.

The basic principles brings the stores of the company is the goods requisitions signed by authority concerned.


It is no gain saying that the Nigerian economy is in stage where it is extremely difficult for most firms to survive so much that a high level of uncertainty pervades the business sector regarding the continuity of the future operation of the affected firms. Continuation of this trend does nothing but spells dooms as the collapse of most business concern is but a matter of time.

No matter how well established or large a corporation’s capital based may be without due regard being paid to working capital there is a bound to be a resultant adverse effect on the operations of firm in question. The management of inventories is as importance for the company’s short term financial situation as the management of cash and again a balance has to be found.


The study will enable the management of the Nigerian Bottling Company to know whether to produce raw materials locally or to import.

It will also help the firm’s resource order to increase the shareholder’s wealth as in the theory of finance it will as well enlighten the entire management team and especially financial managers on the importance of effective planning, management and control of inventories so as improve the working capital of the company.

The research work will also enable management to develop correction measures to reverse any unfavorably development in the management of company inventories


The aims of the study is to highlight the various inventories and to examine inventory models and show how it can be use to improve working capital.

It also intended to examine the method of stock valuation with regard to Nigerian Bottling Company Ilorin Branch.

The evaluation of the procurement procedure and method of inventory control adopted by NBC so as to give advice (Where necessary) to the management on some deficiency regarding its management of stock which may hinder the increment of its working capital.

To enlighten the public about the misconception it may hold against the company and to find out the benefit inventory control to the company.

To proffer suggestions to the company would be brought under control or at least minimized, reference to my visit and experience at NBC Ilorin.

To proper on the impact of effective inventory management in NBC


The field on inventory used in NBC can be classified as raw material, work in progress and finished goods.

However, in the course of the research, some limitations or constraints were encountered, staff did not rendered their maximum cooperation’s while some entertains the fear that, they might reveal confidential (top secrete) information about the company. This forced me to obtain permission from the assistant plant manager (APM) in written before the research could be fully executed.

Also, there were some problems of delay and a lot of the money was wasted in the process of going to the company to conduct the research.

Time constraint: Due to the time given for the research work. The research could not dedicated all of her time to carry out the research properly because of her academic obligation

Finance: money is also a major problem as the researcher has limited amount to conduct the research.

The study will be divided into five chapters, chapter one deal with the general introduction of the topic, background of the study, statement of problem, justification of the problem, aims and objective of the study, scope and limitation of the study of organization and plan to study, definition of accounting terms.

Chapter two focuses of the literature review introduction of concept, characteristics of inventory management, meaning and use of working capital, channel of source of inventory and reference.

Chapter three dealt with research methodology and data collection, historical background of the Nigerian Bottling Company, types of data collected, sampling method and methods of data collection and analysis.

While chapter four focuses on data presentation and analysis, analysis and interpretation of data inventory analysis and method of pricing, nature of stock planning and types of stock control.

Lastly, chapter five also focuses on the summary of the study and makes conclusion and recommendation for further study


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